41 Fabulous Websites Like SHEIN for Cute, Cheap, and Trendy Outfits

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If you’re familiar with SHEIN, then you know they are one of the best online stores or websites to buy cute and trendy clothes for cheap. Looking for similar websites like SHEIN to shop for affordable fashion?

When I think of the best websites like SHEIN, a few online stores instantly come to mind. Among them are Rowme, Zaful, and Chicwish. As for websites like SHEIN that are a bit better overall but perhaps a little less affordable (depending on your budget) Pretty Little Thing and Misguided are two of my favorites.

You can bet there are a ton more similar websites to SHEIN where you can buy cute clothes, trendy outfits, stylish accessories, and lots more for super cheap. Look no further woman — here’s a round-up of the absolute best online shops and websites like SHEIN. And many of these brands ship worldwide —including USA, Canada, UK, and India.

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Many of these websites I’ve personally shopped on before. I can tell you that many of these companies are largely the same (and low-key, many of them are actually run by the same company). In this roundup, I will list websites that are the most similar to SHEIN in terms of styles, prices, and quality. I’ll also list sites that are a bit better than SHEIN (in my opinion).

Most similar websites to SHEIN.

Cute outfits, cheap dresses, tops, jeans, shoes, and bikinis await ladies — let’s get into it, shall we? AND if you personally know of any website like SHEIN that we did not mention in this round-up, puleassse drop down in the comments and share!

1. Romwe


Perhaps the most similar website like SHEIN you will find is Romwe. That’s because the two online stores are owned by the same company. And you will find a lot of the very same items across the two websites.

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Just like SHEIN, Romwe is as always having some big super blow out flash sale. Their minimum spend is also super low in order to qualify for free shipping.

2. Amazon


You may be wondering how the heck has Amazon made a list of websites like SHEIN. The fact is that many online stores like SHEIN also sell through Amazon. SHEIN happens to one of those websites.

You can also find other Amazon stores that sell similar clothes like SHEIN. I will list some of them down below.

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3. Zaful


I’ve been an avid shopper of Zaful for a few years now. Just about every single bikini or bathing suit in my wardrobe is from Zaful.

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Zaful’s website is like SHEIN in that they carry very cute and trendy items of clothing for super cheap.

While I can’t speak much to the quality of the clothing on Zaful (dresses, tops, jeans), as it compares to SHEIN, I definitely vouch for and swear by their bathing suits.

Zaful also has an Amazon store where you can shop a selection of some of the items on their website with Amazon prime shipping. So you may consider checking their Amazon store before ordering with them directly.

4. Chic Me


First of all, this dress! Chic me definitely has some very trendy and very cheap fashion, very similar to SHEIN website.

5. Boohoo


Based out of the UK, boohoo’s website is aimed at 16–30 year old women (and men now too). Although very similar to SHEIN in terms of trendy and inexpensive, boohoo’s quality and prices are more in line with Pretty Little Thing.

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This fast-fashion brand drops over 500 new products a week, so you always have the latest looks for less. Like SHEIN, boohoo makes fashion accessible and fun, so women can afford cute pieces to add to a popping wardrobe.

6. Lovely Wholesale


Just as the name suggests, Lovely wholesale sells lovely clothes at lovely wholesales prices. After exploring this site, I must say it is certainly a similar website to SHEIN.

Like SHEIN they offer lots of discounts, clearance and coupons on already cheap clothes and offer free shipping when your spend a certain amount.

7. Ali Express


Looking for cheap websites to by clothes? You better not sleep on Ali Express.

Like SHEIN, AliExpress is an online retailer based in China. Launched in 2010, it is made up of small businesses in China and other locations, such as Singapore, that offer products to international online buyers.

8. Forever 21


Forever 21 has been a staple brick and morter brand but as of 2021 and beyond, you can see they are really pushing the sales of their online store to stay competitive with websites like SHEIN.

If you think Forever 21 is for basic b#*%^$, well, you’re kind right, but dont sleep on them honey. You can definitely still put together some baddie outfits with Forever 21 clothes. If you really want to get Forever 21 clothes for cheap, make sure to shop during their season end clearances. I recently picked up some cuuute dresses for Spring and Summer for $5 a pop.

Similar but a little higher end websites like SHEIN.

9. Pretty Little Thing

website to buy cute dresses

Pretty Little Thing may be just as popular a website as SHEI, if not more in terms of affordable trendy online stores. I’ve ordered quite a few times from Pretty Little Thing and I have to say that my experience has been really hit or miss with this retailer.

Their things are definitely super cute and super trendy. But I once ordered a pair of jeans from Pretty Little Thing and couldn’t help but wonder who in the world they made the jeans for. The cut and sizing was just so off. I also was expecting more in term of quality.

But when it come to stylish outfits, PLT like SHEIN are always on point.

10. Nasty Gal

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Based in Los Angelos, Nasty Gal is definitely an OG in terms of cheap and trendy fast-fashion online store. They paved the way for companies like SHEIN to become so popular.

Nasty gal’s online store website is similar to SHEIN in the same way as Forever 21. Cute, cheap, and trendy.. but the styles they carry are a bit more basic to me. Still, many girls swear by Nasty Gal for affordable dresses, tops, jeans, shoes, and accessories.

11. Missguided

shopping websites like shein

Another UK based online store, Missguided is aimed at 16–35 year old women.

According to their website, Missguided creates looks designed by in-house talent that’s made to equip millennial women with the fashion they need for all elements of their life. And since their aim is all about empowerment, they make it easy for everyone by making their clothes affordable (like SHEIN).

“It’s not just fast fashion – it’s rapid fashion. We drop up to 1000 brand new styles every week, working constantly to bring our babes the freshest pieces, put together in wearable ready-to-go outfits.”

12. ASOS

trendy shops like shein

ASOS (As Seen On Screen), serves up an array of new items daily — offering free shipping on orders over $50! 

Compared to SHEIN, ASOS gives me Nasty Gal vibes. What I like most about ASOS is that they have a tall girl department, a petite department, and a plus-size department for all my girls that a too extraordinary for regular sizes.

Honorable Mentions Similar (And Super Cheap) Websites Like SHEIN


While these didn’t quite make my favorites list of the best websites like SHEIN, these super cheap online store are still worth a shoutout.

More Honorable Mentions: Similarly Trendy (But Pricier) Websites Like SHEIN

websites similar to shein

Hello Molly


So cute their things are. Super classy. And although not cheap, they are affordable.

Fashion Nova


What I love most about fashion nova is that their dresses arrive looking and fitting exactly like the photos on their website.



Compared to SHEIN, as the name suggests, Bohme gives me more casual boho vibes. They’re also a bit more pricey with dresses around $50 each.

In The Style


In The Style is kind of new for me, as they appear to be based out of the UK. Their online shop is definitely giving me Pretty Little Thing and House of CB vibes.

Oh Polly

Oh polly gives Pretty Little Thing vibes meets House of CB.

Discovered after publishing this roundup:

They all look really cute, although I’m not certain where they rank in terms of quality, styles and pricing as compared to SHEIN. At first glance, they each look to be more in line with Pretty Little Thing.

NEW ADD: Motel Rocks


Shop the newest and best women’s fashion. New garbs added daily. Free Shipping & Returns. Students get 20% off. This site is cute and trendy, but definitely more expensive than SHEIN. A simple dress runs around $65 and a top around $45.

NEW ADD: Verge Girl


Also very trendy but much pricer than SHEIN. A simple dress runs about $80 and a simple top runs about $55.

NEW ADD: Tiger Mist


Based in Australia. However according to their Instagram boutique page, they ship Worldwide. Basic dress priced around $60AUD and basic top priced around $35 AUD.

NEW ADD: White Fox


A super cute brand.. but also pricer. A simple dress runs about $50 and a simple top runs about $40.

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    What are peoples experiences with SHEIN lingerie? More so plus size
    I’m about a 14-16 AU and wear a 14DD bra. I’m not liking any of the plus size lingerie, but I’m worried the XL lingerie will be way too small! I’ve looked at some of the reviews and the people who are wearing a XL are half my size
    Are the sizes usually generous for lingerie?

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