5 Step Goal Setting Worksheet Template For Setting Powerfully Smart Goals 2020

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Looking for a goal setting worksheet to help you set extraordinary goals (and totally crush them)?

How many times have you wanted to set goals for yourself, but had no idea where to start? You know that goal setting is extremely important to achieving anything in life, but you feel confused as to how to set goals most effectively.

Do you just jot down a long list of dreams and desires then hope for the best? Of course not!

To set goals effectively, you need to contemplate not just what you want in life but exactly step by step the following goals setting questions.

  • What is the specific outcome or result in you’re after?
  • Why do you want to accomplish this goal?
  • By when do you need to accomplish this goal?
  • And how do you intend on accomplishing this goal?

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If only you had a goal-setting guide to help you.

What is a Goal Setting Worksheet?

A goal setting worksheet is a template to help keep you focused on answering the right question that will help you unlock what steps you need to take to accomplish your goals for 2020 and beyond.

Why You Need a Goal Setting Worksheet?

A goal setting worksheet will help make the goal-setting process much more simple. A goals setting worksheet will help guide you through goal setting step by step.

5 Step Goal Setting RPM Method

The following goal-setting steps and accompanying goals setting worksheet is primarily based on the 5 Step Tony Robbins RPM Method.

The acronym RPM standing for Result Planning Method (also known as the Rapid Planning Method). In addition, we’ve sprinkled in some of the goal-setting how to strategies discussed in Jack Canfield’s book Success Principles: How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be.

What are the 5 RPM Goal Setting Steps?

A quick rundown of the RPM goal setting steps is numbered just below. Learn more about the RPM goal setting steps in How To Set Smart Goals For 2020 Like Tony Robbins: 5 RPM Goal Setting Steps.

  1. Capture
  2. Chunk it down
  3. Commit and Schedule
  4. Complete and Achieve
  5. Celebrate

Goal Setting Worksheet Downloads

Download the free accompanying RPM inspired smart goals setting worksheets at the links below. Download the free goals setting excel template and fill on your computer. Likewise, fill out the pdf version on your computer or make it a printable exercise, and fill out on paper.

Goal Setting Worksheet Template

Goal Setting Worksheet Template Excel

Goal Setting Worksheet PDF

Goal Setting Worksheet PDF

Tell us in the comments! Was this goal setting worksheet helpful? What are some other resources books or articles that have helped you with goal setting for 2020 and beyond?


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