SheIn Swimsuit Review & Try-On Haul – Bikinis, One-Pieces, & Matching Cover-Ups

shein swimsuit

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Looking to add some new swimsuits to your wardrobe for the summer (or perhaps for an upcoming trip), but on a tight budget? I bought over 30 swimsuits, bikinis, and coverups from SHEIN to try on and review so that you wouldn’t have to. Is SHEIN swimwear good quality? Are SHEIN swimsuits worth it? Read on to discover my honest opinion in the haul and SHEIN swimsuit review.

SHEIN (as you may already know) is a fashion website that’s very popular for selling trendy women’s clothing at ridiculously cheap prices. But I know what you really want to know (before you spend your hard-earned coins) is how do SHEIN swimsuits measure up in terms of quality and fit?

I created a SHEIN swimsuit haul for youtube where you’ll see me model everything for you — I also share with you my thoughts as I try on each SHEIN bikini, one-piece, and swimsuit with matching cover-up. You’ll enjoy the video but I also wanted to create an accompanying blog post so that I could give really spill the tea and give you a really good SHEIN swimsuit review.

Ladies get into it, shall we?

First impression shopping SHEIN swimwear.

My first impression before ordering on SHEIN was that they have so many swimsuits to choose from! Additionally, I was really taken aback by just how inexpensive SHEIN swimsuits are. The price that SHEIN sells a complete two-piece bikini set for, in many regular stores, you won’t even find one piece of a set for that price. And then with a matching cover-up too? It’s insane.

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I’ve written before about my experience with SHEIN and how it’s really hit or miss in terms of quality. But for these prices, considering that returning things to SHEIN is a pretty easy process, it was worth the potential miss. And so I decided to give SHEIN swimsuits a try.

First impression once my SHEIN swimsuits finally arrived.

I know delivery time with SHEIN for some people is concerning. Some people have had experiences where their packages take a really long time to get to them. That wasn’t the case for my with this SHEIN delivery. With the over 25 SHEIN swimsuits I ordered, the package came within 2 weeks (if you’re ordering for an upcoming trip, however, I would suggest allowing ample time for delivery).

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Once I opened the package and started looking through the swimsuits, I started to get super excited to try them on. Ok.. the quality is not the most amazing in there, but for ten bucks, I’m quite alright with that. And to be honest, the quality of the SHEIN swimsuits was actually not bad at all (although it does vary with each swimsuit).

My overall SHEIN swimsuit review after try on.

shein swimwear

On the quality of the material.

The overall material quality for most of the SHEIN swimsuits was pretty freaking solid —especially when you consider the pricing. Although some of the swimsuits I received are made of cheaper material, most of the swimsuits were made with very sturdy fabric.

On the quality of the styles.

It’s the style for me! One thing about SHEIN, is that they have alooooot of really cool styles to choose from, which I can certainly appreciate. Whether you’re a plus-sized woman or curvy girl, you can certainly find a style of swimsuit from SHEIN to flatter your body type.

On the sizing and fit.

The fit of SHEIN swimsuits may be the only qualm for me. I have a very tall and thin frame, and I wear about a B to C cup size bra. With that said, I don’t have crazy proportions or anything. Still, sizing and fit with SHEIN swimwear can vary quite a bit even for my body type.

Some of the swimsuit tops, for example, I found to be quite small for my breasts even though nearly everything I ordered was the same size (nearly everything I ordered was size small). And my butt ate up many of the swimsuit bottoms (this however is usually the case for me with any swimsuit brand).

One Piece Swimsuits from SHEIN

I love a good one-piece swimsuit. Whether you’re plus-sized, curvy, or slim and trim, a great fitting one-piece swimsuit is just so elegant and classy. I really loved nearly all the one-piece SHEIN swimsuits I tried on.

Bikinis and Two-Piece Swimsuits from SHEIN

I was overall very please with my selection of two-piece swimsuits and ity bity bikinis from SHEIN. Especially with the variety of two peice swimsuit styles.

There are so many unique tops and bottoms alike — styles that you would be hard-pressed to find in ordinary stores like H&M or Forever 21. And if you prefer higher-end stores like Bloomingdales or Victorias Secret (yes, they’re selling swimsuits again), although top-quality material, you better believe they’re gonna be pretty pricey.

Swimsuits with Matching Cover Ups from SHEIN

Swimsuits with matching cover-ups is a trend that I hope doesn’t go anywhere anytime soon. And even it does, I’ll just have to be out of style because the is a trend I absolutely love. Perfect for a pool party or fabulous vacation pictures, SHEIN has lost swimsuits with matching cover-ups to choose from and I really loved the ones I choose.

My Favorite SHEIN Swimsuit Picks

1. Ruffle Trim Bikini Swimsuit & Beach Skirt

shein bikini review

Swimsuit Review: This 3 piece SHEIN swimsuit set is so feminine and flirty. I love how the ruffles on the shoulder are incorporated into the matching cover up skirt. The material is good quality and the bikini bottom fit very nicely. The bikini top however does run small.

Buy this swimsuit on SHEIN.

2. Tie Dye Bikini Swimsuit With Matching Cover Up

shein swimwear with matching cover up

Swimsuit Review: This was such a stunner when I first tried it on — the tie die print really popped on my skin tone. Additionally I loved the 80’s style cut of the top and bottom. They also both fit really well. Furthermore, the matching cover up is such a cute little touch.

Buy this swimsuit on SHEIN.

3. Cut Out Halter One Piece Swimsuit

shein one piece

Swimsuit Review: This was the very first SHEIN swimsuit that I tried on, and admittedly I didn’t even want to take it off. Although the top of this one piece does fit rather small, if you adjust it the right way, it doesn’t look bad. This one piece comes in different colors including orange and hot pink.

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4. Zebra Striped Pattern Bikini Swimsuit & Beach Pants

shein swimsuit review

Swimsuit Review: Another very stylish swimsuit with a matching cover up for the win. This bikinis matching pants really elevated this whole look. The small for me was just the perfect fit. If ay part of my however was just a little bigger, I’m certain I’d be spilling out of it.

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5. Cut-out Tie Front One Piece Swimsuit

shein one piece swimsuit

Swimsuit Review: This one-piece SHEIN swimsuit fits perfectly. And the bright royal blue is so pretty (the picture here doesn’t even come close to doing it justice). Additionally, this swimsuit comes in different colors including red, black, and lilac purple.

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6. Random Abstract Fluid Bikini Swimsuit With Kimono

shein swimsuit with matching cover up

Swimsuit Review: This is the first swimsuit of the bunch that I actually wore out and about. This 3 piece matching set was absolutely perfect for a pool party I went to. I love that I can throw on the matching cover up when I don’t want to show so much skin, and still look every bit of pool or beach ready.

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7. Cross Halter High Cut Bikini Swimsuit

shein swimsuit review

Swimsuit Review: This was the last SHEIN swimsuit that I tried on and it actually ended up being my favorite ( I know I have like 3 absolute favorites, lol). The neon pink really pops on my skin s and the fit and fabric quality were perfect. This 2-piece bikini comes in over ten different colors including brown, white, and red.

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Shop all the looks from this SHEIN Swimsuit Review and Haul

Take away.

If you’re looking for inexpensive, stylish swimwear that has a good quality to price ratio, SHEIN is a great option. The latest bikinis and one piece swim suits are available in different colors and styles so it’s easy enough to find something you’ll love no matter what your tastes are.

SHEIN is always having a sale and they have tons of new arrivals every day! It even offers free shipping (and easy returns) which makes buying from them a great option. Check out their site today if you want some great fashion without breaking your budget!