21+ Websites Like Pretty Little Thing For Cute Outfits

websites like pretty little thing

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Let me start with a confession: I have developed a small obsession with online shopping this year (don’t roll your eyes at me). And during one of my intensive shopping sprees, I some really great websites like Pretty Little Thing.

If you’re a fan of Pretty LittleThing, then chances are brand loyalty will get the better of you. Hey, no hard feelings. But every once in a while it doesn’t hurt to try out new things, especially if it involves cute, trendy, and affordable clothes. 

Interested in discovering some online stores like Pretty Little Thing? Simply keep scrolling to discover my reviews of some fabulous online stores similar to Pretty Little Thing. 

Pretty Little Thing

pretty little thing

If you are a passionate shopaholic, then perhaps you’ve heard of Pretty Little Thing. Either way, a little refresher shouldn’t be a problem and on the brighter side, we get to reminisce about our favorite shopping destination. 

Let’s start from the start: in 2012 two brothers launched an ‘accessory only’ brand under the name of Pretty Little Things. Slowly, the store’s sales picked up and it expanded into an international brand. Currently, this store offers high-quality womenswear, footwear, beauty products, accessories, and much more!

Pretty Little Thing is a celeb favorite too. Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Jessie J, Rita Ora have been donning and rocking their products.  Although its main headquarters are in Manchester, PLT provides its full services in Uk, Ireland, Australia, the US, the Middle East, France, and North Africa. 

House Of CB


House of CB is a British fashion store similar to Pretty Little Thing that was launched in 2010. I believe fashion is about uniquely presenting your signature style and that is exactly what House Of Cb has done.

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In a world of crop tops and formal dresses, House Of CB stood out with its figure-hugging and form-fitting clothing. I mean which girl doesn’t love to flaunt her body and luckily, House of CB has made it easier. 

For me, this is a similar brand to Pretty Little Thing. However, there are noticeable differences between the brands like their price range and product categories. PLT again takes the win for its diverse and enchanting product selection. On the contrary, House Of CB’s expensive pricing does not work in its favor, after all, it can cause it to lose out on potential customers. 

Nonetheless, I would recommend all my fashion girlies to visit this store and try out their products. You never know, this can be the start of a new fashion journey.  



Of all the stores on this list Revolve, by far, is one of my favorite websites like Pretty Little Thing. This larger-than-life brand has become the backbone of the current fashion industry. I am a fangirl of Revolve’s products because of their unmatched quality, style, and elegance. 

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You might be wondering why I categorized Revolve as a store like Pretty Little Thing? Well, the answer is simple: they both have similar product selections and categories. The noticeable difference is in their price range and styling philosophy. 

This might be a bitter pill for you to swallow, but Pretty Little Thing gets the edge on Revolve because of its economical pricing strategy. At Revolve, you get what you pay for, and believe me their chic products come with a heavy price tag. Besides being a luxury brand, Revolve hosts countless other designers at its online store. 

I would recommend Pretty Little Things for everyday and casual shopping. Does that mean I have let you off the hook? No, you have to make your special occasions extra special with Revolve’s formal wear (and that’s an order from the Fashion Police). 

Fashion Nova


Trust me when I say this, get ready to experience a ‘hit by fashion cupid’ if you’re into websites like Pretty Little Thing. Because next on the list is Fashion Nova — delivering bold, sexy, and sleek looks. 

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Fun fact: they were declared as the #1 most searched fashion brand on Google in 2018. On top of that, this brand has earned the approval and blessings of our favorite fashion gurus (like Kylie Jenner and Cardi B). 

Fashion Nova was launched in 2006. From 2006 till now, this brand has given us major Fashion FOMO through its exceptionally classy and sexy products. I cannot get over the fact that this versatile brand has now launched separate fashion collections for men and kids. 

You can safely tick off the ‘affordable box’ from your criteria list because Fashion Nova is budget-friendly (similar to Pretty Little Thing). Truth be told, I cannot decide a winner between these two because they both offer multiple products in their clothing, shoe, and accessory categories. 

To make things simple, let’s just say you will have a more holistic shopping experience at Pretty Little Thing because of its beauty and home section. Unfortunately, Fashion Nova does not offer anything for home decorators, makeup, and skincare lovers. 

All in all, both these stores have made it to my list of dream shopping stores (that says a lot). If you still insist on a verdict then I would recommend you to check out Fashion Nova for a much-needed quick style update.



Boohoo made its unforgettable debut in the fashion world in 2006. With its ‘your fashion best friend’ philosophy, this brand quickly won the hearts of aspiring fashionistas.  

We all know Boohoo as the ‘international fashion trendsetter’, but did you know about its contribution to charitable organizations and noble causes? Now that’s a ‘real style statement’. 

Moving on to the juicy part, girls you will l-o-v-e Boohoo products. I cannot stop obsessing over their chic tops, elegant dresses, and stylish shoes. Not to forget, their clothes are available in multiple sizes and are tailored according to every body shape. Whether you are curvy, lean, or in between, Boohoo will cover all your needs.  

In my opinion, Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing are two sides of the same coin as far as clothing and shoe styles are concerned. But (there is always a BUT!!) Boohoo is slightly overpriced.

Moreover, Pretty Little Thing is more of an ‘all in one shopping store’ because it has a ‘home section’, and celeb collab collections. I will give due credit to Boohoo for diversifying its business model with a men’s section. Oh and super five stars to Boohoo for its new ‘recycled for future collection’. 

To sum it up, if you are aiming to be ‘money-wise, then you should check out Pretty Little Thing. But, if you are hell-bent on letting go of all financial constraints then you deserve to treat yourself by shopping at Boohoo.  



Want to look like a walking talking diva? Then you must make a quick stop at Tobi. This LA-based fast fashion brand represents the true essence of modern fashion. What I admire the most about Tobi is their customer-centric business model that is fully dedicated to keeping up with the latest fashion trends. 

As an ultra-chic brand, Tobi surely knows its worth which explains why their products are more expensive than Pretty Little Things. I must say truthfully however that I’m slightly disappointed with Tobi’s limited size chart. Though their clothing styles are similar, this website like Pretty Little Thing does lack diversity with its petite, tall, maternity, plus size, and sports collection.

If you have a long shopping list, then shopping at Pretty Little Thing will be convenient and mind I say cheaper for you. However, if you are looking to spice up your closet with a pricey jazz vibe, then Tobi is perfect for you. 



Showpo is one of the fastest-growing fashion brands in Australia. Showpo’s fashion success story started in 2010 when it was formed by Jane Lu. With more than 100 new weekly styles and designs, Showpo keeps its customers always wanting more. Oh, did you know that Showpo is the official partner of Love Island Australia?

If you are a thrifty spender, then Showpo is a no-go zone for you. Their sky-rocketing prices are a surprise for even the most carefree shoppers (and that is also not a good one). Having said that, one cannot ignore the class and style that Showpo’s products accentuate. Besides clothes and jewelry, Showpo also offers the latest beauty and styling accessories. 

Showpo’s and Pretty Little Thing’s product categories are similar. However, something tells me my style girls will go wild for Showpo’s elegant and sophisticated statement pieces. Nonetheless, you can satisfy your craving for flashy and hip apparel by shopping at Pretty Little Thing. 

Windsor Store 


Windsor Store has carried on fashion legacies of the past and transformed them into masterpieces of the present. This power fashion house started in 1937 (yes, it’s THAT OLD) as a hosiery and lingerie store. Windsor store encapsulates the essence of feminine beauty in all of its products which makes this brand ‘timeless’. 

If you have a soft spot for flowy and sparkly dresses, then get ready to be mesmerized with Revolve’s dress collection. I cannot get over their flattering shoes and heels. The quality of Windsor products will fool you into thinking that it is a luxury brand. The truth is it is one of the most budget-friendly brands in the fashion block. It is slightly more expensive than Pretty Little Things but its fine quality products with impressive designs are worth it.

Although there are striking differences between Pretty Little Thing and Windsor Store, still just with a cursory glance you can spot the similarities in their product selection. My serious fashion lovers, if you haven’t taken the hint as yet, let me spell it out loud-Windsor Store is the perfect shopping place for you. 

Hello Molly  


Hello Molly is an Australian brand that started in 2012. From humble fashion towns to major fashion hubs, this girly brand has become the center of attention everywhere. Every fashionista swears by Hello Molly’s cute tops, dramatic dresses, trendy bottoms, smart sportswear, dazzling shoes, and accessories.

What makes this brand different than Pretty Little Things? Well, there are quite a few things. For starters, Hello Molly makes it a point to cater to every feminine pleasure, which is why they launched a special and ‘oh-so satisfying’ (and scandalous :p) self-love collection. I don’t know about you, but I think Hello Molly deserves a round of virtual applause for such a bold move. 

Moving on, the price difference between these brands is huge. Hello Molly’s products will have you all starry-eyed but their prices will leave your eyebrows raised. Having said that, Hello Molly does get the approval of our favorite celebs like EmRata and Kylie Jenner. I love how Hello Molly has streamlined its financial help towards nobler causes.

Pretty Little Things gets additional wins because of its petite, tall, maternity collection and its home decor section. My suggestion to you is: keep your budget in mind and then make a choice between these two brands. Regardless, Hello Molly is a must-visit. 

Missy Empire


2015 marked the start of a new era in the fashion industry as brands like Missy Empire came into the limelight. With its loud and unapologetic ‘women empowerment’ philosophy, this brand managed to hit it off with every woman. If you have an eye for style, then certainly you will be star-struck with Miss Empire’s classy collections. 

If you will check Missy Empire’s online store, you will find it to be a website like Pretty Little Thing because they have similar product categories. Sadly, Missy Empire can’t beat Pretty Little Thing’s affordable pricing scheme. With that being said, I would like to clarify that Missy Empire follows a decent pricing policy which makes shopping at Missy Empire a safe bet. 

Missy Empire loses out on extra points from me because of their limited sizing options, I mean it is a little offensive if you are not catering to curvy, plus-size, or petite women (After all, fashion is for everyone). 

This store gets my ‘green flag’ approval which means you have to check it out.

Femme Luxe


Femme Luxe is every girl’s favorite fashion stop. Compared to other brands, this one is still in the process of expanding and exploring newer products. Nonetheless, their existing products have a class and style of their own which you just can’t overlook. 

Once you check Femme Luxe product styles, you will be surprised to see how similar they are to Pretty Little Thing. Despite this similarity, Femme Luxe charges way less for its merchandise. The product categories between these brands are almost the same but Femme Luxe has limited sizes. What I like the most about this brand is how it has revolutionized fashion by making sexy and bold designs the ‘new casual’. 

In all fairness, I would advise you to shop at Femme Luxe, especially if you are in search of a cheaper alternative to Pretty Little Thing.

Princess Polly 

websites like hello molly

Princess Polly is the ultimate rock n roll Australian fashion brand. Starting with humble beginnings in 2010, this brand managed to turn things around for itself through its flair for fast fashion. It is safe to say that Princess Polly has now become a major fashion house. 

I consider Princess Polly online store to be a website like Pretty Little Thing because they both have similar page layouts, marketing strategies, and product categories. Although most major fashion retailers are now switching to inclusive size ranges, Princess Polly has failed to catch up with this trend because of its limited sizing charts.

Luckily, both these brands have quite similar pricing. So, if you are sobering up into a ‘conscious shopaholic’ (these are rare and brave species of the fashion world, like unicorns) then Princess Polly is ideal for you. 

My gut feeling says you should check out Princess Polly because its latest fashion pieces are just worth swooning over.

I Saw It First


‘I saw it first’ has become my recent fashion crush. This brand was launched in 2017, and over the course of four years, it has evolved into a major stakeholder in the modern fashion industry. If you are a fashion novice, you might assume this brand to be a sister brand of Pretty Little Thing( such errors in judgment are forgivable) however fashion experts classify this brand to be a store like Pretty Little Thing.

The product selection of both brands is borderline identical. This website, like Pretty Little Thing, also has separate collections for petite, plus size, and mid-size. Additionally, these brands have another common feature in the form of the homeware section. I adore how I Saw It First caters to men and kids through its well-designed ‘men’ and ‘kidswear’ section. You know I have always had a thing for celeb collabs so full points to I Saw It First for including a ‘celeb collab’ section. 

One would assume I Saw It First to be a pricier brand because of additional features and collections, however, that’s not the case. Luckily, this brand has priced its products fairly and decently. 

Honest opinion for my shopaholic gang-this website like Pretty Little Thing is an upgraded alternative — so don’t miss out on their fab shopping privileges. 



Whether fashion is your thing or not, I am confident that Shein will become your real thing. Shein was born in 2012 and ever since then, it has become one of the most popular shopping destinations. I am sure you can make out why this brand has made it to my list, after all my obsession for cool and trendy outfits is pretty OBVIOUS.

Shein prides itself on being the birthplace of the latest fashion trends and styles. The product categories and merchandise selection of this store are humongous. Shein has made it a point to be of service to every customer, which is why you will find well-curated fashion collections for curve and plus-size customers. It also has men and kidswear section (something which you can’t find easily at other stores like Pretty Little Thing).

Surprisingly, PLT’s price range goes way off the chart when you compare it with Shein. As far as styling is concerned, PLT’s collections are sexier and out loud bold, whereas Shein has a balanced fashion vision which can be seen in its classy, modest tops and dresses.

I would rate Shein as one of the best alternatives of PLT-that coming from someone like me is a cue for you to get your shopping started at Shein.  



Misguided has been the ‘go-to place for fashionistas since 2009. Whether it’s a quick fashion fix or a trendsetting fashion inspiration, you get almost everything at this store. 

Like the other websites in this round-up, Misguided has product categories similar to Pretty Little Thing. Additionally, both their prices fall under the ‘economical/affordable’ range. This website, like Pretty Little Thing, has collections for petite, tall, and plus-size users. 

What makes Misguided different from PLT? Well, I hate to break it to my beauty gurus and home decor lovers but sadly Misguided has no beauty and home decor section. On top of that, I feel Misguided clothes, shoes, and accessories have a more Gen-Z vibe to them.  Although there is nothing wrong with this particular style, still it doesn’t sit well with adult and mature users. 

In my honest opinion, if you are young at heart and want to fit in the ‘in-crowd then Misguided can be your new fashion guru.



ASOS has revived fashion by making it accessible, inclusive, vibrant, full of life, and bigger than ever. I love how this brand has transformed the face of fashion by staying true to its ‘fashion for all’ philosophy. 

ASOS is a huge name in the fashion industry, so much so that it hosts luxury beauty and clothing brands. Another positive of ASOS is that its clothing section is diverse because of multiple fit options like petite, tall, and plus size. ASOS’s product categories are similar to PLT’s, but we all know that it trumps most fashion brands (including PLT) by offering numerous fashion items. 

To be honest, I would rate ASOS as a luxury fashion store. Its high price range does indicate good quality products, but it also limits the appeal of this brand to specific groups. 

If you want to get your hands on pricey, luxury products, then ASOS is the right place to start. However, if you are on a mission impossible (aka economical shopping) then this store is not the right fit for you.     

Oh Polly


It’s hard to believe that initially Oh Polly’s main purpose was to support and fund a charity organization. With time, this small fashion brand flourished into Uk’s fastest-growing fashion house (and that’s the power of good karma!). Currently, Oh Polly is on a mission to sprinkle its fashion magic everywhere, and guess what, they have achieved half of their goal by establishing stores in Glasgow, Liverpool, Los Angeles.  

While Oh Polly is expanding its business structure with newer products and collections, it still is far behind PLT. We all know PLT has a vast collection of products and a beauty section along with a home decor department. You won’t be able to find these things at Oh Polly. Unfortunately, Oh Polly also doesn’t have an accessory section. Interestingly, Oh Polly’s pricing range is very much similar to Pretty Little Thing so that is something you should consider.  

As you know I am all for trying out different brands, which is why I would recommend you to grace your presence at Oh Polly and give it a chance to change your fashion life. 



Meshki is yet another Australian fashion brand, that is like Pretty Little Thing, that has topped the global fashion charts recently. Its ‘subtle yet sexy’ fashion policy resonates with countless women. As a ‘fashion for life’ brand, Meshki has worked tirelessly to empower women so they discover their unique and bold fashion style-and lucky for us, its efforts have paid off!

One of the most prominent features of Meshki is that its designs are pretty toned down according to contemporary standards. You will see that their clothing pieces are available in neutral colors. Having said that, I do appreciate how they have revived neutral colors with sharp and bold cuts. Still, overall something feels missing with Meshki’s clothes, maybe it’s the lack of floral prints and patterns. Keep in mind that Meshki’s clothing items come with standard sizing which means they don’t have products for tall, petite, or plus-size consumers. 

I feel Meshki to be overpriced and you can get better deals at Pretty Little Thing. Remember, PLT speaks the modern fashion lingo with multiple clothing sizes, vibrant and colorful dresses, fairy and flowy tops, and much more.

A friendly suggestion for all my fashion divas who want to opt for a sober fashion style: do try out Meshki. 

Hot Miami Styles


How can my shopping recommendations be complete without mentioning Hot Miami Styles? Every product at HMS is hot, bold, and sexy. While HMS is in its early stages of expanding and growing, still it has managed to make quite an impression in the modern fashion world. 

Compared to Pretty Little Thing, HMS has limited products. Till now, HMS provides only clothing items and accessories, whereas PLT has extra sections including its beauty and home decor department. Might I add that HMS is stingy with its sizing chart as its clothes are available in regular sizes and it doesn’t have much to offer for sizes like tall, petite, and plus size.  I am confused as to why HMS is charging higher prices for a few, limited products whereas bigger brands like PLT are selling better products at cheaper prices. I feel HMS needs to add a little bit of glam and sparkle to its fashion philosophy. 

Overall, I would say that HMS is not the perfect alternative to Pretty Little Thing. But if you are down for building up a new fashion image then Hot Miami Styles might do the trick for you. 

Diva Boutique


My fashion radar instantly spotted Diva Boutique as the ‘new best thing’ in its starting year of  2013. It’s surprising to see that this small brand has come such a long way. And it’s safe to say that Diva Boutique has now made its presence known worldwide with 1 million Instagram followers, an online store, and a fashion boutique. 

If you ask me, Diva Boutique is a store similar to Pretty Little Thing in that this brand has nearly identical product categories. When it comes to variety and uniqueness, Diva scores pretty low. As a seasoned fashionista, I am pretty sure you will also agree that PLT’s collections have unmatched variety, style, class, and elegance. 

Last, but not the least-Diva Boutique is pricier than PLT, something which I just can’t seem to reason out.  Ready for the truth bomb? I know Diva Boutique might seem like an overpriced substitute for PLT, but follow the ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ mantra and do try out Diva Boutique.

Mporium De Luxe


When considering websites like Pretty Little Thing, how can one forget to Mporium De Luxe. Born with a passion to serve fresh and trendy looks, this brand is here to stay and slay. I cannot stop ravishing the authentic appeal of its products, after all, they are handmade! (for me that’s fashion 101?)

The great thing about this store is that it provides clothing for every size and body shape. Moreover, its price range is pretty decent. To be honest, I find PLT’s product categories and accessory collection more interesting. 

To sum it up, if you are looking for affordable, quality fashion items then you owe yourself a visit to Mporium De Luxe. 

Chic Me


Making the cut in our final websites like Pretty Little Thing, Chic Me is another treasure chest for girls looking for sexy outfits. I especially love the leather collection which gives Janet Jackson vibes. Pants, skirts, dresses, coats, swimsuits, you name it, you can find it. I don’t often come across a leather dedicated collection as Chic Me offers, so I am excited to order some outfits for myself soon.

ıf you are into fluffy slippers, that’s another collection to look out for. Finally, plus curve collection makes me give Chic Me extra credits as they really bring the sexy back with their dresses and lingerie.


Websites Like Pretty Little Thing — Takeaway

Here you go, ladies! I am very much pleased with this list. I hope you like the collections as much as I did. As you can see, there are several shops out there that are similar to Pretty Little Thing. They offer a different range of collections for any type of budget. Christmas is on the way and that’s just another reason to dress fabulously! So surf, add to the basket, and voila!