Inspirational Words Of Wisdom Inspired By The Art of Doing Nothing

the art of doing nothing

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Hello, Bombshell!

During these uncertain times, I just wanted to share these inspirational words of wisdom with whoever needs to see them. These words are inspired by the book The Art of Doing Nothing by Veronique Vienne.

I’ve also put together a list of resources you may find helpful down below.

Here are some nurturing and productive things to do at home.

1. Read and nurture your intellect.

Here are some of my favorite personal development and lifestyle books for women.

2. Take an online class or two and learn something new.

Here are some of my favorite online course for women. Including Master Your People Skills and Everyday Minimalism: Find Calm & Creativity in Living Simply.

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3. Take Up A New Hobby

25 Interesting Hobbies For Women In Their 20s + 35 Fabulous Hobby Ideas For Women in Their 30s.

Stay well, take care of your loved ones, and as always…

Stay fabulous,


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