9 Ways To Invest In Yourself As A High Value Woman

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Investing in yourself as a high value woman, I’ve come to learn, is imperative to living an abundantly fulfilled life. Although I’ve always intuitively known this, I haven’t always lived this way in practice.

Growing up it was always just my mother and I. My mom being the sole provider for our household, I watched and learned as she poured all of herself into everything and everyone around her but herself.

Investing countless hours working overtime to make more money. Investing lots of money into material possessions that she often didn’t even need. And investing her precious feminine energy into relationships that didn’t seem to even serve her.

As a now thirty-year-old woman, I see that in so many ways, I am my mother’s daughter.

If I am not careful, if I am not conscious, I default to the same behaviors as my mother. Pouring into everything around me and putting myself on the back burner.

I’ve had to learn the hard way that this is not sustainable. This can be hard to do because as women it is our instinct to nurture. But after all, you can not pour from an empty cup.

In order to be able to show up at your best, you have to nurture your mind, body, and spirit by investing in yourself as a woman.

What does it mean to invest in yourself?

Investing in yourself as a high-value woman will naturally vary between women. In the way that I mean it, investing in yourself as a woman means devoting your resources (time, energy, and money) to things that will give you a return in the long run. Investing in the permanent aspects of you.

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For example, the reality is that material things, careers, even relationships are fleeting. But you darling — your mind, your body, your soul are infinite. What matters most is that you are conscious of your valuable resources each and every single day, and choose to use them in a way that supports you, and aligns with self-growth.

How to Invest in Yourself as a Woman

From surface to deeply internal here are some ways that you can invest in yourself as woman.

1. Make time to connect with the Divine.


Whether you are religious, spiritual, or none of the above — when I say the Divine, I mean a force that’s greater than us but also exists within each and every one of us every day. You might call that force Goddess, God, Source, or Spirit. The name doesn’t matter, as long as it feels right to you.

When you connect to your soul—your purpose, your calling—you are connecting to Source energy. And connecting to your soul is perhaps the most important thing you can do in a lifetime.

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I’ve been learning to practice this recently by reading The Power of Now, which I highly recommend. I’ve also been finding the teachings of spiritual guru Mooji to be extremely insightful.

2. Take care of your health.


I came across a powerful quote some time ago that I haven’t since forgotten. “If you don’t make time for health, you will soon need to make time for illness.” Health my friends is the truest wealth that any amount of money can not buy.

While money may sometimes be able to help you fix health problems, taking care of your health is the best insurance ever.

3. Maintain your appearance


For me, this is one of the first things that I allow to fall by the wayside when I’m not investing in myself as a woman.

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Whether we like it or not, our appearance, as women especially is very important in our society. Being and feeling well put together can also greatly affect your self-esteem. For that reason, investing in your physical appearance, and dare I say your beauty is imperative for women.

4. Make time to do things that you enjoy.


We make time for work when it needs to get done. We make time for loved ones. How about making time for the simple little things in life that you enjoy doing?

Sitting in the sun for example is a petite pleasure that I really enjoy. Even just 10 mins of warm sunshine on my skin is really a treat for me. So that I can not make an excuse for not getting around to this, I make doing this a part of my morning or lunch routine. What is something you enjoy doing that you can add to your daily routine?

5. Learn a new skills


Learning, new skills included, keeps your mind engaged and body active.

One way I like to nurture my intellect by learning new skills is with Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes for creative and curious people, on topics including illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, and more. 

Right now Skillshare is offering my readers two months to learn anything you desire absolutely free. Click here to claim your two free months.

6. Educate yourself often.


You’re never too old and it’s never too late to educate yourself and learn new things. Be that a language or just more about a topic that intrigues you. It helps you get new and knowledge-based perspectives on the world around you. 

6. Nurture relationships that nurture you.


This is one for me a skill that could use some refining. Because I’m a natural introvert, I don’t mind one bit spending lots of time by myself. If I don’t make an effort, it’s easy for my relationships to suffer as a result.

I’m not saying you have to be the most popular person and always be socializing with your friends and family. What I am saying is make an effort, and when you are engaged with your people make sure you’re totally present.

7. Start a side project.


A great way to invest in yourself is to start a side project that you can grow, nurture, and be proud of. For me, I started this blog as a side project and it’s grown into what is now a career for me. Not only is it something I enjoy, but I was also able to completely replace my full-time income blogging.

8. Create a morning routine

woman in bed reading

By creating a morning routine, you could plan, manage, and track your success each day. A morning routine allows you to start each morning with the confidence that everything is sorted and set yourself up to productively breeze through the day. 

9. Create an evening ritual

A luxurious evening routine, like this one, is absolutely essential for modern women. At the end of a long and perhaps stressful day, it’s only right that you’d want to unwind.

10. Do things solo


The idea of doing something alone, particularly something both public and fun, can be an intimidating experience. But it’s an experience that is worth having, as it is enriching and liberating.

11. Journal

Journaling is an investment you can make in yourself that in the long term will pay off in spades.

In addition to many other benefits, journaling brings you into that state of mindfulness; past frustrations and future anxieties lose their edge in the present moment. It calls a wandering mind to attention, from passivity to actively engaging with your thoughts.

12. Invest in therapy.

invest in yourself as a woman

We’re all expected to grow in various ways throughout life. We learn how to manage our finances, do well at work, take better care of our physical health – less guidance however is given regarding our emotional, interpersonal growth. Investing in therapy can provide the space and professional guidance to intentionally improve ourselves.

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  • I can totally relate to your introduction. My mom is the best but I also wish that she takes care of herself. I guess she is just traditional but I think she also doesn’t want me to be like her that she also taught me how to be a strong woman. And investing in ourselves should be our priority! This patriarchy sucks

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