15 Fabulously Stylish French Women To Follow for Inspiration on Instagram

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French-style is world-renowned for its unique flair. A certain je ne c’est quoi as the french like to say — with love, with food, with lifestyle, and no doubt with fabulous french style.

Take a stroll down an avenue in Paris, and you’re sure to come across many chic women dressed to impeccably just to check the mailbox, or walk the dog. French woman seems to be particularly inclined to the chic aesthetic in french fashion, french lifestyle, and pulling off effortless Parisian chic.

Here are 15 Stylish French Women (or living in Paris) on Instagram To Inspire Your Style.  

1. Jeanne Damas

Parisian entrepreneur, fashion icon, and founder of the label Rouje. Regularly sharing pictures of her friends, parties, personal style, her photo diary rapidly became a real phenomenon fascinating fashion enthusiasts from around the world.

french style blogger

2. Sabina Socol

Fashion and Style influencer based in Paris. From “trying to even those tan lines” on a yacht in Corse, France to soaking up the sun on the French Riviera, Sabina posts lots of french style and lifestyle inspiration.

french style influencer

3. Elborn Doris

Korean style influencer and founder of Fashion brand Elborn, based in Paris, France. Elborn mostly posts lots of chic street style and outfit of the day type inspiration. She loves mixing blacks, white, and neutrals colors into her wardrobe. 

french style influencer

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4. Scheena Donia

Scheena is a mom and lifestyle influencer based in Paris, France. She posts a lot of lifestyle images with her and her family, as well as style inspiration. We love her funky afrocentric french style. This french lifestyle blogger believes “we can be anything we put our mind, time and money into.” She’s currently writing a book and a movie.

french style influencer

5. Lamia Lagha 

Creative Director and Researcher based between Paris and NYC. She is German, of Tunisian origin, prefers minimalist but cultivates a delicate femininity. Lamia was featured in this lovely article by Vogue Magazine.

6. Adriana Seminario

A digital marketing strategist specialized in the fashion industry. Originally from Peru, Ariana is a style influencer, based in Paris.

7. Hanna Lhoumeau

Hanna is a model based between London and Paris. Her style aesthetic is youthful and chic. 

black french style blogger

8. Taylor LaShae

Based between London, New York, Milan, and Paris. Taylors profile aesthetic is very cool and super sexy. She posts lost of film looking images give her profile a retro feel. 

french style blogger

9. Chloé Bleinc

Influencer and Founder of @maisondoreejewelry. She posts mostly lifestyle images, but she certainly is very stylish.

french style bloggers

10. Anlya Modest

A modest fashion blogger who stylishly wears a hijab and advocates “be yourself and be proud of who you are!”

black french style blogger

11. Daphné Moreau

Daphné is the fashion and style blogger behind Mode & The City. “Sharing my daily life in Paris, my outfits & favorite things to do.”

french style blogger

12. Camille Charriere

Model and Influencer based in Paris, France. 

french style bloggers

13. Leia Fez

Leia’s style is quintessentially french. Lots of neutral colors year-round (spring, summer, fall, and winter), and lots of basics boldly and interestingly paired. 

french style bloggers

14. Lina OSE

Lina was recently featured in Harper’s Bazaar as 10 French Beauty Influencers to follow. Hardly seen without her red lip, Lina is truly a French girl after our hearts. On top of her #fashioninspo posts, she shares everything beauty, from festival makeup tutorial to her go-to skincare products and favourite perfume with her almost 51,000 followers.

black french style blogger

15. Monica de La Villardière

Monica is a style and fashion influencer who hosts the @fashionnofilter podcast.

french style blogger
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