21 Websites Like Wayfair For Affordable Furniture & Décor

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If you are an avid online shopper and love to interior decorate your home, then it’s safe to say you’ve heard of websites like Wayfair. While an amazing one-stop-shop for all home décor and furniture, it’s not the cheapest of online stores.

Let’s face it, we all love to shop, and what do we love even more than shopping? A Bargain. Nothing is more exciting than finding the best deal for your online purchases.

Read on to find out a little more about America’s favorite home furnishing website before featuring our favorite stores like Wayfair below.

The Basics Of Wayfair

Founded in 2002, Wayfair is an online website specializing in various home decor and furniture options for the home, office, and outdoor living areas.

While located in Boston, Massachusetts, Wayfair also has offices in Germany, Ireland, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Wayfair has branched off in its creation of sister websites that include: 

While studies have shown that women make up about 95% of all home décor purchasing decisions, Wayfair’s target demographic is women between 45-55 years.

Currently, Wayfair ships anywhere within the United States but for international shipping, it is only available within the international sites,

Other than being an online-only retailer, one other unique component that Wayfair recently added to their website is the Design Services Program that lets customers schedule a virtual appointment with an interior designer.

This added feature includes two packages, the Lite Service is $79 for a one-room project, while the Classic Service is $149. The Design Services option provides customers who may struggle to incorporate their personal style within their space a professional perspective from some of the top interior designers Wayfair offers. 

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With over 10 million items available, customers can also enjoy access to their favorite online retailer via the Wayfair mobile app. This streamlined and straightforward application is available for Apple and Android users and allows buyers to swipe leisurely through the latest inventory, sales, and upcoming events while taking the train to work or waiting in the school drop here into the off lane. 

21 Home Decor Websites Like Wayfair

With all of the features this company has to offer, it is easy to see why Wayfair is one of the top online retail websites for  home decor and furniture. However, when it comes to prices it may not be the top in affordability.

If Wayfair doesn’t fit your budget or you’re just looking for something similar to their inventory then keep reading to discover 21 websites like Wayfair for affordable furniture and home décor. 

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1. Overstock: Shop Overstock 


Unless you live under a rock, chances are you have heard of this next site like Wayfair, Overstock.com. Known as one of the largest close-out retail online stores providing customers with rugs, furniture, bed/bath, kitchen/dining, outdoor furniture, and home décor at low prices. Shipping is available in all states, excluding Alaska and Hawaii, and international shipping includes over 180 countries. Like Wayfair but cheaper, this website offers its customers a money-back guarantee and a loyalty program that includes a five percent cashback bonus on all items after they have shipped. As an added bonus, customers can also get additional rewards for each item they leave a review for. 

2. World Market: Shop World Market


Located in Alameda, California, World Market is a website similar to Wayfair as it offers discount retail merchandise. The difference with WorldMarket is within its name; all of the items on sale are imported from retailers worldwide. With 258 stores, WorldMarket boasts about the accessibility and affordability of its unique home decor and furniture options for anyone desiring to lavish their homes with sustainable products. While WorldMarket does offer to ship to all US states and territories, shipping at this time does exclude Hawaii, Alaska, and international countries. 

3. Amazon: Shop Amazon


We can’t have an article about websites like Wayfair without mentioning the tried and true Amazon retailer. With the ability to ship almost anywhere in the world, an impeccable refund policy, a plethora of rewards and discount options, and never to be underrated next day delivery option, Amazon is, without a doubt, one of the best websites similar to Wayfair available for affordable home décor and furniture. 

4. Joss & Main: Shop Joss & Main


The second of the Wayfair sister websites, Joss and Main, is a members-only shopping service. The My Way membership is an annual fee of $29.99 that offers exclusive discounts, rewards, and sales to all that join. Unlike Wayfair, the basis behind Joss and Main is window-shopping from home using either a computer or mobile app to inspire home design ideas or casually browse what’s new in stock. 

5. Crate & Barrel: Shop Crate & Barrel


With small stores located around the US and Canada, Crate and Barrel are known for their high-quality direct imports from countries such as Europe, Mexico, India, and Thailand in all of their stores. Crate and Barrel take pride in the large inventory of unique housewares that customers won’t find in most other stores. Their rustic style and emphasis on sustainable materials are what skyrocketed this higher-end version store similar to Wayfair into the success they still enjoy even today, almost 60 years later. 

6. Candice Luter: Shop Candice Luter Website | Shop Candice Luter on Etsy


Winner of Etsy’s 2020 Designer Award, this black, female-owned shop gives all the hip and modern vibes to turn your bland home into a chic oasis. Candice Luter’s shop is a fantastic alternative to a website like Wayfair with her custom-made wood and fiber art, unique mirrors, home accessories, and wall décor that blends her personal style of mid-century modern and minimalism. As part of her design philosophy, Candice’s inspiration stems from sourcing, recreating, and salvaging items around her while emphasizing light, texture, and neutral colors in her products. 

7. Jungalow: Shop Jungalow


Another black female-owned website similar to Wayfair is Justina Blakeney’s shop named Jungalow. If this name sounds familiar, it is because it is a branch off from this creator’s lifestyle blog of the same title. With a focus on pattern on pattern, botanical inspirations, hints of tropical accents, and the use of rattan, this store is chock full of color and high vibrations that are bound to turn anyone’s home into their Bohemian dream space. As a bonus, customers have an opportunity to join Jungalows Rewards Club for discounts, coupons, and earn JungaLoco Coins that turn into additional rewards, on top of an excellent refund/return policy and international shipping options.

8. Bed, Bath and Beyond: Shop Bed, Bath & Beyond 


Another fan favorite and everyone knows, Bed, Bath and Beyond, claims its rightful spot as one of the stores like Wayfair for home décor and furniture. While not known firsthand for being on the lower end of the price range, Bed, Bath and Beyond are popular for their many discount codes, coupons, and customer reward programs. Other than Walmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond is the only other website mentioned thus far that also has brick and mortar stores as well as being online. With purchases over 39$, customers can enjoy free shipping, upgrade to the 29$ yearly membership, and you can also top with standard free shipping and a 20% discount on the entire purchase.

9. West Elm: Shop WestElm


Branding from Williams and Sonoma, West Elm is an eco-friendly furniture and decor retailer known for its indoor and outdoor sustainable home décor and furnishings. According to the company’s website, collaboration and designs are created by a team of in-house designers, artists, and independent contractors found locally and internationally. West Elm, unlike Wayfair, offers customers one-of-a-kind, handmade items found from around the world. With over 100 locations, West Elm states all its retail items are ethically-sourced, and Fair Trade Certified. 

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Similar to websites like Wayfair, West Elm offers free shipping on select items; other options are pick up in-store, next-day delivery (additional cost), and unlimited flat rate shipping.

10. All Modern: Shop All Modern


The first of the three sister branches of WayFair, All Modern made a name for itself with its Scandinavian, farmhouse, minimalist, mid-century, and contemporary modern home décor and furniture online only product options. All modern does offer international shipping, same as Wayfair using its international website links. Free shipping, standard rate shipping, and member-only shipping rates apply to most items on the site.  

11. Black Home: Shop Black Home


Celebrating designers, artists, and creators of color, this new home décor store located in Newark, NJ, and online website sells products that are 90% sourced by makers of color. With vintage furniture, aesthetically pleasing accessories, and stunning artwork, founder Neffi Walker’s mission statement is to “reclaim the definition of black into a celebration for new beginnings.” With plenty of sale items, discounts, and an acceptable return/refund policy, customers can purchase beautiful items for their homes and feel good about honoring and supporting people of color and their contributions to the world of interior design. 

12. Pier 1 Imports: Shop Pier 1


No longer a brick and mortar retail store, Pier 1  is solely an online e-commerce store as of February 2020. This store like Wayfair, Pier 1, specializes in imported indoor/outdoor furniture, accessories, and seasonal décor. While Pier 1 is at the top of the price range, it still offers affordable prices for the quality of products they offer. Most famous for being quirky meets hippie, Pier 1’s style quickly became popular with its versatile pillows, throws, funky vases, and unique rugs. Shipping is free only with purchases over $99, and while it does include all US states, Alaska and Hawaii, it does not provide international shipping options. 

13. TJMaxx: Shop TJ Maxx


This store like Wayfair is small but mighty, TJ Maxx, while not the grandest of options for home décor and furniture, is the biggest on sales, discounts, and some of the cutest items to lavish your home. While this brand does offer an online store, nothing beats an afternoon spent rummaging around the actual store with a pumpkin spiced something in hand. TJ Maxx guarantees you will leave with items you never even knew you needed but now can’t imagine life without. Even more exciting is reaching the register to find out that the already red-tagged discount sticker of 10 dollars is actually three dollars! 

14. Zulily: Shop Zulily 


With a target audience described as modern, young, and tech-savvy, Zulily advertises unique products and brands intended for mothers. An added incentive for Zulily shoppers is its guarantee price match to many products found for less on Amazon and Walmart. This site does not offer a wide range of furniture but does give customers cute and quirky items to decorate the home, office, and outdoor living areas. Shipping is unique as Zulily products are not housed in a warehouse but instead shipped in bulk once ordered from brand partners for a discounted price.  

15. Pottery Barn: Shop Pottery Barn


Another branch off from Williams and Sonoma, with stores in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Australia, Pottery Barn is recognized as an upscale home décor and furniture store with online and brick-and-mortar shopping options. According to the company’s website, Pottery Barn’s mission statement is that exceptional comfort, quality, and value should be the cornerstone of all home furnishings. With higher price tag prices, customers are guaranteed products meant to last years of use and an exceptional refund policy if items are damaged or unsatisfactory. 

16. Hayneedle: Shop Hayneedle 


Owned by Walmart, Hayneedle is an online discounted furniture storefront with a focus on providing customers on a budget with beautiful home furnishings without breaking the bank. Like the website Wayfair, Hayneedle sells items for the office, storage, pets, bed/bath, kitchen/dining, and even home improvement. Some of the site’s most popular products include rugs, bar stools, outdoor furniture, and accent chairs. Free shipping is offered to only 48 of the US states, while additional fees may occur with shipments to US Territories, Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada. 

17. The Inside: Shop The Inside 


This website is an alternative to Wayfair as it emphasizes furniture creation on-demand to lessen waste. Created by two female entrepreneurs, COO Britt Bunn and former Creative Director of Wayfair now CEO of The Inside, Christiane Lemieux, combine their passion for furniture that creates a minimal impact on the environment and flair for design to build custom home furnishings. Customers can enjoy discounts off orders over $299 in addition to a white glove delivery option and shipping based on order total, not weight. 

18. Walmart: Shop Walmart


When you think of home décor and furniture, Walmart may not be one of the first stores like Wayfair that pops into your mind, but hear me out. With free shipping of over 35$, same-day pick-up in-store options, and a 30-day refund policy, it’s easy to see why Walmart is a good option for our websites cheaper than Wayfair list. 

Walmart offers an array of interior options for anyone on a budget, for example, a college student, first-time home buyer/renter, and just anyone looking to save a buck while still managing to decorate their space (s) with pizazz. Walmart’s home décor prices start at five dollars and up while furniture prices range between 20-and up. Yea, we see you clicking that hyperlink now!

19. The Citizenry: Shop The Citizenry


Another female found and owned home décor and furniture website, The Citizenry, based on 100% handcrafted pieces from designers worldwide, with 10% of all purchase proceeds being recycled back into artisan communities. This company boasts in its philosophy statement the affordability, high-quality materials, and unique handmade goods are sold directly to the customer online from their travels around the country using local artisans. Products include bed/bath, textiles, accessories, rugs, and so much more. All orders within the US are free shipping, international shipping is available, and customers can try out their items with a 30-day return/refund policy. 

More Websites Like Wayfair & Stores Like Wayfair

Because 19 slots just wern’t enough, here are a few more of our favorite websites like wayfair and stores like wayfair for afforable furniture and home decor.

20. AptDeco: Shop AptDeco


This online marketplace allows buyers and sellers to list and purchase furniture without the worry of traditional marketplace hassles such as dealing with strangers, shipping/scheduling issues, and payment mishaps. AptDeco provides a safe and secure online storefront to customers to list new and used items, and then the rest is handled by customer care employees. With a money-back guarantee, return/cancellation policy, and a three-tier shipping cost breakdown, it is easy to see why customers rate AptDeco four point five out of five stars. 

21. HomeGoods: Shop HomeGoods


We could not end an article about websites like Wayfair without mentioning the best Sunday afternoon pastime in all the lands, HomeGoods. If you have yet to experience the essence of joy that a trip to HomeGoods creates, you need to type it into Waze and start driving immediately! It is the mecca of all the things home décor and furnishings; it is TJ Maxx with three extra pumps of pumpkin spice in your latte; it is all 20 other mentioned websites baked together into a beautiful pie of pure bliss. If you can think of it, they sell it at the lowest prices anywhere in comparison. HomeGoods offers a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy for in-store purchases with receipt, while online shoppers can enjoy the same with added free shipping for totals over 35$. Does it get any better? I don’t think so, friends.


When it comes down to the nitty gritty of shopping for all things home décor and furniture, while price does play a significant factor, the more important aspect is how these design choices represent the energy that is your unique thumbprint. While each of these websites is amazing in its own right, they can only do the same for your space if what they are offering matches the vision you have for your home.

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