My Weekly Routine Schedule + How to Create A Productive Weekly Routine

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When was the last time you took a look at your weekly routine schedule? If you’ve been feeling less than productive, there’s a good chance it’s time to create a weekly routine that actually works for you.

In this guide, I’m going to share with you a fabulous weekly routine example — my own weekly routine schedule.

At the core of my weekly routine is self-care, wellness, productivity, and a well-organized life. This weekly routine is perfect for women bosses, bombshell entrepreneurs, and working moms alike.

I continuously review, measure effectiveness, and adjust my weekly routine schedule accordingly to suit and serve my busy life. Love my weekly routine? Feel free to take ideas to implement in your own weekly routine.

Tips for Creating a Productive Weekly Routine Schedule

  • When something is out of sight, it’s easy to fall out of mind as well. As a proactive measure, it’s wise to print your weekly routine checklist and have it somewhere you can easily reference daily.
  • The only way a weekly routine (or any routine for that matter) will work for you, is if you work the weekly routine.
  • Review your weekly routine on a regular basis and revise it as necessary.

Weekly Routine Schedule for Wellness, Productivity, and an Organized Life

Just as you and I are growing and evolving, so should your weekly routine. Below you will find an example of my weekly routine as it works best for me, my schedule, and my goals.

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The most important thing is that the tasks align with your long-term goals and move you forward towards accomplishing them. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Mindful Monday

Monday has a bad reputation, and undeservingly so. But it doesn’t have to be the hectic, sanity draining day many make it. After all, it’s just another day of the week right?

Ok, who am I kidding? After a relaxing (or crazy-ass) weekend, Monday sometimes can be a pain in the bum, I get it. For this reason, Monday’s for me are intentionally dedicated to mindfulness.

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Mindfulness to me means ensuring my mindset is in tip-top shape to combat the coming week. To accomplish this, meditation is my weapon of choice. Just 15 mins of meditation and centering your self, really can do wonders.

Getting your mind, body, and spirit in line with your spiritual values and goal also just feels really good.

Toilette Tuesday

I have a certain fondness for all things French. The word Toilette comes from the French word meaning the process of washing oneself, dressing, and attending to one’s appearance.

French women take the time to indulge in the practice of regularly taking care of themselves — skin, hair, and body care. Additionally, these regimes are not pesky chores of another daily task, but instead, are essential and are a positive feminine benefit.

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What makes the weekly toilette different from the daily toilette, is that it’s a bit more in-depth. My weekly toilette includes washing my hair ( no I don’t wash my hair every day, and neither should most women ), grooming my eyebrows, applying a facial mask, etc.

Those little maintenance things that need to be done from regularly to keep your body lovely and scrumptious in all your femininity.

Wash Wednesday

Humpday is the perfect day for cleaning. Because, well, why not?

Time to pull out that feather duster, mop, broom, and vacuum. Wednesdays are when I clean and organize the house, office space, computer, and other frequented spaces.

Thoughtful Thursday

This is the day I have reserved as a reminder to do something thoughtful for someone else. Of course, throughout the week, I try to remember to do this. Putting this on my agenda, however, ensures it doesn’t slip away from me.

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This, much like taking care of myself is very important to me. Thinking of others and nurturing my relationships with loved ones.

Thursdays are a day I may write and send my mother a handwritten letter by post. Or offer my boyfriend a full body massage. If I’m out running errands, this helps me to be extra aware of others.

As I said, of course, be a good person regardless of the day of the week. This just helps to keep this top of mind.

It’s Finally Friday

Just like any well-run machine, continuous maintenance, care and attention are paramount for effectiveness and longevity.

Fridays are set aside for reviewing the week’s events. Reflecting on the following questions helps to put things into perspective. What could I have done differently? How can I improve for next week? What goals need to be added, revised, or checked off the list?

Shopping Saturday

In big cities and small towns alike, Saturdays are usually when the local craft markets and organic fresh food markets are buzzing with life. For that reason, I love getting shopping and errands done on a Saturday morning.

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This fits in well with my personal schedule. And if I can help it, I like to meal plan for the week and get the groceries done in one shot.

On Saturdays, I also love to read. I enjoy reading about all things fashion, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, marketing.. all the things that make me better able to help and communicate with readers here on this blog.

Super Soul Sunday/Sunday Funday

This is a leisure day, that is dedicated really to whatever you want. Take this time to do something you love. I especially enjoy learning new things. On this day I can delve deep into perhaps a movie or a book to learn about something new.

More Weekly Routine Ideas. Insert activities as desired

Here are some goal-oriented ideas that you may consider to insert in your own routine accordingly.

  • World news review

If you enjoy keeping up with world news, you can be dedicated a day towards this.

  •  Writing block time

For fellow writers, bloggers, or content creators, blocking time to produce content is especially helpful. Personally, these blocks are a part of my work agenda rather than my personal weekly routine. The point is, schedule it!

  • Dining Out

If you’re a foodie like me you can block a specific day of the week to dine out and try a new restaurant. Growing up, my mom and I dined out every single Saturday evening after church. Its a ritual I’ve always admired and implement more weekly still, but as I like the days to vary as other social plans fill and vary the overall agenda, I move the day around, rather than one specific day. Whatever works for your schedule, and goals.

  • Entertaining Guests
  • Partying/Going to Bar
  • Miscellaneous Social Activity
  • Work Social/Networking Activity

Making Your Weekly Routine Successful

I believe your days should be designated based on your personal goals — whether implemented in a daily, weekly, or monthly routine. Additionally, your goals should definitely be implemented on a very regular basis.

What’s on your weekly routine agenda? Comment some ideas down below!

  • Aja says:

    Ever since learning more about my menstrual/moon cycle (“mens” meaning “moon” – hence “moon cycle”), I have implemented “Moon Days” on Mondays lol. On Mondays (as well as during my period) I make sure I am replenishing my blood supply via a natural iron supplement (like Floradix or Blood Builder), by consuming a green juice and/or smoothie (which contains loads of iron replenishing greens, as well as Vitamin C to help the iron absorb better) and sometimes by mixing molasses into my warm breakfasts (like oatmeal)!

    And because I’ve experienced major benefits by vaginal steaming (, I also make sure to steam on Mondays as well, that way, by steaming once a week, I am receiving herbal properties throughout out my entire cycle (Pre Ovulation, Ovulation and Luteal Phases).

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