35+ Baddie Websites like Fashion Nova To Shop Trendy Clothes

websites like fashion nova

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Looking for websites like Fashion Nova where you can get cute, trendy and stylish clothes for (relatively) cheap? I got you, girl. In this blog post, I’m rounding up as many online stores and websites like Fashion Nova as I can find so you can get your wardrobe litty and hot girl agenda popping.

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The truth is, with so many trendy online stores, Instagram boutiques, and websites out there, it’s hard to judge sometimes which websites will deliver when it comes to style and quality. Especially so when they are low cost. Although, you can certainly find cute things on websites like SHEIN for example, sometimes what arrives in the mail after placing your order and patiently waiting, is a bit disappointing.

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The girls love Fashion Nova, however, and websites like Fashion Nova because not only are they inexpensive, but when the items arrive, they actually often look exactly as they appear online. For the price you pay, when you need some cute little outfits for a party, a vacation, or a little IG photoshoot, Fashion Nova is usually going to be a safe bet. Fashion Nova is definitely a great baddies website for cute clothes.

With all of this being said, if you’re familiar with Fashion Nova, you already know the tea. So what are the online stores, Instagram boutiques, and websites like Fashion Nova? Let’s get into it, shall we?

Websites like Fashion Nova Within Same Price Range

Hot Miami Styles


Hot Miami Styles carries sexy bandage dresses, tops, swimwear and more with a fun Miami vibe! But you don’t have need to be a Miami girl to shop this trendy website like Fashion Nova. What I like most about Hot Miami Styles is that they have a small selection of things available as opposed to the endless options on other websites like SHEIN.


websites like fashion nova

Boohoo’s carries a range of women’s and men’s clothing for the latest fashion trends you can totally do your thing in, with 100s of new styles landing every day! What makes Boohoo unique is that they have some really good celebrity collaborations and collections including the City Girls.

Pretty Little Thing

websites similar fashion nova

If you’re looking for hot girl websites like Fashion Nova to shop, you’re perhaps familiar with Pretty Little Thing. Pretty Little Thing also carries celebrity and influencer collaboration collections with the likes of Karruche.

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Karruche’s latest collection drop was created with all shapes and sizes in mind, mixing high-performance styles with athleisure wear. In it, you will find similar pieces to those in Fashion Nova’s athleisure line.

Diva Moda Fashion Couture


Hello hot girl Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring! This website has so many cute sexy, risqué outfits very similar to Fashion Nova.


websites similar fashion nova

Missguided is a UK-based multi-channel retailer selling clothes aimed at 16–35-year-old women. Love Island’s Demi Jones has just dropped her debut collection with Missguided and it’s the perfect antidote to months and months of oversized loungewear. Think skin-baring body-con dresses, dramatic ruched detailing, and an earthy, yet bold color palette.

House of CB


House of CB is an OG among the trendy fashion retailers. Their styles are very feminine, flirty, unique, and the quality is always superb. To shop on this website, however, you’ll need to budget for a bit more than if you were to shop on a website like Fashion Nova. Their dresses for example (depending on the style of course) are priced at around $150 and their tops around $100. But if you’ve got a few coins to spare their pieces are totally worth it.

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I wrote a whole blog post on websites like House of CB you may also find helpful.

Oh Polly


Oh Polly is definitely top tier when it comes to websites like Fashion Nova in terms of pricing, styles, and quality. Every time I’ve ordered items from Oh Polly I’m always very satisfied with my purchases and especially impressed with the quality. I will warn you however that their sizing runs quite small, so make sure to size up! And if you need your purchases for an upcoming event, maybe order multiple sizes to be safe.



Now before you drag me by my baby hairs, like what the hell is Amazon doing on this list, hear me out, will you? While you may not expect it, you can sometimes find some really bomb dresses on Amazon. Individual Amazon shops like this one, sometimes have selections that are very similar to Fashion Nova.


is shein legit review

All the budget fashion girls already know, if you want cheap and trendy clothes for say vacation, a party, or perhaps Instagram photos, SHEIN is the plug. It’s a great place to get inexpensive and cute little tops, skirts, bikinis, and accessories.

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Though the quality isn’t as good as other websites like Fashion Nova, SHE and websites like SHE are definitely worth checking out.

Mporium De Luxe


This black-owned brand is Uk based but does offer international shipping. Mporium Dé Luxe is your one-stop shop for trendy apparel, beauty essentials, and fashion accessories at affordable prices.

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Lia Miche


Another black-owned and woman-owned brand that is similar to Fashion Nova. Alexis, the CEO, and Founder created this brand in December 2019 because she felt there were not enough black brands that represented her as a woman. Alexis wanted to create a brand that was affordable and accessible to all walks of people. No matter your shade, shape, or size Lia Miche caters to all.

Girl Next Door

websites like fashion nova

The Girl Next Door brand was inspired by the not-so-regular, regular girls. This is another online boutique that carries similar styles to Fashion Nova. On their Instagram age, the pieces are modeled by the brand’s owner herself, though I couldn’t find much information about her. Who are you, lovely woman? We want to know! 😍

Nazeerah Love

websites similar to fashion nova

I love how this brand gets creative with the product shots on their website. There you will find plenty of sexy dresses, cute tops, and even lingerie modeled by beautiful black women of all shades and shapes. They also offer Afterpay so you can shop now and pay later in installments.

Silhouette Stylez

websites like fashion nova matching set

Omggg, 10 seconds on this page and I’m already in love. Cute dresses, matching sets, trendy tops — I’m totally here for it all. This black-owned brand reminds shoppers that life is “short, make every outfit count”. And I couldn’t agree more.


websites like fashion nova

Tobi is an online fast-fashion retailer that designs, produces, and sells its products globally and exclusively on Tobi.com. Tobi dedicates lots of time forecasting trends, spotting upcoming styles, and determining the colors, prints, fabrics, and silhouettes, that are hot for every season.


stores like revolve

Shop unique exclusive designs at affordable prices. Meshki carries statement styles worn by celebs worldwide you won’t find anywhere else. Think minimalist, meshy, Kim Kardashian skims-ish styles.

Naked Wardrobe

trendy websites to shop cheap clothes

Naked wardrobe has some really cute dresses if you’re looking for figure-hugging style dresses that dupe those on Fashion Nova. Although a bit more basic, their dresses are really cute and made from that really good high-quality material we all love.


websites like revolve

Far Fetch

I’ve been shopping on ASOS since I was in high school. Though not as “hot girl” and trendy as Fashion Nova, they do have a similar price range. If you don’t know ASOS, check them out for sure.

websites like revolve hauteonlife

Far fetch is definitely high end than many of the websites mentioned on this list. Both in terms of quality and pricing. They market themselves as “The Global Destination for Modern Luxury”. With that said, while you’ll perhaps spend a bit more than you would on the Fashion Nova website, you’re sure to find some stylish pieces on this fab website.

Chic Me


The dresses and outfits you’ll find on Chic Me are very trendy. Very cheap. Very fast fashion-ish. Still, many of their things are really cute and stylish.

Hello Molly

boutiques like revolve

Hello Molly is your go-to destination for the hottest styles and trends. Shop the latest range of dresses, playsuits, skirts, accessories, and more. It’s definitely one of my favorite places to shop online right now.

Princess Polly


Princess Polly inspired by the latest trends in fashion, street style, and pop culture, allowing them to be the go-to place to shop the newest looks. And with the fastest free delivery and easy returns, Princess Polly girls are ready to wear it this weekend.

White Fox


Shop the latest in clothes, shoes & accessories online from iconic Australian brand White Fox Boutique. Browsing this website is definitely giving me a mix of Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing vibes.

Tiger Mist

IG boutiques like revolve

Another Australian brand in the running — Tiger Mist. If you haven’t heard of them before (as I hadn’t), they are amongst Australia’s leading online fashion destinations for dresses, tops, pants, swimwear, and more. Shop every trend online at Tiger Mist.


stores like shein

I’ve been an avid shopper of Zaful for a few years now. Just about every single bikini or bathing suit in my wardrobe is from Zaful. Zaful’s website is more like SHEIN than Fashion Nova but they carry very cute and trendy items of clothing for super cheap.

Lovely Wholesale

stores like shein

Just as the name suggests, Lovely wholesale sells lovely clothes at lovely wholesales prices.

Nasty Gal

stylish black woman

Nasty gal’s online store website is similar to SHEIN and Fashion Nova in the same way as Forever 21. Cute, cheap, and trendy.. but the styles they carry are a bit more basic to me. Still, many girls swear by Nasty Gal for affordable dresses, tops, jeans, shoes, and accessories.

Motel Rocks


Shop the newest and best women’s fashion. New garbs added daily. Free Shipping & Returns. Students get 20% off. This site is cute and trendy, but definitely more expensive than Fashion Nova. A simple dress runs around $65 and a top around $45.

Verge Girl


If you’re looking for websites like Fashion Nova, don’t sleep on Australia — apparently. Verge Girl was started in the ’00s because they were passionate about fashion and freedom. While everyone was shopping for common, overpriced, department store looks.. the girls at Verge Girl were two young girls creating a style that represented summers and the places they longed for.

Blush Mark

websites like fashion nova

Ladies! Blushmark has dresses starting at $3? Like, say whaaat? Where they do that at? Blushmark, apparently.


websites like fashion nova

Lilifairy is the ultimate one-stop shop for the modern yet economical fashionista. At an affordable price, you can shop a fashion look on Lilifairy.com to take part in any occasion: party, dating, vacation or daily wear, etc.

Mayuko Me

black owned websites similar fashion nova

Funny story… The other day I was getting my hair braided and the girl admitted that while she was scrolling my Instagram feed, she noticed I “didn’t dress like a black girl”. When I asked her what she meant, she proceeded to show me some hot girl Instagram baddies — “like this” she proclaimed. I got it immediately, lol.

The next day she sent me a list of websites to buy hot girl shit and Mayuko Me was amongst the top favorites on the list child.



I discovered Honey bum via an ad on Instagram while searching the internet for websites like Fashion Nova. I asked, and as always, the internet delivered via a relevant ad following me around the web.

Shop Leau

websites similar to fashion nova

Another website like Fashion Nova I discovered via an Instagram ad. Their website features very modern silhouettes with a minimalistic style.

LEAU is a for women, by women LA-based clothing brand focusing on delivering premium quality clothing meant to last. Our pieces are designed to be timeless and universal – a closet staple that reinvents modern fashion.

My Outfit Online

websites similar fashion nova

My Outfit Online is an online, casual-luxury brand. Located in the heart of Miami, we strive to bring our customers Instagrammable and celebrity-inspired looks to fit your everyday, chic lifestyle.

There you have it, ladies. While Fashion Nova is certainly one of the more popular online boutiques or online shops to buy cute, trendy, sexy, and stylish clothes for relatively cheap. There are plenty of other brands and websites like Fashion Nova that you can try as well.

If you enjoyed this round-up, bookmark it for the future and share it with a friend. Did I miss any cute websites? Drop down in the comments and share!

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