Bored at Home? Here Are 99 Productive Things to Do in Your Free Time

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Looking for ideas of productive things to do while you’re bored at home? How about productivity tips or good habits to start?

At the time of this publishing, maybe you’re bored at home during quarantine or the ‘shelter in place’ orders happening around the world amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Maybe you’re bored at home over winter break (heck — Fall, Spring, or even Summer too). Or perhaps you’re just off from work and have found yourself bored silly in your free time at home.

If you’re looking for productive things to do while bored at home — these ideas are perfect for you!

This productivity quote is true not only in the times we’re constructive — working, running errands, or spending time with loved ones. These wise words are true too when we are absolutely bored with seemingly nothing productive to do. 

The truth is, being bored is perfectly normal. But many times when you’re bored at home, the things you choose to do with your free time are left to chance without much thought. What you decide to do with your free time is left to the mercy of your impulses. And it’s oh so easy to fall prey to doing things that aren’t exactly productive — browsing the web, binge-watching Netflix, sleeping, aimlessly scrolling social media. Wasting our valuable finite time on this earth.

Let’s put things into perspective..

Globally, we spend an average of 144 mins — that’s about 2.4 hours per day on social media (and that’s a very modest average for many). That’s 876 hours on social media apps per year. Over the course of a lifetime, that’s well over 5 years and 4 months, estimated in this infographic designed by Mediakix. Not to mention all the other unproductive things we in our free time while bored.

Just imagine what you could accomplish if you were to use all of that time productively. Instead of leaving things to chance, you curate a list of productive things to do while bored at home, productivity tips, and good habits for women to start

You’d then be able to use your free time while bored at home productively and effectively — getting some things that actually add value to your life.

I’ve done the hard work for you!

Productive Things to Do in Your Free Time When Bored at Home.

Wondering what the most productive things to do around the house are? Here are the best productive things to do while bored!

Around the house.

Productive things to do around the house when you’re bored.


1. Feng Shui your furniture and space.

2. Declutter your clothes closet.

3. Sell the nice things you don’t wear anymore on Poshmark. Got designer items? Sell them on Fashionphile!

4. Organize your junk drawer.

5. Wash and clean your make up brushes.

6. Deep clean each room of your home.

7. Wash and vacuum your car.

8. Clean out and restock your fridge and pantry.

9. Declutter your basement or garage.

10. Create a woman cave.

Get organized.

Productive things to do when bored at home to organize yourself.


11. Create a weekly meal plan.

12. Meal prep your breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the week.

13. Start a bullet journal.

14. Create a budget, organize your bills, and get finances in order.

15. Create a debt payoff plan. This is a productive thing to do at home while bored that will pay off big time. Literally.

16. Set some life goals to accomplish.

17. Think about your retirement options.

18. Make a “need to stop doing” list.

19. Plan and schedule your upcoming week.

20. Create a fabulous daily morning routine. Get out this productive daily morning routine for women.

Kick back and relax.

Productive things to do while bored at home that are chill and relaxing.


21. Listen to music and create a new song playlist.

22. Grab and read a good book — check out my favorite recommended books for women. Also don’t miss this limited time offer — get 30 days of unlimited ebooks on any device for free with Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Get Kindle Unlimited for free!

23. Listen to a good audiobook on Audible. Get your first audiobook for free. Get Audible for free!

24. Listen to a cool podcast. Check out two of my favs — This American Life and Serial.

25. Create a self-care routine.

26. Give yourself a deep tissue massage.

27. Give yourself an at-home manicure pedicure.

28. Exfoliate your skin with a DIY natural body scrub.

29. Stretch your body.

30. Meditate and reflect. This productive thing to do at home when bored is oh so good for your mental health.

On the computer and phone.

Productive things to do when bored at home online, on the computer, or on the phone.


31. Organize the files and folders on your computer.

32. Organize the pictures, videos, and apps on your phone.

33. Clean up your email inbox.

34. Update your resume.

35. Update your Linkedin profile online.

36. Browse inspiring ideas on Pinterest.

37. Learn a new something new on Skillshare. Get two months free with Skillshare.

38. Take on online class on Udemy.

39. Get ideas to start a money-making online side hustle at home.

40. Make an Amazon wish list. Check out my favorite things on Amazon here.

Get moving. Get creative.

Productive things to do in your free time when bored home that are physical or creative.


41. Go for a run or a walk.

42. Go for a swim.

43. Sign up for a group workout class.

44. Volunteer at a hospice or nursing home.

45. Dance in the mirror-like no one’s watching.

46. DIY something cool.

47. Start an adult coloring book.

48. Go for a photo walk.

49. Create a vision board.

50. Paint an abstract masterpiece.

More ideas of productive things to do when you’re bored at home.


51. Finish a puzzle.

52. Mail a handwritten letter to someone you love.

53. Print and frame the pictures on your phone that you love.

54. Visit a family member.

55. Facetime a friend.

56. Reach out to an old contact.

57. Invite someone over.

58. Plan and organize your next extended family get-together.

59. Plan and host a fancy dinner party.

60. Plan your next vacation.

61. Research your dream career. How can you make it happen?

62. Make a list of things to do you’re avoiding, then knock them out!

63. Sell some old things and make some extra cash on eBay.

64. Make a trip to your local farmers’ market.

65. Plant herbs on your kitchen windowsill.

66. Watch a TED Talk.

67. Find and learn some new words to add to your vocabulary.

68. Find a club or community you’d like to join on Meetup.

69. Learn some new makeup techniques on Youtube.

70. Start a small garden in your back yard. No yard? How about some potted indoor plants?

71. Watch an informative documentary.

72. Cook something you’ve never cooked before.

73. Spend time with your pet.

74. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

75. Work on a weakness. Wish to be a more effective speaker? Practice speaking in front of the mirror.

76. Make a family scrapbook.

77. Practice some nail art.

78. Create a DIY self-care kit and have an at-home spa day.

79. Learn how to knit or sew something nice for someone.

80. Learn some phrases in a new language.

81. Start a blog. Perhaps one of the best productive things to do while bored at home on this list. Learn more about starting a blog as a profitable online business over on Bombshell Entrepreneur today.

82. Write a poem.

83. Write a love letter.

84. Update your bucket list.

85. Bake your own bread.

86. Make cookies for your neighbor.

87. Create a Birthday or Christmas gift ideas list on Amazon.

88. Check out some business owners who make and sell really cool things on Etsy.

89. Find your Myers Briggs personality type.

90. Design your 5-year life plan.

91. Take a nice nap.

92. Paint an abstract masterpiece.

93. Back up your phone and computer.

94. Network on social media (as opposed to aimlessly scrolling).

95. Start a gratitude journal.

96. Create a how to glow up game plan.

97. Discover your Kibbe Style Type.

98. Curate your style with the Capsule Wardrobe Planner.

99. Read another article on this blog. Surprise me!

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