11+ Different Types of Aesthetics for Women (Fashion) To Inspire Your Personal Style

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As women, we all have our own personal aesthetic. Be it carelessly unintentional or meticulously curated, your personal aesthetic type helps communicate to the world a certain essence about the woman that you are.

To be “aesthetic”, as formally defined, is to be pleasing to look at. To be attractive, alluring, and beautiful. While as women we technically don’t need to do anything to be aesthetic (we are naturally so), can we amplify our beauty, whilst adding our own personality and flair? I believe so.

Though our personal aesthetics are dynamic and varied, many of our personal styles also share a similar character. Through your clothes, hair, make-up, aura, and personality we can curate a personal style aesthetic all your own.

Need a list of different types of aesthetics to inspire a new look? Here are some fabulous fashion aesthetic types for feminine women to help refresh your personal style right now.

1. sophisticated glam aesthetic type.


The sophisticated aesthetic is for the glamour girl in us all. Think wealthy, unbothered, and glamourous. Sophisticated women’s style is all about elegance. It’s a look that’s polished, put-together, and exudes “I’m a classy woman.” This style aesthetic is timeless and versatile, able to be worn for any occasion.

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To create a sophisticated women’s style aesthetic, start with classic pieces that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Think blazers, pencil skirts, silk blouses, and low-heeled pumps. A great scarf or necklace can add the perfect finishing touch.

2. flirty feminine aesthetic type.

feminine aesthetic

The flirty feminine aesthetic is delicate, playful and romantic. This look is full of whimsy and fun with a touch of girlishness. It’s the perfect style aesthetic for women who want to express their femininity through fashion. This look works best on girls who have a sweet disposition and an easy smile.

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To create a flirty feminine aesthetic, pick details like lace, florals, and ruffles to express your girlish side. Colors may be delicate such as neutrals and pastels or maybe bold and sultry such as a bright fuchsia or bold red.

3. baddie aesthetic type.

baddie aesthetic

More than a fashion style, the baddie aesthetic is an attitude. A baddie is not afraid to be sexy or sultry—in fact, that’s at the core of this style aesthetic.

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Want to know whats the newest baddie aesthetic trend? Just check for the latest styles from fashion websites like Fashion Nova and websites like Pretty Little Thing.

4. afro/caribbean aesthetic type.

african aesthetic

The afro/Caribbean goddess aesthetic is unapologetically African at its core. This style aesthetic is absolutely gorgeous against the deep completion and full features of black women especially. Someone who absolutely nails this aesthetic is mother, entrepreneur, and influencer Paola Mathé. For some time now I have been absolutely obsessed with her Instagram feed and how beautifully and authentically she wears her personal aesthetic.

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Think rich and vibrant colors, intricate prints, natural fabrics, and layered textures. The afro/Caribbean goddess aesthetic consists of uniquely beautiful clothes and accessories that give a sense of festivity to any occasion.

5. minimalist chic aesthetic type.

chic aesthetic

Minimalist chic is all about owning a clean, edited wardrobe. It’s a chic and modern look that focuses on quality over quantity. You can create a minimalist wardrobe with items that are versatile, classic, and easy to mix and match.

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To create a minimalist chic type of aesthetic, invest in pieces that work together well. Choose neutral colors like black, white, grey, or beige so you will have more flexibility when building outfits. Then focus on quality pieces that are stylish but simple.

6. ghetto glam/hood rich aesthetic type.


The word ghetto often has a very negative connotation. But the gals that confidently rock this aesthetic have reclaimed the word and made it not only trendy but absolutely fabulous. The ghetto aesthetic embodies loud and boisterous looks that are unapologetically urban and funky. This style aesthetic is not for the faint of heart — it’s bold, intense, and in-your-face. It has a streetwise sensibility that can be sexy or rough depending on how you wear it.

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To create a ghetto type of aesthetic, focus on accessories like sunglasses, hats, shoes, bags, jewelry, and intricate nail design. Think bright colors, graphic prints, embellishments, brand name labels, and edgy details to express your personal style.

7. affluent woman of leisure aesthetic type.


This aesthetic type is very much giving driving around in my Range Rover running unnecessary errands because I’m a woman of leisure. Although a bit lacking in excitement, this aesthetic is very comfy and high-end pieces from brands no doubt purchased from stores like Neiman Marcus and Nordys are sure to last for ages in your wardrobe.

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Think neutral colors and pastels. Think knits, cotton, and if you’re feeling really feisty a bit of linen.

8. preppy aesthetic type.


If you wore American Eagle and Abercrombie and Fitch back in the day, a grown-up preppy aesthetic may be for you. Now all grown up, the preppy aesthetic girls are shopping at Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, and in the event of an afternoon brunch on the water, perhaps something from Lilly Pulitzer.

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From mid-thigh cuffed shorts to a quintessential striped boat-neck sweater, this woman embraces the coastal style and perhaps loves living by the sea. She also enjoys classic looks like button-down shirts with functional pair of well-fitting jeans, pearls, and loafers with no socks.

9. boho aesthetic type.


Boho aesthetic type is for the free spirit wander luster you are at heart. This style aesthetic is feminine, free-spirited, and casual. The boho aesthetic consists of uniquely beautiful clothes and accessories that give a sense of carefreeness. Wear this look in the warmer months of spring and summer, or if you live in a warm-weather climate, all year round.

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Think earth tones, ethnic prints, layered fabrics, dainty jewelry, tousled hair, and soft makeup. This aesthetic is recognized by flowy natural fabrics, cool-looking boots, and a hat — you must have a hat! Complete this aesthetic with lots of bohemian-inspired jewelry and charms.

10. cottagecore aesthetic type.


The cottage core type of aesthetic is one that embodies a rustic and ethereal feel. It’s inspired by en Plein air paintings and the feeling of being outdoors. This look is perfect for women who want to feel like they’re living in a fairytale.

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It’s inspired by nature and features earth tones, muted colors, and simple designs. Think floral prints, puff sleeves, and flowy feminine fabrics.

11. on trend/fashion it girl aesthetic type.

When I think of the “it girl” type of aesthetic, the terms trendy slay queen come to mind. This aesthetic is always on trend and always on 100. To pull this off, think whatever is on-trend, and then do the most with it. Olivia Culpo is the quintessential “it girl”. She’s always on-trend and always absolutely fabulous — except apparently sometimes when she decides to travel in a sports bra, read my thoughts on why you should dress up to fly here.

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The woman with this aesthetics shops at trendy sites like Revolve for tops, bottoms, and dresses — and for shoes and bags, only luxury designers like YSL, Dior, and Prada will do.

12. parisian chic/french girl aesthetic type.

Parisian fashion aesthetic

The French have a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to fashion. While they may not always be at the forefront of trends, they have a sense of style that is undeniably unique and elegant. There are several key elements to the French girl style, and if you can incorporate them into your own wardrobe, you’ll look like a true Parisian.

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First and foremost, French girls love simplicity. They stick to clean lines and classic silhouettes, avoiding fussy details or over-the-top patterns. This doesn’t mean that they dress in boring clothes – quite the opposite! A simple black dress or white blouse can be elevated with the right accessories or styling.

Types of Aesthetics (Fashion) for Women— Takeaway

As a woman, one of the most important things you can do is find your personal style aesthetic type. This doesn’t mean following the latest trends or dressing like everyone else. It means developing an aesthetic that is uniquely your own, something that represents who you are and makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Which are your favorite types of aesthetics? Which two or three fashion aesthetic types would you consider trying? Share in the comments below!