What Does 1111 Mean And Why You Keep Seeing It Everywhere

what does 1111 mean

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Ever look up at the clock and see the repeating numbers 11:11? Does 1111 seem to follow you around, whether on a receipt, license plates, phone number, or random signs? After a while, you begin to wonder — what does 1111 mean? Is someone or something trying to communicate with you?

Most people believe that someone or something in the Universe may be nudging you to pay attention — kind of like that weird ringing sound you get in your ear sometimes (I know I’m not the only one). Yup, that too is a gentle tap on the shoulder saying, “Hey you, pay attention.” 

But what exactly is it we are supposed to be paying attention to? What is the meaning of 1111 and numbers in general? And why do I keep seeing 1111 everywhere you go? 

I was curious to find out myself. So I connected with a numerology aficionado, Crystal, to find out precisely the meaning of 1111 and what is the secret message the Universe might be trying to tell you in this ultimate guide. Here’s all the insight she gave me

Numerology, Astrology, And Interpreting The Meaning of 1111

To first understand numbers, we must dive a little into the world of Numerology and Astrology.

Astrology is the study of planets and how their movement affects everything all around us, while Numerology studies numbers and how their meanings affect our lives. 

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Numerologists believe every digit vibrates at different energies, both good and bad. These vibrations are what signifies their meanings. With this information, Astrologists have assigned numbers one to nine to a correlating planet, Sun or Moon, and associate them with a particular astrological sign. 

For example:

  • 1 is the Sun, the zodiac sign of  Leo, fire suit in tarot
  • 2 is the Moon, zodiac signs of Pisces, or Cancer, water suit in tarot
  • 3 is Jupiter, the zodiac sign of Sagittarius earth suit in tarot
  • 4 is Uranus, the zodiac sign of Aquarius air suit in tarot

Each planet is connected to personality traits and aspects of our lives such as home, love, and finances. Depending on how the planets are moving impacts what particular messages the numbers are trying to teach you. 

Here’s a brief explanation to help you see the bigger picture:

  1. You are struggling to decide whether or not you should leave your current job to pursue freelance writing full-time. 
  2. It just so happens to be the Full Moon in Taurus with a partial eclipse. 
  3. The Moon is the planet of our deep personal needs but also ruled by Cancer which is about home life, and Taurus is an Earth sign representing the bull and governs, among other things, money. 
  4. The Sun, which is the planet of expression, is in Leo, which governs strength.
  5. You keep seeing 1111, 11:11, and 111 seems like every time you open your eyes. 

Ok, so now let’s break that down how I might interpret this.

Numerology tells us that 1111 meaning is a call to action; the full moon partial eclipse in Taurus is the energy calling you to change how you express yourself and the need to push forward in your career and home life.

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The Sun in Leo says you have the strength to make a change in how you express your true self through your work. The Sun in Tarot is the yes card in the deck, and one is all about new beginnings.

So if we take the placement of the Sun, Moon, and the numerology 1111 meaning, you can interpret that the Universe is trying to tell you YES, follow your heart and take that leap! 

Numerology and Birth Charts

To better understand you, it is essential to take a look into your birth chart using the Numerology given to you at birth. Your birthday, time of birth, and even the coordinates of the place you were born are all your unique Numerology that make up your Astrology. 

A great site to get a free birth chart is Café Astrology. For the most accurate insight, you will need your exact time of birth and birthplace. 

Some believe that Numerology is the number version of Astrology as they work together to understand an individual’s life path and purpose. Understanding Numerology and Astrology is a great asset to the interpretation of repeating numbers, such as the 1111 meaning. 

You could easily just as well Google the 1111 meaning and find a generic version, but how exciting would it be to truly communicate with the Universe and deeply connect to the personal message it is trying to show you.

Numerology, Astrology, And Tarot Connection 

If you want a little more depth to your number meanings, a great addition to your daily practice can be tarot or oracle card pulls.

As seen above, it is easy to recognize how all three practices are connected to one another and gain a deeper understanding of spirituality. 

Oracle cards are typically pictures, symbols, and written messages on the cards and an easier alternative to receiving messages as they are pre-written on each card. Tarot cards, on the other hand, require a bit more learning to interpret messages.

The original tarot deck includes 78 cards that are divided into two sections called Major and Minor Arcanas. All of the arcana deal with life’s big themes like career, relationships, finances, and the self.

These are numbered zero to 21 and include cards such as:

  • The Fool – Number zero, take a leap of faith
  • The Moon – Number 2, things that are hidden
  • The Sun – Number 3, the yes card
  • High Priestess – Number 11, intuition and wisdom (11-not a coincidence) 
  • Death- Number 13, transformation and endings
  • Judgment- number 20, awakening, decision making 

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I love this complete deck of 78 tarot cards in the traditional tarot format, with numbered cards and suits for the major and minor arcana.

The Minor Arcana are suit cards from one to ten with four face cards for each suit. So you have the cups (water), wands (fire), swords (air), and pentacles (earth) and their matching Page, Knight, Queen, and King. 

Let’s do a random pull example for the basis of what does 1111 means.

You pull the Magician, which is a number one, the High Priestess number 11, and the Ace of Cups, and immediately you identify the repeating numbers 1111. 

In tarot, one represents the knowledge that you have everything you need inside you to create anything you intend. Numerology tells us that number one represents new beginnings. And Astrology tells us that number one is ruled by the Sun, the expression of the self, and is the yes card in Tarot. 

You sit in meditation as you shuffled the cards, and you asked the Universe, “What energy can I expect for today?”

A general answer could be just a gentle reminder to stay in the present and be grateful for who you are in this moment. To appreciate all the intricate details, manifestations, inner guidance, and wisdom that created the you that you are right now. 

On Spirituality… 

Often, the esoteric gets a bad rap for being either hocus pocus witchcraft or believed to be evil. All of these assumptions are far from anything that resembles the truth.

The truth is, spirituality is such a vast term and can be defined in so many different colors and energies.

Spirituality can be defined as but not limited to the following:

  • A deeply personal expression of the I AM of the soul.
  • An individual compass for finding your life’s purpose.
  • A sacred connection to whomever or whatever faith you believe in.
  • A very intimate daily conversation between your soul and the Divine energies around all of us.

Spirituality is important when we speak on the meaning of angel numbers because it requires you to be open to receiving communication from something that is not visible or can’t be explained.

Faith, intuition, trust, and love are the ingredients that encompass spirituality and allow your soul to be open to connecting with the frequency of angels, spirit guides, and the Universe. 

Angel Number 1111 Meanings  

Okay, that was a lot of information, I know. But once you start to fully understand how numbers, planets, and energy affects your life, it will all be worth it! 

Now, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of this guide. Let’s start by defining what exactly an angel number is.

An angel number comes from, wouldn’t you know it, *drum roll please*, Numerology. 

Back in the sixth century, a Greek philosopher named Pythagoras, you may recognize him as that guy who also created the Pythagorean theorem, also came up with the Numerology we commonly use today. Angel numbers were derived from his idea of master numbers, life path numbers, destiny numbers, and how they relate to our soul’s purpose. 

Angel numbers are believed to be the intimate conversation between you, your Higher Self, the Universe, and angels that surround you. The repeating sequence of numbers has significance in the spiritual world and holds a vibrational frequency within its meaning. 

Angel numbers that repeat hold messages that pertain to what it is in your life you asked the Universe to shine some light on. 

These categories include:

  • Love
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Advice from Universe

You can ask what does 1111 mean, but the real question you need to ask is, “What part of my life needs the advice an 1111 message holds?” 

Although angel number 1111 has a foundational meaning, it branches out and becomes more specific as you narrow down your intentions. So if you see 1111 everywhere and your marriage is falling apart, that meaning is entirely different from if you saw 1111 and are trying to decide on a new career path. 

What Does 1111 Mean When You Keep Seeing It Everywhere?

Okay, friends, although it took a while to get us here, we have finally reached the destination of what does 1111 mean. While the journey may have felt a little winded, it was essential to provide you with a solid foundation. 

Now, as we previously discussed, the 1111 meaning has a different purpose depending on what area of life is most affected as you see the repeating numbers. However, for the sake of defining what does 1111 means, we will give a general definition. 

The 1111 meaning generally signifies a new beginning as the number one represents a start. It can also be a sign to take a leap of faith and move forward; it denotes that nudge you receive to take inspired action towards a goal. It is also often seen as the start of a spiritual awakening, or your intuition is getting stronger. 

The number one is also the number that stands for manifestation. Often people see 1111 or 111 on the clock, and they immediately make a wish; ever wonder why you are compelled to do this? 

Next time you see 111 or 1111, try to take note of what is happening around you, what you’re thinking, feeling, or doing. Take a mental screenshot of it, and then instead of making a wish per se, set an intention. Declare whatever it is you desire as it has already manifested, and watch the Universe bring it into existence.

If you were in a negative state of mind, when you see the 111 or 1111, consider that a nudge from the Universe to turn that frown upside down and change the negative to a positive. 

1111 Meaning Categories 

So now that we have a general idea of what does 1111 means, let’s narrow it down to the different categories of life. Just remember that again, these are general inclinations of what the Universe may be trying to tell you. 

1111 Meaning for Love

When you see the angel number 1111 or 111 in love, if you’re single, the Universe is telling you that a new romance may be brewing, or you may need to pay attention to self-love. If you are in a relationship, the meaning is you may need to find more alone time and focus on why you fell in love in the first place.

The repeating sequence of 1111 also represents the twin flame connection that may soon be coming into a union for those on a twin flame journey. 

In general, relationships that account for friends and family, seeing 1111 typically means that you should reach out to that person on your mind, maybe a quick phone call or text just to say hi and let them know they are loved. 

1111 Meaning for Career

The 1111 meaning for career may be that you are ready for a change, that you are on the right path, or that you are given the green light to go for that raise or promotion.

The ones in Numerology symbolize the courage needed to take that next step or the reassurance that whatever you are trying to manifest in your work life is about to appear. 

1111 Meaning for Finance

When it comes to money and finances, 1111 meaning is confirmation that abundance is in your energetic vortex, and if you stay on the path, it will manifest into reality.

If you have recently made an investment or are waiting for money to arrive, this auspicious sign is your confirmation from the Universe that it is all going to work out in your favor. 

1111 Advice From Universe 

What does 1111 or 111 mean in this even that you don’t have anything significant you’re cooking up in any of these life areas? But yet you keep seeing 1111; what does this mean?

Think of it as free advice from either the Universe, your Higher Self, angels, guides, or dare I even mention it, God. Consider seeing 1111 as just a friendly reminder that you’re, in fact, the shit, and you are living your best life, and the entirety of the Divine recognizes it.

Say thank you, sit in gratitude, and then find some way to give back to those around you to ensure you continue to stay in that vibrational frequency.  

1111 Meaning Affirmations

369 manifestation method

The most important part of 1111 meaning is actually in the single-digit number one. The one represents all, the I AM, the belief that there is no separation; it is unity in its purest form.

In its simplest way, the Divine wants you to always in all ways remember and re-member (soul to soul) yourself to Him/Her. 

Here are eleven affirmations you can say either in prayer, out loud, or to another when you see the repeating angel numbers 1111:

  • I AM…. Fill in the blank.
  • I AM Divine, and the Divine is me; we are not separate.
  • I am successful in everything I do.
  • We are all connected; no one and nothing is separate from me.
  • I Am loved, I AM worthy, I AM enough.
  • I attract all the good there is in this world.
  • What I desire desires me.
  • Everything is in alignment, and everything is working out for me.
  • I set the intention that _________ for the greatest and highest good of myself and anyone else involved.
  • I AM safe and always in all ways protected by the Divine.
  • I trust in the Universe, and I have faith in the Divine.

The basis here is to state affirmations that confirm your connection to spirit and that everything is already done as you have set the intention for.

It’s also helpful to include the collective consciousness in your prayers, aka affirmations, as a thank you for the role they will play in your life as we all are connected. 

1111 Meaning Meditations

Have you ever experienced a moment when you were so hyper-focused on something you literally didn’t hear, see, feel, or even aware of reality? That is what meditation wants you to experience, a brief silence in the body so that the soul can take over.  

Meditation is simply about quieting the mind and allowing your thoughts to focus on one visual, feeling, or idea to a point you forget you “exist,” even just for ten minutes.

With regards to meditation, the meaning of 1111 is often recognized as the frequency of God. 

This healing vibration is said to produce endorphins in the body that can:

  • Relieve pain
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Change mood
  • Connect your energy to the Divine

Studies have shown that the 111 and 1111 frequency turns off our language center in the prefrontal cortex and briefly allows the right side of the brain, which controls intuition and creativity, to dominate. This results in a trance or rather a meditative state of mind. 

The 1111 Hz can be found on many YouTube videos and are typically recommended for right before you go to sleep or when you can dedicate at least ten minutes of quiet alone time. 

Here is a list of eleven, 111 or 1111 Hz meditation YouTube videos, 

  1. Healing Meditation – Spiritual Hug from an Angel
  2. Inner Lotus Music – Spiritual Protection & Angelic Healing
  3. Meditative Mind – OM 1111 Times 
  4. Mettaverse Music– The Divine Frequency
  5. Frequency Plus – Pure Frequency
  6. Sequoia Relax Music – Black Screen, 111hz Deep Sleep
  7. Jason Stephenson/Chakra Healing Music – Regenerative Spiritual Reset
  8. DreamVerse Meditation – Divine Healing Frequency Meditation
  9. Fendraa Mangoo Meditation– Theta Range Binaural Beats
  10. Regan Hillyer– DNA Activation/ Cellular Repair 
  11. Meditational State • Meditative State– 111hz The Holy Divine Frequency 

You can start by doing ten minutes in the morning or at night and take notice of what, if anything, changes for you in your mood throughout the day. As you get more attuned to sitting and focusing inward, you can increase the time in meditation.


1111 Meaning — Takeaway

And so, what does 1111 mean is a personal statement in a sense? While the repeating numbers you see do hold a special meaning, I encourage you to incorporate all parts of spirituality in its purpose for YOU.

You can treat it as a cute fortune cookie-type message and not give it too much significance or dive in headfirst, soaking in all you can from the Universe.

With all of that being said, and I know it was a whole lot, I hope you found this article helpful and that it gave you some insight into the meaning of those magical numbers.

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