How To Glow Up and Transform Your Appearance To Look Better Overnight

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Could you benefit from discovering how to glow-up? Perhaps you’re in need of a DIY mini makeover to look better fast. Heck, scratch the mini make-over, if you’ve stumbled upon this glow up guide reading, maybe you need a total beauty overhaul. 

You walk past the bathroom mirror and realize your skin is looking rough, your teeth look like cheddar, your belly is hanging over — you basically look like a big hot mess. Happens to the best of us darling.

Although the men in our lives care about many other things besides looks, they’re often not shy to admit, it’s definitely nicer to have a pretty woman on his arm. For the single ladies (like me at this current moment, but not for long after this super glow up), I positively digress. 


Looking good is especially important for yourself. When you look great — don’t you feel fabulous? Like you can take on the world?

But the truth is as purpose-driven women, making our way through daily life, making time to improve your appearance is not easy. We’re busy with work, busy with kids, busy with the routine of everyday life — busy with everything but taking the time to maintain our beauty routine and upkeep our appearance sometimes. 

I know how it feels to fall off the wagon. To feel in a funk, uncomfortable in your own skin, and knowing I should be giving more priority to your appearance and looking better. If you can relate, I got you, woman! If you’re feeling a little shabby and a tad bit frumpy, I want to challenge you to transform your appearance into the Bombshell that you are. What the kids these days call “a glow up”. 

Here are 11+ hacks, tips, and products to glow up, level up, and improve your appearance overnight (or at least over the weekend).

What does glow up mean? 

To glow up, also referred to as ‘glo up’, means to complete a transformation of your appearance for the better. This includes a person, especially a woman’s hairstyle, makeup, and clothes.

To glow up means to transform yourself from basic to Bombshell. 

The best glow ups of all time include Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada, and Lindsey Lohan in Mean Girls. And let’s not forget about KeKe Palmer. Keke certainly one of the best celebrity glow ups of all time.  

Gorgeous Glow Up Inspiration

Why should you take the opportunity to glow up and improve your appearance overnight? 

To glow up is a fundamental step in improving your life as a woman. After a glow-up, you will look better, be more attractive, and feel like a more confident, feminine, and fabulous woman.

The Bombshell Quick Glow Up Kit Overnight Challenge

Let me set the stage…

You’ve spent the last four days crying over your break up, lamenting your job, or just being lazy — eating pizza every day and binge-watching Netflix. Your girlfriend hit’s you up and says, “we’re going to Vegas for the weekend.” What do you do?

You jump out of bed and get out of that funk quickly. But before you start planning what to wear to a Vegas pool party, you’ve got to glow up babe.

This glow up guide or “glow up challenge”, is perfect for working women, stay at home moms, young women, mature women — all women who want to improve your appearance, boost your confidence, and feel phenomenal — fast.

Do you accept the glow up challenge? Let’s do this! 


Get the glow.

Open up those pores.

This is your DIY home spa in a box. Fill it with water and let the hot steam open up your clogged pores. This particular unit also comes with sore very useful extraction tools.

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Microdermabrasion — so necessary.

After you open up those pores, suck out all of the dirt and debris under your skin with this personal microdermabrasion machine. As an alternative, I recommend this Clarasonic Facial Cleaning Brush for a nice topical clean.

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Make it Glam!

This is the best face mask o the market in my opinion. Especially for an overnight glow up transformation. I also highly recommend this cult classic facial and body mask made with Bentonite Clay (mixed with apple cider vinegar) as a budget-friendly natural alternative.

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Detox dead skin.

I’ve used this face wash for the past year or so and I swear by it. I love Boscia because it’s paraben-free. This face wash also suds up really nicely, gets skin super clean (gets the makeup off too) and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry and tight. As a budget alternative, many African and Caribbean ladies have sworn by African black soap for generations.

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Ice ice baby.

This ice roller is perfect for reducing inflammation and redness, as well as calming your skin, and closing the pores after your DIY facial. Many estheticians use this gadget in the treatment room after extractions, peels and/or waxing.

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Crafty Korean beauty secrets.

Korean beauty has taken the skincare world by storm. Everyone wants to know the Korean woman’s secret to beauty. In addition to these Koren sheet masks, check out this Korean beauty oil by fellow lady lifestyle blogger Elaine Sir.

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Reset and refresh your skin.

This is the best $20 you will ever spend for your skin. And there are nearly 12k reviews on Amazon to back up that statement.

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Gimmie the good stuff.

While very pricey, this is magic in a bottle, I promise you. This potion is potent in Lactic Acid so it’s the perfect night time serum (don’t wear it during the day/in the sun). By morning your skin will be perfectly exfoliated and brightened.

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Now seal everything in.

You’ve done a lot of hard work thus far. I love this facial spray infused with aloe, herbs, and rose water to hydrate and seal everything in. It also smells delightful.

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Everything you need to Glow Up the rest of your skin.

Gorgeous Glow Up Inspiration

Tweeeeeze me, baby!

Snatch those naughty leg hair right from the root with this epilator electric tweezing system. The hair will grow back slower and thinner.

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Brush the dead skin cells away.

Exfoliate all the dead skin from your entire body with this nifty body brush. Use it dry or wet in the shower. The natural bristles help rids your body of dead skin cells to make way for new ones.

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Hello, glow.

This body oil is the perfect addition to any glow up kit. In fact, it’s clinically proven to reduce the appearance of scars and stretchmarks. It also leaves your skin looking and feeling absolutely luxurious.

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Hello, faux glow.

Fake that you just got back from vacation in Jamaica with a high-quality self-tanner that won’t turn your skin orange. For my naturally tan ladies, stick with the Bio-Oil or the Shea butter for that radiant glow.

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Everything you need to Glow Up your hair.

Scalpmaster Shampoo Brush

The first time I experience a shampoo scalp brush was at a Dominican beauty salon. If you’ve never tried it before, it feels absolutely divine. It massages while helping to lather your shampoo and exfoliate your scalp. Add this to your wash day routine and your scalp will thank you.

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More glow up recommendations coming very soon. Hang tight.

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Everything you need to Glow Up your smile.

how to glow up

Straighter, brighter teeth in 6 months with Candid.


Candid will get you straighter, brighter teeth in as little as 6 months with clear aligners (for thousands less than braces).

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More glow up recommendations coming very soon. Hang tight.

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Everything you need to Glow Up your brows and lashes.

Mirror mirror.

Another essential to your glow up beauty routine is a properly lighted mirror with daylight temperature. This enable you to see closely exactly what you’re doing.

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Razor-sharp brows.

These cheap and practical razors are a great way to clean up your brows after getting them done. Although many brow pros don’t recommend razors for regular brow grooming, I like them because unlike with tweezers, the hair will grow back. So no permanent damage.

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More glow up recommendations coming very soon. Hang tight.

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There you have it, ladies. The ultimate round-up of products to add to your glow up beauty routine. What items did we forget to mention that are absolutely crucial to the glow-up? We’d love to hear from you, drop them down in the comments!

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