How To Set Smart Goals For 2020 Like Tony Robbins: 5 RPM Goal Setting Steps

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This Year Set Goals For Yourself (And Crush Them)

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A goal without a plan is just a wish.

The new year is fast approaching and a brand new dazzling decade is upon us. If you haven’t already set goals for yourself, now is a fabulous time to start strategizing your success and goal setting for 2020 and beyond.

But have you wondered how to set goals that are meaningful? How to set goals that will serve you? How to set goals effectively? Or how to set goals and actually achieve them?

The following goal-setting steps are primarily based on Tony Robbins RPM Method (linked below). The acronym RPM standing for Result Planning Method (also known as the Rapid Planning Method). In addition, I’ve sprinkled in some of the goal-setting how to strategies discussed in perhaps what is the greatest personal development books of all time, Success Principles: How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be by Jack Canfield. This book will change your life, (it did mine). Seriously.

With a compilation of goal-setting insights from Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins, I’ve managed to streamline and simplify 5 extraordinarily effective goal setting steps.

You can use these to not only set goals for yourself, but set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable (or attainable), Relevant, and Time-bound) goals for 2020 and beyond.

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This SMART goal-setting approach promises to be a Result-oriented, Purpose-driven, Massive action plan (yet anther acronym for RPM by Tony Robbins).

“RPM planning is a way to maximize the results of your life and maximize your sense of fulfillment and joy. What’s most important to you as an outcome (a result) and why it is important to you (your purpose) will give you the juice to move forward toward realizing your dreams. If you’ve got a strong enough reason and a strong enough purpose, you will figure out how to pull it off.”

Tony Robbins

Think of planning, or goal setting, as creating. Creating with your vision, language, and action. Let’s get creating, shall we? 

How To Effectively Set Life Goals For Yourself & And Achieve Them

Effective goal setting requires a critical sequence. Here are some goal setting tips before you begin.

Practice goal setting at the start of the day. Or when your mind is in an optimal state, as opposed to at the end of the day when your mind may be tired.

Get into a positive mental and physical state. Do this perhaps by powering up some good music, dancing a bit, and getting your mind and body loose. 

Visualize your ideal life. Sit quietly in a comfortable environment where you won’t be disturbed. Then close your eyes and ask your subconscious mind to give you images of what your ideal like could look like if you could have everything exactly as you’d want it. Use the wheel of life to imagine each life category.

Download the goal-setting worksheet excel template. This will help guide you through effective goal setting.

Consider the wheel of life (pictured below). Considering the wheel of life will help make goal setting easy.

Wheel of life categoires
Wheel of Life Categories

Tony Robbins 5 RPM Goal Setting Steps

1. Capture

Clear your mind in the first effective goal setting step by capturing your thoughts in a “brain dump”. Do this by getting all of your goals and desires out of your head and onto paper.

STEP A. Answer goal-setting question #1:

What do you want? (What’s the outcome you’re after? What’s the specific measurable result?)

Don’t limit your goals. You’ll come back to organize these thoughts later. Don’t give too much thought to whats “realistic” or “attainable” now. Whatever comes to your mind, just get it out on paper. 

Get very specific. Each goal should answer “how much” (some measurable quantity). Each goal should be written in a way that someone else would be able to measure it. For example, “I will lose weight” is not nearly as powerful as “I will weigh 135 pounds”.  

STEP B. Answer goal-setting question #2:

Why? (What are my reasons? Why is this not just a “should,” but a must for me? )

The emotional quality of your why or purpose makes what you will do not only sustainable but powerful.

What kind of trigger words really motivate you to reach your goal? What words make you crazy with excitement? What words really make you want to do something? For example, let’s say you want to lose weight not only because you want to feel better and have more energy, but you also want to look better.

Trigger works attached to looking good and fit can be sexy, desirable, knockout, or head-turning. These are the kinds of words that can give you a high level of energy and enthusiasm. Trigger words change your biochemistry and level of energy and are the “juice” behind the action.

STEP C. Answer goal-setting question #3:

By when? (By when do you want to accomplish each goal?)

2. Chunk it Down.

Chunking is how you turn a lot into a little. Looking at a long list of goals can seem overwhelming. But organizing your goals into groups your mind can handle and breaking down large goals into smaller tasks you can achieve one at a time, is how big goals get accomplished. 

STEP D. Use the wheel of life categories to organize the goals you captured in STEPS A-C into life categories.

STEP E. Use the wheel of life categories to continue pondering goal-setting questions #1, #2, and #3 from STEPS A-C. Continue capturing more goals in the appropriate life categories.

STEP F. Prioritize your goals in order of importance to you.

Because realistically, you just can’t do everything at once. Focus on too many things at once is a recipe for failure. So focus on just a few of your highest priority goals at a time. As you accomplish them or begin to accomplish them, you can continue moving up up your current/relevant goals.

STEP G. Mapping. Answer goal-setting question #4 in great detail for your highest priority goals:

How will you get there? How will you leverage getting there?

Mind mapping is a simple yet powerful process for creating a detailed to-do list for achieving your goal. In mind mapping, you’re going to map out the following questions.

STEP H. Turn each goal into actionable daily, weekly, and monthly steps.

Goal setting worksheet
Goal setting mapping worksheet.

3. Commit & Schedule

Once you’ve completed a mind map of your goal, convert all of the actionable to-do items into a daily action item by listing each one on your bullet journal (learn more about this fabulous daily productivity technique) or daily agenda and committing to a completion date for each one. 

STEP I. Schedule them in the appropriate order into your calendar and do whatever it takes to stay on schedule. 

4. Complete & Achieve 

A valuable tool that will help keep you focused on achieving your goal is the Achievers Focusing System developed by Les Hewitt. It’s a printable worksheet you can use to plan and hold yourself accountable for 13 weeks of goals and action steps. 

5. Celebrate your wins!

Why is it important to celebrate your victories? According to Tony Robbins, because its what gives you the energy to go for more! So, celebrate the breakthroughs and magic moments.

Tell us in the comments, what goals are you setting for the upcoming year, month, or week?


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Jack Canfield Book Success Principles: How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be.

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