Create A Digital Vision: How to Make A Vision Board Online (Without Magazines)

how to make a vision board online

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Want to create a digital vision board without magazines, mess or hassle? Perhaps you want to create a vision board online — on your phone using an app like Pinterest, Instagram, Canva, or Picmoney.

In this guide, you’ll discover how to create an easy to make, beautiful, and powerful vision board online (using your phone or computer).

But first, the power of vision boards…

The year 1987, the city Los Angeles. Down on his luck, a struggling actor sat overlooking the skyline in his beat-up old Toyota. In desperate need of motivation, a brilliant gust of inspiration came to him in those moments. He would write himself a check.

“I put it in my wallet, and I kept there. It deteriorated and deteriorated. But then just before Thanksgiving Day 1995, I found out I was going to make ten million dollars with Dumb and Dumber.”

– Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is one of many who attribute their success, in part, to the power of visualization. It’s no secret that stars like Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, and Ellen DeGeneres swear by their vision boards.

You can create your own simple version of a vision board online with your phone or computer. It’s called a digital vision board.

So what is a digital vision board anyway?

A digital vision board or virtual vision board is a curated digital collection of inspirational visual elements.

To help give you a visual example check out these beautities displaying their vision board ideas below.

Here’s another creative and easy idea of how to create a digital vision board below.

A vision board helps paint a clear picture of your life goals. A vision board helps keep your attention and subconscious mind laser-focused on those goals.

If you’d like, see an example of my digital vision board HERE.

As you can see from the featured examples, there is no “best way” to create a digital vision board. Use these crafty examples as ideas to inspire your own creativity.

Unlike a traditional vision board, a digital vision board or virtual vision board is more easily accessible via your phone or computer with apps like Pinterest, Instagram, or a media file such as a JPG or PDF.

It’s also a great idea to use printed digital images for your physical vision board, should you decide to make one.  

What should you put on your vision board?

Or in other words, wondering what categories should your vision board have?

Your vision board should include categories from a variety of life areas. Vision board categories may include your values, mind, body, emotions, career goals, financial goals, dream home, and/or relationships. 

Ask yourself, what do I want to do in life? What do I want to have? Who do I want to be?

For my vision board categories, for example, I use the 8 Feng Shui Bagua Areas. Each of the 8 Feng Shui Bagua areas connect to a feng shui element, direction, color, as well as area of life.

  1. Career – Purpose and calling, your path in life
  2. Knowledge – Skills, knowledge, and self-development
  3. Family – Where you came from, new beginnings
  4. Wealth – Abundance, prosperity and wealth
  5. Fame – Recognition and accomplishment
  6. Partnership – Intimate relationships, marriage, and love
  7. Children – Children, a creative outlet, and completion
  8. Helpful People – Synchronicity, the right opportunities

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categories for vision board

How To Make a Vision Board Online

All right! Are you ready to learn how to make a digital vision board online (and without magazines or mess)? Here’s how a created mine using Canva — and pictures from Pinterest and Instagram using my phone.

Creating a Digital Vision Board

Here’s what you’ll need to create a vision board online.

  • Computer (or your phone).
  • Inspiring Photos — you can use pictures from your phone, Pinterest, or Instagram (since we’re doing this without magazines).
  • Canva or PicMonkey.

Step 1: Curate collection

how to make a digital vision board

Curate a collection of inspiring photos for your vision board.

The best apps to create a digital vision board I’ve found to be Pinterest, Instagram, Canva, and Picmonkey. I collected photos from my various Pinterest boards, Instagram Collections, and saved photos on my iPhone and computer.

Step 2: Create a canvas in Canva

how to make a vision board online

In Canva, create the canvas for your digital vision board. This is where you will insert your image blocks later. Each block representing a life category.

I wanted a vision board formatted for Pinterest. The best dimensions for Pinterest are 736 px wide x X px long. Additionally, Canva allows you to create graphics up to 5000 px long. My board for example is 736 px x 5000 px.

Step 3: Create image blocks

how to make a vision board online

In Canva create blocks to represent each aspect of your life. You will later fill these blocks into your digital vision board canvas.

I choose to create 8 blocks for my vision board categories. Each block representing an area of my life. I used the Canva templates to format my image blocks.

In order for my 8 blocks to fit within my canvas dimensions, I had to do some math. I decided to create square blocks with dimensions of 500 x 500 px. Because my canvas was 736px wide, this left some white space around the blocks, which I quite like.

Step 4: Fill in blocks

how to create a digital vision board

Fill image blocks with the photos you curated in Step 1.

Step 5: Download then re-upload image blocks

vision board

Download your blocks then re-upload them into Canva.

Step 6: Fill canvas with image blocks

how to make a vision board vision board without magazines

Fill in your digital vision board canvas with the uploaded image blocks. Align and format to your liking.

I also added inspirational words that I like. Add quotes, positive words, and/or affirmations as you wish. Get creative.

Be mindful of the dimensions of your canvas and elements to ensure everything will fit properly. If you mess up the dimensions (as I did), you will create more work for yourself.

Step 7: Visualize baby!

Et voila! Download your new digital vision board, save somewhere you can easily access often, and start visualizing!

Mine is saved to my laptop which I review during my daily morning routine, as well as my Pinterest board.

More Vision Board Ideas

You now know how to create a vision board online using your phone or computer, Canva or Picmonkey, and Instagram or Pinterest (or any digital pictures).

Adjust your vision board’s dimensions to fit your computer wallpaper, iPhone wallpaper, or any other device.

Here are some other lovely examples of vision board ideas: Digital Vision Board Example 1 and Digital Vision Board Example 2.

If you’re ever feeling crafty, you can easily print images from your curated collection, print your image blocks, or print your entire vision board for a physical vision board.

Additionally, as your goals begin to manifest, and you create new ones, you can easily modify your digital vision board.

Creating a vision board was a really fun experience for me. I enjoyed the process of collecting beautiful images as inspiration. Knowing which categories I wanted in advance, was very helpful. 

What categories will you use to create your digital vision boards? Share with fellow Bombshells in our private Facebook group.

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