How To Charge Crystals With Positive Energy (Ultimate Guide)

how to charge crystals

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Crystals are powerful tools to have in our spiritual practices, they hold the intense ability to heal physical and emotional ailments. As well, enhance our connection to higher realms during meditation for insightful breakthroughs, and accelerate our manifestations. Wondering how to charge crystals you own with positive energy?

I connected with a spiritual crystal connoisseur, and she gave me all the tea on how to charge your crystals.

How To Charge Your Crystals —

Insights From A Crystal Connoisseur…

If you’re choosing to work with crystals, it’s important to know that each holds a specific vibration or energy. This is what gives crystals the ability to connect with and target energy in our bodies. What we should not take for granted, however, is that just like us after a demanding day of work, our crystals need recharging too.

How in the world does one even charge crystals?  In this guide, we’ll explore the concept of charging crystals and why it’s important to charge your crystals in the first place. We’ll also delve into some fascinating methods of charging crystals — not to be confused with “cleansing crystals” (more on that later). 

Why Charge Crystals?

Imagine charging crystals as refilling their natural power. Charging crystals is a process of returning these precious stones to their neutral existing energetic state. 

No matter your intention when working with crystals, energy is required. Energy from both you and the crystal. 

When used for healing a physical or emotional aspect, for example, your crystal is working to pull the low vibrational energy out that is ailing you. While another crystal may be used for introducing a higher more beneficial energy. This type of healing work can leave your crystals heavy with energy that is not their own and running low of its naturally occurring energy.

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Similarly, in meditation, your body energy is working with the crystal energy for an amplified effect. Perhaps that is to strengthen the connection to spirit guides or focus on manifestation.

Healing and energy work with crystals will feel empowering to you, but we need to be mindful of the force remaining within the crystal. After each use, a crystal’s power starts to drain and the effectiveness will begin to dwindle. Eventually, you might notice that you are not receiving as much benefit as you once did. This is your sign that it is time for a charge.

A charged crystal is a powerful crystal, so let’s look at how to charge your crystals.

Methods or Charging Crystals

We have a handful of options for charging crystals that can be accomplished by utilizing abundant and readily available energy sources that are healing to our crystals. Thus, making these methods perfect when it is time for a recharge.

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How to charge your crystals depends on your preference in your practice. Some people find certain methods to be more powerful than others. While others may be looking for convenience over effectiveness.

I do suggest giving each method a try to see what is the best fit for you and your crystals. You may find that you like to mix it up depending on the crystals and the type of energy you are looking for. For example, the energy from the Sun aligns differently with our intentions than that of a Full Moon. 

🌙 Charging Crystals by Sun or Moon

One of the simplest ways to charge your crystals is with the sunlight and in the moonlight. These light sources are available to most of us almost every day year-round.

The Sun is associated with joyous and uplifting energy. It will charge any crystal, however, you may choose to only work with the Sun for crystals related to this energy. This would be most beneficial if you are using crystals of high vibration that target your physical and material life, such as health and money matters.

When working with the Moon, you are dealing with a much calmer state of flow. This energy has to do with intuition and emotions. The best nights for this method are when a full moon is out, as our magic is intensified on these nights. 

With the moon’s connection to our intuition and emotions, crystals best charged in the moonlight are the ones you are using for inner child work, emotional healing, and meditations to connect with guides or the higher self.

For both of these methods, all you need to do is place your crystals out to receive a few hours of basking in either light. Increase efficacy by taking a moment to set your intention with your crystals. 

🌱 Charging Crystals by Earth’s Soil and Plants

In the same respect that the Sun and Moon have energies that they align with, so does the Earth. When I say the Earth, I’m referring to the physical representation that is the soil and vegetation.  

The energy associated with the earth is grounding for the literal connection to this physical plane. We seek to be grounded when things in life are feeling a bit out of control. You may feel like you have your head in the clouds, causing an inability to concentrate and increased anxiety. With this in mind, you may want to choose to work with the Earth to recharge crystals that help maintain a stable sense of groundedness. 

This method is really easy. When it’s time that your crystals need a boost, place them in a pot with a plant or lay them out in the garden. The physical connection to the soil and the life force from plants fuels a nurturing environment for a crystal to return to its natural state.

🎵 Charging Crystals by Sound Bath

Each frequency of sound carries an energy with it. This can be both low vibrational, which tends to be disruptive to the mind and our physical state or, high vibrational for healing and achieving meditative states.

 A sound bath is the experience of higher frequency sounds for a healing purpose. Traditionally performed with tools such as singing bowls and tuning forks, but can include other instruments that reach the required tone. With today’s technology, there are digitally created sound baths and recordings that can be accessed through music streaming services at any time we need.

What this means for your crystal practice, is that you can make use of this energy for recharging your crystals. A sound bath is a good option when we want to take the extra time for a powerful charging session with all our crystals, and receive a bit of the benefit for ourselves too. 

Simply place out your crystals near the chosen source of the sound. Set aside the time to make this a meditative experience for you and the crystals to bathe in a healing vibration, or simply place a speaker beside your collection that is playing a recorded session.

🧘🏾‍♀️ Charging Crystals by Intention

Setting intentions is one of the most important foundations of any spiritual practice. Without it, there is no assigned purpose to any of our tools and therefore no power to manifest our desired outcomes.

Intention setting can be used on its own, but definitely should be included with all other charging methods. When we believe that all things are connected through energy, we can put out the thought that will push for the action. Incorporating this can feel weird at first, but the key is to trust and believe.

Assign the intention to your crystals that you wish for them to charge. Hold or sit in front of the crystals you wish to charge and set up for meditation. In this meditation, you will be focusing on the idea of charging the crystal. Back up your thoughts with visualizations of light entering the crystal. Be creative and trust your intuition through the process.

How Often Should You Charge Crystals?

Overall, I would suggest charging crystals after every use. However, knowing when and how to recharge your crystals should be an intuitive decision based on recognizing the energy in your crystal and how you have been working with them. 

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This should be easy if your method of choice is set up to double as a display or storage for your crystals. Such as on a shelf in direct sun for a few hours of the day. Then you don’t have to worry about setting aside the time for charging. However, a weekly session involving a sound bath can be highly invigorating.

Another time to consider charging crystals is before your first use after buying them. When you bring home your new crystal it is important to think about where it came from. The distance it has traveled to get to the store and all the people who have handled it from sourcing to packing and delivery has an impact on its energy. 

Are There Methods for Specific Crystals?

Since this practice is highly personal, based on belief and intuition, there is not necessarily any particular way to charge specific crystals. Other than considering matching up energies, you don’t need to charge your quartz differently than your amethyst if you don’t want to.

However, we can discuss some examples of how to charge crystals based on their properties. As a beginner, you have probably been drawn to working with crystals like rose quartz, amethyst, and carnelian. So, let us consider how we can charge these crystals.

Charging Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is our universal love stone. We can use it to open our heart chakra for a deeper connection to self-love and our relationships with others. For physical healing, it targets heart problems and increases fertility. How to charge rose quartz will vary on its purpose.

When using rose quartz for the benefit of your relationships (including with self) this has a focus on your emotions; how they cause us to think and act from a place of love. This would make charging with moonlight the most beneficial option because as you now know the moon is connected to our emotions.

Alternatively, if your focus is on physical health, you would work with the sun’s energy for charging.

Charging Amethyst

There are two popular reasons to work with amethyst. By most, it is commonly known as a calming stone for anxiety. Though, if you are on your spiritual journey, then amethyst is a great stone for connecting to your intuition and heightening psychic abilities.

For both of these reasons, I would often opt for charging amethyst in the moonlight. Both hold a strong connection to intuition and magic. Share the calming energies of the Moon to prepare your amethyst in aiding you to quiet your mind.

Charging Carnelian

Vitality and ambition are the ruling benefits of carnelian, which in turn pushes us to become confident and courageous in our lives. Secondary benefits show the user how to be creative and motivated in pursuing desires fuelled by this newly found confidence. Choosing how to charge carnelian can push to increase its area of focus.

This kind of work requires a lot of high-flowing energy. So for this reason, you’re going to want to work with the sun for charging to achieve the necessary elevated energy. Bring in to play the Sun’s focus on our physical life, what we put out into the world, to fuel your carnelian for your own work.

Other Examples of Charging Crystals

To touch base on other charging methods, I would also like to mention a few other crystals. 

Dark-colored and black crystals such as black tourmaline, hematite, and smokey quartz are grounding stones. These are the kinds of crystals we use paired with others in deep meditations or through hectic periods of our lives to maintain mental stability. Therefore, we will want to harness the grounding energy of the Earth to recharge these crystals.

As mentioned before, a charging practice such as a sound bath would be beneficial to all types of crystals, especially when you have the time to partake in the experience. As well, for intention setting, you should be incorporating it with any type of charging method.

Charging Crystals vs. Cleansing Crystals: Are they Different?

Although some people use methods interchangeably between charging and cleansing, they are different practices.

As discussed, charging crystals is the process of bringing our crystals back to their original energetic state. However, cleansing crystals is a practice to dispel any low-vibrational, stagnant, and unwanted energy that could have been collected from you, another person, or its surroundings.

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Numerous easy and clever crystal cleansing methods hold spiritual significance. Popular methods for cleansing crystals are with the smoke of herbs or incense, pink or sea salt, and moon water. While we can see similarities with sound baths and intention-setting meditations.

Cleansing paired with charging will help keep your crystal in its most natural state and in return be the most effective in use.

How To Charge Crystals — Takeaway

Crystal charging is highly beneficial and important to have in your crystal healing practice. A charging routine will keep you in tune with your crystals and affect how you receive energy.

Choosing your desired charging method is an intuitive process and should only be done if it feels right and proves to show the results you desire. 

Consider the crystal you are using when approaching a charging method. As all are universal, it can be favorable to pair crystal properties with the properties of the charging method.