Is SHEIN Legit? The Ultimate SHEIN Review: Spilling The Tea!

is shein legit review

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SHEIN has become one of the most popular fashion websites to buy super cute clothes that are also ridiculously cheap. Which makes you wonder, is SHEIN legit? Is SHEIN worth the money? Or is the mega market place of trendy dresses, tops, shoes, and accessories just too good to be true?

If you’re looking for an honest no holds barred SHEIN review before you have over your hard-earned coins, you’re in the right place. But let me first commend you on doing your research before shopping with SHEIN. Because let me tell you, when I first discovered SHEIN for myself, I too was more than just a little bit suspect.

I mean the clothes all looked so stylish, really cute, and of decent quality. And so why in the world were they so cheap? I thought, is SHEIN a scam? Is SHEIN reliable? Is SHEIN safe to shop with and can they be trusted?

I’ve personally shopped the SHEIN website quite a few times. Ordering from them tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, even swimsuits, and lingerie. For this SHEIN review, I’ve also called on a girlfriend of mine who’s totally the fashion plug and orders from SHEIN all the time.

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Throughout this SHEIN review where we’ll be uncovering, if SHEIN is legit, I’ll also sprinkle in refferal link of some of the items I’ve purchased from SHEIN. I’ll also include some of the items on my wish list and some cute outfits ideas too.

I should also mention that the SHEIN review is in no way sponsored by SHEIN. Everything I’ve ever ordered from this company I’ve purchased with my own hard-earned coins… and with that said, I’m spilling all the tea!

A quick shout out to my fashion plug:

I’d like to shout out to my girl Daria, aka my fashion plug, ha! Thanks for all your insights, referral links, recommended items, coupon codes, and SHEIN shopping tips. This SHEIN review is dedicated to you. You’re the real MVP!

Daria the SHEIN MVP

Pictured in SHEIN zebra stripe tie top and pearl hoop earrings. Now — enough of the long talking… is SHEIN legit? Is SHEIN a scam? Let’s get into the this SHEIN review, shall we?

What is SHEIN?

is shein legit review

Zebra Strip Top, Faux Leather Shorts

SHEIN is an international B2C fast fashion e-commerce platform that focuses on women’s wear, but also offers men’s apparel, children’s clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, and other fashion items. In other words, SHEIN is an online fashion retailer where you can get very cute and trendy clothes for super cheap prices.

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The company upholds the philosophy that “everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion.” And it seems they have successfully executed on this vision. You’ll find lots and lots of content featuring SHEIN clothing on trendy young influencers, fashionable thirty-somethings, and stylish mom across Youtube, Instagram, and Tic Toc.

Is SHEIN legit?


Belted High Waisted Pants, Similar One Shoulder Crop Top

The short answer is yes, SHEIN is legit. SHEIN is a real company, with real clothes, and they are not a scam website. In my own personal experience, SHE has been (mostly) legit. Now let me explain.

I think when most people work is SHEIN legit, they have concerns that SHEIN is not a real company or that SHEIN is a scam website that will steal your credit card information and never deliver your items. This has not been my experience with SHEIN.

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Each time I’ve order from SHEIN, the following things have checkout out. I got my ordered items in a timely manner (usually much faster than I expected). I got all of the items that I actually ordered. I was able to return the items I didn’t want without issue, and a refund was swiftly returned to my SHIN balance or my credit card.

Now let me tell you in what way SHEIN is a little bit shady in my opinion. It has been my experience that many of the items pictured on the website are not a very accurate reflection of the actual items. I have received many items that I’ve had to return to SHEIN because the colors were totally off, because the fit was really strange, or because the quality was about 10% of what the image reflected.

This to me is very misleading. So when you’re shopping on SHEIN, just keep that in mind. Watch youtube videos and really carefully analyze how the clothes look on real people. Also, make sure to read the SHEIN reviews on their website. Although, that nearly every item has all 5-star reviews… come on now SHEIN…

In any event, you can always return items that don’t fit properly or that you don’t like the quality fairly easily. In this regard SHEIN is definitely legit.

But what about the Better Business reviews?

Pictured Outfit: Cropped Chunky Knit Sweater, White Combat Boots, Similar Black Leather Skirt

If you search online, is SHEIN legit, you’ll come across a whole lot of reviews about SHEIN. Needless to say, many of the SHEIN reviews are less than encouraging. Many of these SHEIN reviews claim that SHEIN is a scam. That SHEIN isn’t reliable or safe. And that SHEIN customer service is impossible to reach (isn’t that the absolute worst).

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I don’t doubt that these SHEIN reviews are honest experiences from real people. I can’t however say that this has been my personal experience with SHEIN. As I mentioned before, in terms of logistics, I have only good things to say about SHEIN.

For me, SHEIN has been a safe and reliable shopping experience. SHEIN is totally legit. I can not however speak to their customer service as I’ve never needed to contact them.

Shopping SHEIN on Amazon

@yasminbright via SHEIN

Pictured Faux Leather Jacket

I’m about to let you in on a little SHEIN shopping hack! Did you know that SHEIN has an Amazon store? Yes, honey! And although the SHEIN Amazon store doesn’t carry nearly as many items as you’ll find on the SHEIN website, you will find what I’m assuming are some of their most popular items there.

The best part about ordering SHEIN items on Amazon is that you won’t have to worry about waiting weeks for your items to arrive from China. The SHEIN Amazon store offers 1-2 Day Shipping for Amazon Prime members.

Why is SHEIN so cheap?

@roni.natali.kimchi via SHEIN

SHEIN can afford to sell their clothes for such cheap prices perhaps for a number of reasons. Most of us know that China produces very cheap items across the board. From clothes to home decor, electronics to cars. That’s largely because the cost of labor in countries like China and India is so low.

Additionally, although the clothes are cute and trendy, the truth is that you get what you pay for. SHEIN can afford to sell clothes for so cheap because the quality of the fabrics and material is cheap in quality and cheap in cost for them, too.

What about the quality of SHEIN clothing?


Pictured Gray Hoodie and Sweatpants Sweatsuit

In the world of fashion, you’ve got what would be the equivalent of is McDonald’s or Olive Garden. You’ve also have fashion that’d be more along the lines of a Nobu or Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville (one of the most expensive Michelin star restaurants in the world).

You wouldn’t go to McDonald’s and expect to receive fine Celtic sea scallops, Alpine goat, and wild turbot on the menu, now would you? If you’re considering shopping with SHEIN, you’ve got to appreciate the website for what it is. And you certainly should not be expecting the highest of quality for the bargain bin prices they offer.

If however you’re looking to put together some cute little outfits for super cheap, or pick up some trendy pieces to mix with the higher quality staple items in your wardrobe, SHEIN definitely sometimes comes in super clutch.

Where is SHEIN located? Where does SHEIN ship from?


Pictured Outfit: Cropped Pullover, Leopard Print Skirt, Similar Patent Knee High Boots

SHEIN is located Shenzhen, China. This is where all the online orders I have personally received are shipped from, according to the return address. The company does however does have international warehouses from which they process SHEIN returns.

When returning US orders, for example, the SHEIN return process is to box and ship the items (with a prepaid return label they provide for you) to “US ELOGISTICS SERVICE CORP”. The address is located at 112 Melrich Rd. Cranbury, New Jersey 08512.

How long does SHEIN shipping take?


Pictured Outfit: Asymmetrical plaid skirt from SHEIN Premium, ruffle detail white blouse also from SHEIN Premium. Off white knee-high bootsorange mini hobo bag.

Before you order from SHEIN, you might be wondering how long does SHEIN shipping take? How long SHEIN shipping takes really varies. I’ve heard of SHEIN shipping taking weeks to arrive all the way from China. From my own experience, however, my SHEIN orders have always arrived relatively quickly. I’m talking SHEIN shipping taking 2 weeks max fast.

I find this a little peculiar if the items are coming all the way from China, as the return address suggests. Truthfully, I couldn’t tell you why that is. But I guess it really just depends. If you need the items for a special occasion, definitely order well ahead of time.

Is SHEIN ethical?


Pictured Outfit: Star Print Oversized Sweater, Croc Embossed Chunky White Boots, Matching Croc Embossed Bag

The question of is SHEIN legit is one thing but is SHEIN ethical? This, too, is certainly a valid question. The ethicality of companies SHEIN is explored in The True Cost documentary movie (available on Netflix). The movie explores several aspects of the garment and fast fashion industry — from production (mainly exploring the life of low-wage workers in developing countries) to its after-effects (such as river and soil pollution, pesticide contamination, disease, and death).

If you are concerned about whether SHEIN is ethical or whether or not you should buy from them, I highly recommend watching The True Cost and these other movies. I also recommend checking out Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion.

Personally, I don’t like to support fast fashion brands like SHEIN often. I really make an effort not to make a practice out of buying from fast-fashion retailers regularly. I prefer to instead support small brands like The Style Pantry and JaeJolly more often than not. I also prefer to practice building a capsule wardrobe and not have too many clothes in my closet overall.

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What is SHEIN return policy?


Pictured Outfit: Hem Twist Front Dress, Tie Leg Dress

The SHEIN return process is very easy and the return policy reads as follows. You have a max of 45 days to make returns. You must send back and postmark your return packages within 45 days after the purchase date. No returns made after 45 days from the purchase date will be accepted.

Shipping is free on your 1st return for any order. If you decide to send back individual items from one order at different times, you will need to pay around $7 for each shipment (obviously).

A guide to SHEIN sizing. Are they true to size?

@jekatarinaa via SHEIN

Pictured Outfit: V Neck Solid Fitted Crop Tee, Faux Fur Baguette Bag

Daria my fashion plug (who’s an avid SHEIN shopper) gave me the following advice when it comes to SHEIN sizing. Know your measurements! Just as with any other online fashion store, SHEIN offers a sizing guide for all of the garments on their website.

Although the sizing guide however is a generic one it certainly helps to choose the corect sizing according to your body measurements. I also recommend that you read the SHEIN reviews before purchasing.

Best things to buy from SHEIN.

@fundayu via SHEIN

Pictured Outfit: High Waisted Jeans, Similar Tie Front Top

The best items to buy on SHEIN are trendy items that you can pair with higher quality pieces. For example, cute little tops, stylish accessories, trendy shoes (that you wont be walking very far or dancing all night in).

SHEIN is legit, but I would not recommend buying stable wardrobe pieces from SHEIN. Items like jeans, or basics that you wear often, I would also not recommend buying these on SHEIN. If you need a little one-off party dress for a night on the town or items that quality is not a big deal… SHEIN is clutch!

In addition to cute and trendy clothes, you may also be interested to learn that SHEIN sell an array of other items including jewelry and accessories (of course), mens clothing, children’s clothing, home decor, home items, and a lot lot more (it’s really insane the variety of things you’ll find on there).

My verdict on is SHEIN legit:

As I mentioned earlier in my SHEIN review, you have to respect SHEIN for what is. But is SHEIN legit? The answer is yes yes yes! Does SHEIN have it’s flaws, also yes. But if you’re looking to for cheap websites to buy cute clothes, you may definitely want to consider taking a scroll over to SHEIN.

Have you shopped with SHEIN before? What was your SHEIN experience like? Do you know of any similar websites like SHEIN? Drop down and share in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you! 

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