15+ Cute Online Stores & Websites Like House of CB With Similar Dresses for Cheap

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I absolutely adore House of CB. Their dresses are super high quality, very stylish, and oh so sexy. But stores like House of CB, where you can shop cute dresses that are cheap (let’s be honest) and also well made, can be sometimes hard to come by.

If you’re looking for websites like House of CB to buy cute dresses similar to the style and quality or House of CB dupes, you’re in the right place. I’m going to list the best stores to get dresses like House of CB for you right here. You’re welcome! šŸ˜‰

A bit about House of CB.

House of CB is a Brit designed brand known for their figure-hugging styles. Consider House of CB your one-stop shop for super chic party dresses and cute clothes that are totally baddie vibes.

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What sets House of CB apart from similar fashion websites is that not only are their pieces very on-trend, their dresses and other items still maintain a very classic appeal. Compared to other “cute dess websites” House of CB pieces are also very well made ā€” especially so for the cheap prices they offer.

While they are not super expensive (in my opinion), I wouldn’t describe the House of CB website as cheap either, compared to similar websites. But if you’re familiar, you know this.

With all this being said, enough of the chit chat, eh? Let’s get into some of the best websites like House of CB to buy cute dresses.

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Most similar websites like House of CB.

1. Fashion Nova

website to buy cute dresses

For a long time, I really didn’t get the Fashion Nova trend. But I must say I have become a convert to the fashion nova babe crew. They have so many offerings of cute dresses on their website, and they have yet to disappoint me. What I love most about fashion nova is that their dresses look exactly

2. Meshki


Meshki to me has offerings that are more varied than House of CB, whose main focus tends to be cute dresses. Both stores however have very similar quality and style of dresses. And the prices are very comparable.

3. Amazon


While you may not expect it, you can also find dresses like House of CB on sites like Amazon. Individual Amazon shops, for example, this one, sometimes have a selection of dresses that are very similar to the ones in the House of CB shop.

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4. Hot Miami Styles


Hot Miami Styles website is very similar to Fashion Nova website. Very sexy, risky, and trendy pieces that are pretty high quality for the price. Although not as classic a store like House of CB, once you check out their pieces, perhaps you’ll appreciate why I included them on this list.

5. Naked Wardrobe


Naked wardrobe has some really cute dresses if you’re looking for a similar figure-hugging style dresses that dupe House of CB. I find their dresses are definitely more basic and not nearly as intricate when compared to House of CB. However, although basic, their dresses are really cute and made from that really good high-quality material we love. Find their prices to be less expensive than House of CB as well.

6. In The Style


In The Style is kind of new for me, as they appear to be based out of the UK. Their online shop is definitely giving me Pretty Little Thing and House of CB vibes. And although the prices on their website are in pounds, they seem to be reasonably cheap.

7. Pretty Little Thing


Pretty Little Thing is pretty well known amongst baddie fashionistas. My experience with PLT has been very hit or miss. But if you’re looking for House of CB dress dupes for a special occasion, or going out, they are certainly worth checking out.

8. Oh Polly

Almost forgot about this one. Oh polly gives Pretty Little Thing vibes meets House of CB.

BONUS: More cute stores similar to House of CB.

The stores you will find below aren’t necessarily super similar to House of CB, but you can certainly get really cute dresses from these websites for cheap.

8. Misguided


Another store or website like House of CB but is mid-tier in terms of quality and pricing is Misguided. Their website layout of offerings is very similar to that of Pretty Little Thing.

9. Asos


This London-based online retailer has been around for quite a while. And while their clothes aren’t as chic (in my opinion) as House of CB, you can certainly sometimes still find some really cute and classy party/ diner-style dresses. Asos too is mid-tier in terms of quality and pricing.

10. Far Fetch


Far fetch is definitely high end than many of the websites mentioned on this list. Both in terms of quality and pricing. The market themselves as “The Global Destination for Modern Luxury”. With that said, while you’ll perhaps spend a bit more than you would on the House of CB website, you’re sure to find some stylish pieces on this fab website.

11. Chic Me


The dresses and outfits you’ll find on Chic Me are very trendy. Very cheap. Very fast fashion-ish. Still, many of their things are really cute and stylish. And you can certainly dress them up with hair and make up to make them look more.. umm.. House of CB-ish.


shein outfit

Similar to Chic Me, this store is a fast-fashion brand that can be hit or miss in terms of quality. But if you’re looking for very cheap and trendy clothes, shoes and accessories SHEIN definitely has a lot to choose from.

13. Revolve


Revolve has some of the cutest and most stylish outfits online. They are in the mid to higher end tier in terms of pricing ā€” very similar to Far Fetch.

14. Boohoo


Boohoo to me is somewhere between SHEIN and Pretty Little Thing. Definitely a great website to snag some trendy pieces for the low.

15. Hello Molly


Hello Molly is your go-to destination for the hottest styles and trends. Shop the latest range of dresses, playsuits, skirts, accessories and more. It’s definitely one of my favorite places to shop online right now.

16. Princess Polly


This website I just recently stumbled across (every time I discover something new, I will update this blog post). After scrolling this site and looking at the dresses and outfits, I saw lots of body cons, flirty shoulders, and matching sets ā€” definitely House of CB vibes. Check them out.

17. White Fox

A super cute brand I also just discovered. I wrote about them also in my round-up of 41+ websites like SHEIN (check that out for sure). A simple dress runs about $50 and a simple top runs about $40.

18. Tiger Mist

This brand doesn’t have much to choose from in my opinion, but if your in search for the perfect outfit, I suppose they’re worth checking out. Based in Australia. However according to their Instagram boutique page, they ship Worldwide. Basic dress priced around $60AUD and basic top priced around $35 AUD.

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