Powerful Life Lessons Learned in the Last Decade by Some Pretty Awesome Women

Life lessons for women

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Throughout our lives, we endure so many varying experiences. Experiences we perceive as good or bad. Successes or failures. And ups or downs. But what sets an extraordinary woman apart, are the lessons she consciously chooses to take from these experiences. 

For an extraordinary woman, life is truly a continuous learning experience. And she learns not only from her own life experiences but may choose to also learn from the experiences and mistakes (so she doesn’t have to make the same ones) of others. 

As we embark upon a new decade, now is the time many of us set goals and resolutions. But as we look forward to the future, it’s also super important that we take the time to reflect on the experiences and lessons that we’ve learned in the past.  

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I recently spent some time reflecting on my own experiences from the last decade, 2010-2019. I was also curious to learn of the experiences and lessons of other women. And so I asked. I asked friends, family, colleagues, and sent an email to our readers inquiring a single question. What has been the most impactful lesson you’ve learned in the past 10 years?

In no particular here is what I uncovered.

✨ Jenaae Jackson, 29, NYC

✨Love Always Jay, 32, Miami

✨Katharina, 23

✨Elaine Sir, Blogger at elainesir.com

✨Victoria, 29, Leesburg

✨Cynthia M.

✨Lesa Gayle, Dubai


✨Alexia Adana, 29 NYC

✨Amy Odell, Editor at Cosmopolitan

✨Liz Lamkin, Writer at Madame Noire

✨Luminita D. Saviuc, Blogger at Purpose Fairy

✨Rhumi Maher, 36, NYC

It’s always worthwhile to reflect on our past experiences and extract the lessons we have gained.

We hope these powerful lessons learned by these fabulous women inspire your own journey in some way.


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