How To Cleanse Crystals of Unwanted Energy (Ultimate Guide)

how to cleanse crystals

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If you have been on your path of spiritual awakening long enough, you’ve probably got a crystal or two in your collection. But have you ever wondered how to cleanse crystals of any unwanted energy they may harbor?

I connected with a self-proclaimed “neighborhood witchy lady” and she gave me all the tea on how to cleanse your crystals.

How To Cleanse Your Crystals —

Insights From “The Friendly Neighborhood Witchy Lady”…

One day, while you’re browsing the crystal shop, just looking around, you find it. You stumble upon a crystal that resonates so highly with your vibration and aura that you feel an undeniable connection. You simply can’t take our eyes off of it — so you take it home. 

Once you get your first piece of crystal, it’s natural to want to continue expanding your collection. After all, from spells, rituals, talismans, charms — you name it, these beautiful gems can be used for so many purposes on your spiritual path. Additionally, crystals can be used to help fight stress, calm the mind, body, and soul. 

Regardless of what you use your crystals for, there is one important aspect to keep in mind — cleansed crystals work best!

On Cleansing Crystals

Crystals are part of Mother Nature, hence, they also carry a part of her energy that we can harvest. In order to get the most out of your crystals, it’s important that you reset them to somewhat of a neutral state.

When you order crystals online, for example, certainly they will pass through the hands of many people. When these sensitive gems pass through the hands of different people, some of the energies from those individuals can attach to the stones. 

Additionally, you may notice intuitively some slight changes in your stones over time, especially if the crystals have been regularly used in spiritual practices. 

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The shiny ones could look a bit “dimmed”, darkened, or the colors might not seem as bright as they were when you bought them from the crystal shop. You may even feel an energy build-up upon touching their surface. Your crystals can even become heavy to hold as if their mass has changed overnight. 

The crystals are supposed to feel cold at the touch and slightly energizing – if this is not the case, then it is a sure sign that negative energy has accumulated in them, and a crystal cleansing needs to be performed. 

On Cleansing Crystals of Negative Energy

If you’ve just added some new crystals to your collection you may wonder, where does that negativity come from? Or if you’re only working with love and light or performing “white magic” rituals, then how are my crystals being affected by the negativity? What is “negative energy” in this context anyway?

Negative energy can refer to an array of things. For example, any fights you have at home, your doubts and fears, nightmares, or everyday stress. 

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If you are intuitive (which all women are) or an empath, you probably already can understand how it works. You can pick up anger, pain, sadness, and bitterness from anyone – the stranger in the metro, the cashier lady from the store, or even the delivery guy. 

So it is not a surprise that once you enter your home with all of that “glued” to your aura, it automatically sticks to your crystals, as they are both energy conductors and amplifiers.

When crystals are used for meditation, healing, or a part of the ritual of regeneration, they become extremely receptive to the vibrations of the person who uses them. So, part of the “illness” or sadness you are trying to banish is transferred into the stone and can affect its energy. Working and manifesting with stones “infected” by anger or bitterness is not only fruitless but might even cause you some distress.

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The fact is that crystals need regular cleansing; starting from the moment you acquire them. 

Before using any crystals, you must dedicate some time to cleansing your crystals. Cleansed crystals with pure energy will serve you better in any way that you choose to use them.

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When I first started my spiritual path, crystals were not the first topic I was interested in and frankly, I was wondering why everybody finds them so special. But soon enough, I was given the most precious moss agate pendant I have ever seen. It took just one glance at this crystal to become obsessed with rocks and gems. Once I learned more about their magical qualities and how to use them, you can safely say that I got hooked for life! 

Wondering how to cleanse crystals or how you can remove bad energies from your crystals at home? Here are some effective ways to cleanse crystals so that they are always ready to work best for you.

💧 Cleansing Crystals with Water

Water has long been considered a universal purifier. It’s known to wash away worries and sickness too, that’s why water has its place in the crystal cleansing rituals. If you feel connected to the element water, a good way to cleanse crystals you own is to go to a natural source of it — a river, the sea, a spring, a dam, a stream. 

Put your crystals in a small sheer bag and put them in the water for 10-20 minutes to wash away the accumulated energy. Or you can simply hold them in your right hand (as it is a symbol of giving away and letting go) under a common water spout. 

Do that until you feel refreshed and renewed. The crystals will become unusually cold, but they will return to normal temperature soon enough.

Keep in mind that not all crystals can be cleaned with water. You should only apply this method to crystals that you are sure are not harmed by water. 

For all varieties of quartz, there is no problem using water to cleanse these crystals, and water is indeed a very good method of getting rid of built-up negativity in these types of crstals. However, selenite, for example, should never be put into water for cleansing. If you put crystals like selenite in water, as it is composed of gypsum, it will dissolve easily. 

Additionally, while saltwater or ocean water is suitable for purification and cleansing, many stones can be damaged by the corrosive action of salt. All soft, porous crystals, such as Malachite, Halite, Calcite, Lepidolite, and Angelite, are not suitable for this type of water. 

☀️ Sunlight Crystal Cleansing

The sun is the universal healer — it warms the body, gives light and inspires hope. The natural energies transmitted by the sun can also charge your crystals and get rid of any bad vibes.

Many crystal lovers like to leave their recently purchased stones in the sunlight for a day or two to allow them to absorb the positive energies of the Sun. This is fabulous and quite easy, right? 

Keep in mind however that some crystals with bright colors can fade very quickly if left in direct sunlight for too long. This can happen with your favorite piece of deep purple Amethyst, for example. 

If you are still keen to use the sun, then try not to leave this crystal in direct sunlight for more than an hour. To make sure that you do not put any of your precious stones at risk, take them out only at sunrise or sunset because the sun’s rays will not be so strong during this time of day. 

Some stones that can suffer color fade and are not recommended to take out in the sun are Amethrin, Beryl (Aquamarine, Emerald, Morganite), Celestite, Citrine, Fluorite, Danburite, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Topaz, Tourmaline.

🌙 Moonlight Crystal Cleansing

For every spiritual enthusiast, the moon has a special place in their practice. According to Wicca and new age beliefs, the moonlight has great power when it comes to banishing and charging.

Cleansing crystals by moonlight can be done at night or early evening — as soon as it gets dark outside. Simply place your crystals on a natural surface such as grass or sand, but if this is not an option (because most of us live in the big modern city), place the stones by the window, so they will receive moonlight. 

If the moonlight cannot directly reach them, no worries. As long as the crystals are facing the night sky, this is good.

As you place the gems, stop for a second and think of something you want to banish. You can have just one thing in mind, or more than a few — as long as you can visualize them. Make sure to keep it simple, don’t try to banish more than five things at once as it is too much and can lower your vibration. It’s a great practice that can be performed on the full moon, along with any other type of crystal cleansing. 

The best thing about this method is that moonlight will not damage any of your stones! The only thing you need to watch out for, in case you decide to do it outdoors, or place your crystals in an open balcony, is whether it will rain or not — remember that some crystals, such as Selenite, are not safe to be cleansed by water.

🌱 Cleansing Crystals by Burying Them Underground

The earth’s soil is a symbol of new beginnings, new life, and grounding. This method of cleansing crystals can sound a bit messy but hear me out. 

Thus far you’ve discovered cleansing crystals by water and cleansing crystals by “fire” (by the sun). It makes sense that you can also use another of Earth’s four elements, soil, to cleanse crystals. The earth will easily extract all the unwanted energies from your crystals so that they are refreshed and ready to work.

Depending on the crystal and its build-up, it can take longer to cleanse. Especially if the crystals have been used in a deep, intense energy practice such as chakra healing. In this case, leave the crystals in the soil for a few days. 

This practice is suitable for those who have a backyard, and can easily find their crystals later. You can also use a plant pot which will work just as well.

💎 Cleansing Crystals with Other Crystals

Among all gems, a few are said to also act as “purifiers” for the rest of the stones in your collection. Such stones are Kyanite and Selenite – so if you already own a piece of those two, you can use them to cleanse your crystals. 

Additionally, it’s great if you have a druse crystal since those carry a massive amount of healing energy. You can place the “affected” crystal on a large druse or surround it with smaller pieces – they act as healers. 

The druse can serve as a generator to energize the smaller crystals and minerals, allowing them to tune in naturally and balance their vibrations. Druse is a great way to keep all your crystals clean and ready to go. 

If you do not have a druse crystal, worry not, there is still a way to perform this task. Another way to cleanse crystals with crystals is to grab a Selenite crystal or Kyanite crystal, regardless of their size, put them in a bowl (preferably glass), and add the stone that needs to be cleansed for a couple of hours. You can combine this along with another cleansing method for better and faster results, for example, moonlight crystal cleansing.

🧂 Crystal Cleansing with Salt

In witchcraft and Wicca, salt has a solid place in rituals and spells as it ensures protection and can keep evil spirits away. Regular salt or pink salt is easy to find these days, so you can reach for them when in need of crystal cleansing.

Place your crystals in an empty glass or bowl, pour the salt on top, completely cover the stone and leave it to “soak” from 12 hours up to three days. This method resembles the soil-burying of the crystals, as it takes out the absorbed negativities. Salt will neutralize the bad vibes, restoring harmony and balance. 

You can put several crystals in the bowl at the same time, making sure that each of them is well sprinkled and does not touch any of the others. Once you’re done, take the crystal(s), rinse it in cold water (if the crystal is okay with water), and let it dry in the sun. 

When finished, throw away the salt as it has absorbed the disharmonious energies and is not suitable for other uses. If you still don’t feel “good” with your crystal, cleanse until it feels right. 

💨 Cleansing Crystals with Incense, Smoke, and Aroma Oils 

In many cultures burning herbs or using a specific earthy aroma is considered a way to purify a place and dispel evil. Burning incense is an ancient practice that is still widely used nowadays.

There are a few types of incense that are best for cleansing crystals: Sage, Palo Santo, sandalwood, pine, lavender, or cedarwood. Incense is an efficient purification method that applies to all types of minerals and crystals. Once you light it up, allow the smoke to embrace the crystals in a “hug” long enough to remove what no longer serves you.

If you do not feel like burning incense in your house, you can go ahead and replace it with an aroma oil diffuser. Pick earthy scented oil; delude it into the water as per the instructions and pass the stone through the aromatic vapor. Make sure you don’t keep the diffuser on for too long, as aroma oils are quite strong, and some of them can cause migraines or nausea.

🧘🏾‍♀️ Cleansing Crystals with Visualization 

The essential part of any ritual or a spell will always be visualization. So this crystal cleansing method requires intense concentration. We know that intention is a powerful force and should use it rationally. Through visualization, you can connect with the crystal and with the power of intention to cleanse and harmonize it. 

Take the crystals in your right hand (since we are letting go of negative energy), close your eyes, and send your healing powers to the gem. Visualize how everything trapped in the crystal is going away. Imagine a white light surrounding the stone and spiritually cleansing it. 

Take as much time as you need. No need to rush, this is the most difficult method of them all, so it is okay if it doesn’t come easily to you. You can also say some inspirational words, such as “I purify you and release you from what no longer serves me. You are cleansed.” Those sentences are just an example of course — always speak from your own heart!

On Charging Your Crystals

The charging of your crystals is also as important as cleansing them. Once you wipe out all of the “energy memory” of the crystal, you would want to fill it in with positive vibes, so this way it would be harder for the dark energies to get their way back to the gem. In a way, charging the crystals is a form of casting a protective shield against negativity.

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Once you have sufficiently cleansed your crystals, it’s a good idea to charge them. 

After cleansing, the crystals remain as if they are “empty” – they do not contain any negative energy but are not charged with positive eighter. Think of purified crystals as a white sheet ready to be filled – when blank, it is not as significant as if thoughts and feelings are embedded in it. When you put your energy and desires into the crystals, they become a unique individual tool, as if made entirely by your design.

You can achieve charging with the help of other crystals. The best choice would be any Quartz or Amethyst Druse, as well as pointy pieces of Selenite or Carnelian. 

To do this, leave the crystal you would like to charge on top of the druse for at least 12 hours, or just until you feel it has been enough. The good thing about this method is that these druses and minerals are 2 in 1! They cleanse the stone placed on them and then charge it.

The charging can be completed with smaller crystal pieces as well. Take four, eight, or more single-pointed quartz crystals and arrange them in a circle, with their tips pointing inwards. Then place the stone that needs charging in the center for 24 hours or more. You can combine this practice with moonlight, as the moon also has such charging abilities.

Another popular method of crystal charging is to place the stone among the leaves of a healthy, blooming plant. It will additionally charge them with the energy of growth.

How To Cleanse Crystals — Takeaway

Finally, the best method for cleansing your crystals is one that fits with you, your lifestyle, and your practices. What works for you may not work for others, so pay attention to what you feel is right. 

If the energy is slightly off, or you feel uncomfortable or your mood changes in a negative way then switch it up until you find the best crystal cleansing method for you! 

Remember to show your gems gratitude for being your secret helper in raising your vibration. Happy Cleansing!

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