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This past weekend, I traveled from Miami to Amsterdam. While standing in the TSA security line, I curiously started to wonder about my fellow travelers. Who they may be, or where in the world they may be traveling to.

If I were to make my assumptions based on how they were dressed, I might assume everyone in line was headed to do interval runs in the terminal, or perhaps a 5k marathon directly upon reaching their destination. 

With the exception of a senior gentleman and his wife, every single person was dressed in joggers, yoga pants, hoodies, and running shoes. 

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Quite a few people had on flip flops. Flip flops! Now granted, we’re at Miami International Airport, but we’re miles away from any beach, and all headed to board a freezing cold airplane. Maybe these folks were en route to board a seaplane to the Bahamas where they’d deplane onto a white sand beach. Any other reason folks would wear cut off shorts and flip flops, or proper workout attire to travel leaves me perplexed and a little disheartened.


As much as I travel, I still feel a sense of civic duty to dress for the plane. Which isn’t to say I wear pencil skirts and high heels. But neat, chic, comfortable, and casual (but not too casual) seems like such a no-brainer. No?

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Yes, we all want to be comfortable en route to our destination. But you can be comfortable and cozy for the longest of flights and still look pulled together. And workout clothes, shorts, flip flops is just not the look. And here’s my favorite reason why…


Most will agree that how we dress, is a direct representation of ourselves. But when traveling, you’re not only representing when yourself, you’re also an ambassador for your country. 

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When you arrive at your destination or walk up to the immigration officer in Paris, or Rome, New York, or Mykonos, or anywhere… we have to be accountable for what our personal style says about us as individuals, but also as Americans (or Canadians, or Brits). Don’t be that sloppy American, Canadian, Brit, or anything else for that matter.

A rule of thumb: Don’t wear anything you would feel embarrassed to be wearing if you ran into your boss or your ex. Your in-flight lasagna may look sloppy, but that doesn’t mean you should, too.

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  • Ama says:

    Hi Jenaae! This is post is actually timed perfectly for me. Tomorrow I’m going on a flight to LA and I couldn’t agree more! Of course, it is important to remain comfortable, especially when you’re on a long flight, but you can also look good while doing it as well!

  • Anna Spasova says:

    Comfort is one thing, safety is much more important- in case of emergency, flip flops are your biggest enemy, so is polyester fabrics ( most of the joggers are pure synthetics. )What if there are broken glasses on the floor, or fire, all this polyester clothes will just melt onto your skin, or ruining down the alley in flip flops. People never think of that…

  • Pat says:

    As a flight attendant, I couldn’t agree more! Passengers are way more likely to get a random upgrade if they aren’t wearing yoga pants!

  • Alyssa Hourglass says:

    Yes! I completely agree! The times I’ve been upgraded have always been when I’ve leveled up my clothing. Belk, Macy’s, TJ MAXX & Ross, have t brands at amazingly low prices. Incidentally, once as a student at the time, and returning from Spring Break, (not well dressed that time), I received an upgrade for allowing a Marine in uniform to get my spot, unbeknownst to me at the time, the woman who let us switch times, had a husband in the Marines! Obviously my upgrade was awesome and then some. Clothing matters, and never forget, kindness counts!
    PS: I love your content! 💖

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