21 Tiny Patio Decor Ideas For Apartment Living: Apartment Hacks for Decorating

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Spending time outside with fresh air and sunshine is a little luxury that everyone deserves. And if you live in a small place or a tiny apartment, outdoor space can feel especially luxurious.

While you may not have acres of land in your backyard, there’s no reason why you can make your tiny patio or balcony space a perfectly fabulous outdoor oasis to enjoy during the warmer months (or if you’re lucky enough to live someplace sunny, year-round.)

To help inspire your staycation space, here are 21 balcony decor or patio decor ideas for a small outdoor space.

1. Oh so shady.

2. Keep colors neutral and cool.

3. Transform your railing into a breakfast bar.


4. Or transform your railing into a hanging garden.

5. Make it perfectly cozy for a cat nap.


6. Or make it simply a space to catch some sun.


7. Who needs furniture anyway?


8. Black and white.


9. Add some textured elements.


10. Add a plant or two.


11. Or make it a plant mama oasis.


12. Loving this DIY daybed.


13. Another creative way to add patio furniture without splurging.


14. A canopy is always a good idea.


15. String lights too.


16. A cozy reading nook, eh?


17. Some pops of color.


18. Simply minimal.

19. Perfect for a party โ€” of two.


20. In love ๐Ÿ˜.


21. Check out the little fire pit. ๐Ÿ”ฅ


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