21 Fabulous Online Courses For Women: Perfect To Help You Level Up in 2022

online courses for women

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Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

That’s never been truer, especially with online courses for women, than it is today. And with new technology emerging at an extraordinary rate, there’s never been a better time to improve ourselves as women and take to the internet to learn a new skill or two.

Online courses for women are an incredible opportunity for ambitious women from all walks of life to level up and develop themselves in a meaningful way.

Whether you want to learn a skill to advance your career, learn how to start an online business, learn how to improve your mom skills or learn how to improve yourself as a woman overall. With the offerings of online courses growing each day, there is an abundance of fabulous online courses available for women today. 

Below you’ll find a round-up of our favorite online course specifically for women. And these aren’t your boring online courses either.

We’ve curated the best personal development courses, self-help courses, and self-improvement courses including lifestyle courses for women, style courses for women, productivity courses for women, and much more. 

Did we miss any cool or interesting classes that you know of? Drop down in the comments and share!

Where To Find The Best Online Courses for Women?


Skillshare is an online course platform that allows you to take an unlimited number of online courses for one monthly flat rate.

Try Skillshare And Get 2 Months Free!


Similar to Skillshare, CreativeLive offer an unlimited number of premium online course for one monthly flat rate. Don’t need a monthly membership? You can also purchase individual online courses on CreativeLive! You can also watch the live broadcasts of CreativeLive Courses absolutely free!

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Independent Courses

You will also find instructors and course creators who create and promote their course offerings independently of any 3rd party platform.

Ready? Let’s get into it!

Personal Development Online Courses for Women

Our favorite Personal Development online courses and classes for women.

Master Your People Skills

people skills online course for women

Cost: Normally $149 — Try CreativeLive for Free

Learn how to inspire, influence, and engage people in this life-changing program with Vanessa Van Edwards.

If you want to succeed in business, life, and love you need to master the science of interpersonal intelligence. Master Your People Skills will show you how to effectively communicate with partners, clients, and colleagues so you can flourish in all aspects of your life.

How to Break the Habit of Self-Doubt and Build Real Confidence

confidence online course for women

Cost: Normally $149 — Try CreativeLive for Free

Are you plagued by the imposter syndrome—thinking that your accomplishments aren’t real and that you’re secretly a fraud and a failure? Do you have crippling anxiety and bad habits that are ruining your chances of achieving your goals? Does your low self-esteem and negative past experience influence your thought patterns? Do you fall into the trap of self-pity that keeps you from seeing positive outcomes? If so, you’re definitely not alone. And this online course is for you!

If you want to get over these persistent, sometimes agonizing problems so you can gain a new perspective and make real, positive changes in your life, this course can help you do it. Mel Robbins is one of the most sought-after motivational instructors in the world. She’s been trusted by global brands to design and deliver life-changing, interactive experiences that inspire change, challenge thinking, encourage self-love, and accelerate personal and professional growth.

Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life

lifestyle design course

Cost: Normally $199 — Try CreativeLive for Free

Do you feel stuck and anxious about the future? Do you feel like you should know what you want to do with your life but you aren’t sure which direction to head? 

By leveraging proven design thinking principles used by leading companies such as IDEO, IBM, and Apple, they will teach you how to apply that same methodology to making your biggest life decisions. Regardless of age, income, or stage in life, their unique approach to designing your life will give you the actionable tools necessary for becoming unstuck and creating a more meaningful life. You will learn how to ask the right questions, eliminate old ideas that are not working and test new approaches to your life.

Real Productivity: How to Build Habits That Last

productivity online course

Cost: Normally $15 per month — Get Two Months Unlimited Courses on Skillshare for Free

Join Thomas Frank, productivity expert, author, and YouTuber, in this comprehensive class that will help you build sustainable habits without once feeling like a failure. Seriously! Through research, experience, and his own trial-and-error, Thomas has laid out the groundwork for lasting habits, and is here to share his experience with you and get your Impossible List off on the right foot.

Building habits isn’t just about discipline; there are real-world steps you can take to set yourself up for success and keep yourself on track! 

Lifestyle Online Courses for Women

Our favorite Lifestyle online courses and classes for women.

Exponential Living

personal development course for women

Cost: Normally $99 — Try CreativeLive for Free

Have you achieved a certain level of success, graduated from college and finally secured that dream job, yet you are not feeling fulfilled? This is one of the best online courses for women on CreativeLive.

Sheri Riley introduced the world to some of the most influential, multi-platinum artists of the 90’s including Usher, TLC, Toni Braxton, and Outkast. She rose to the top of her field, and yet she was miserable. Now she is an Empowerment Speaker, Personal Development/Leadership Coach, and Life Strategist. She works with high achievers to make choices that lead to less stress, more clarity, and internal peace.

The Capsule Wardrobe Formula

capsule wardrobe course for women

Cost: Normally $15 per month — Get Two Months Unlimited Courses on Skillshare for Free

Capsule Wardrobe Formula is an interactive online course for women that helps guides you through learning the art of curating your appearance, uncovering your true style, and finally nailing your second skin (your wardrobe).

Do you recognize the lovely course instructor? It’s yours truly darling 🙂

Everyday Minimalism: Find Calm & Creativity in Living Simply

lifestyle online course

Cost: Normally $15 per month — Get Two Months Unlimited Courses on Skillshare for Free

Learn how living with less can unlock a life of more—more energy, more savings, and more time to do the things you love!

As a recent grad on a tight budget, Erin Boyle furnished her first apartment through a mix of ingenuity, crafting, and making do without. She soon discovered that living simply was not only more affordable, but also more sustainable for her happiness and the environment. Since then, she’s developed an approach to minimalism that’s accessible and beneficial to everyone—whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, burned out, or ready for a change you can’t quite pinpoint.

How to Make a Living Selling What You Make

art selling class online course for women

Cost: Normally $99 — Try CreativeLive for Free

It’s common for a crafter to get inspired and pour time and money into launching a creative business idea that they “just know” will be a hit only to discover that there isn’t much of a market for the business they envisioned. But it doesn’t have to be that way – there are specific actions you can take to ensure even the most creative endeavor makes money right away and doesn’t flop.

Style Your Space: Creative Tips and Techniques for Interior Design

interior design online course

Cost: Normally $15 per month — Get Two Months Unlimited Courses on Skillshare for Free

Discover simple, practical ways to create a space that’s uniquely yours with acclaimed stylist Emily Henderson!

From her days on HGTV’s Design Star to her infinitely hilarious and helpful style blog today, Emily is one of the most well-known and popular interior stylists on the internet. In fact, there’s a good chance the rooms you keep pinning on Pinterest were styled by Emily! 

Now, go behind the scenes with Emily as she reveals how she creates rooms and spaces that feel fun, creative and unique for every friend and client she works with—and guides you to do the same. No matter your style or budget, you’ll discover tips and techniques you can use to make any space feel like home.

Getting Started with Wine: Buy Smarter, Taste More

wine online course for women

Cost: Normally $15 per month — Get Two Months Unlimited Courses on Skillshare for Free

Join wine expert, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and media guru Gary Vaynerchuk for a one-hour class demystifying his primary passion: wine.

In 10 bite-sized lessons, Gary breaks down

  • the essentials to tasting, selecting, and shopping for wine
  • the fundamentals of sparkling, white, and red
  • answers to FAQs
  • and recommended bottles for every palette and price

Whether you want to buy smarter, impress your friends, or host your own tasting, this class will help you enter the world of wine with confidence.

More Classes and Courses for Women

Piano For All: The Ingenious New Way to Learn Piano and Keyboard

Imagine being able to sit down at a piano and just PLAY – Ballads, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Ragtime, even amazing Classical pieces? Another one of the best online courses for women.

Now you can… and you can do it in months not years without wasting money, time and effort on traditional Piano Lessons. Pianoforall is one of the most popular online piano courses online and has helped over 250,000 students around the world achieve their dream of playing beautiful piano for over a decade.

Now it’s YOUR turn to be the life and soul of the party!

French Kiss Lifestyle

lifestyle course for women online

When a woman French Kisses Life, she finds herself asking, “How can I make this fun?” I challenged the common belief that writing a book is a hard, grueling process where you must give up your life for a year or more.

Instead, I decided to turn my book into a year-long adventure with a fabulous community.

You’ll receive 12 monthly classes exploring the main concepts of French Kissing Life. These videos will challenge your thinking, elevate your every day and have you French Kissing your own life!

School of Affluence Online Finishing School

etiquette course for women

Don’t let your past hinder your future! School of Affluence will teach you how you can create a luxurious lifestyle and rub shoulders with the rich!

The 7-Step Formula To High-Society is a course for women who want to learn how to navigate successfully in the elite community and create the lifestyle they desire!

Become His Secret Obsession: Attraction Dating Course

A step-by-step program that allows you to skip all the games, frustration, and heartache and connect DIRECTLY to a man’s heart in a way that captures his love and attention forever.

Any doubt you have about how men feel about you will fade into the background when you see the unmistakable signs of desire:

  • How they hang on to every word you say…
  • How they only have eyes for you…
  • And how they can’t wait to see you again…

This program is dramatically different from anything you may have tried before because it’s customizable for your exact situation no matter how unique it is.

Learn How To Speak ‘Cat’: The Cat Language Bible

Learn how to communicate directly with your cat and finally understand what they’ve been trying to tell you all along, and you can tell them exactly how much they mean to you.

There are so many more interesting conversations you can have with an animal that just aren’t available even with fellow human beings. I’ve seen it time after time, and the testimonials you’ve seen, as well as my own research, have made The Cat Language Bible™ the path to understanding your cat at a deep, personal level like never before.

Learn How To Get Organized in the Get Organized BootCamp

It’s not really too much to ask…is it? All you want is to just feel like you are ORGANIZED. You know..

  • Be able to glance around the house without getting dizzy from the clutter.
  • Walk into a room or open up a cabinet or closet and find what you need (instead of running for cover) or quickly and easily clean up because things actually have a home.
  • Wake up each morning with a clear head, decent energy, maybe even a little enthusiasm because you are not only going to be productive and get important things done, you are also going to find time to do the things you really love to do.

Train Your Dog With Brain Training for Dogs

Develops your Dog’s “Hidden Intelligence” To eliminate bad behavior and Create the obedient, well-behaved pet of your dreams…

Once You Learn My Simple Techniques for Unlocking Your Dog’s Natural Intelligence you will be amazed at how quickly problem behaviors disappear and your dog starts to obey you!

Refine Your Pole Dancing Skills With Pole Tricks Handbook

This is the only step-by-step ebook available on the market for pole dancing moves. YouTube videos and DVDs are great, but they don’t always help you to master the move correctly. Most of the time it is a small thing, like the correct hand placement or the correct order to do the move in, that will make the difference.

Shimmy & Shake in This Belly Dancing Masterclass by Mariella Monroe

Finally, Here’s The System To Help Anyone Learn Belly Dancing From Home and Guarantees Results with One-On-One Private Coaching…

Singorama: Learn How To Sing Like A Professional

Get ready to gain an octave or more to your vocal range! Hit those high notes with full confidence and without strain or breaking. Our carefully developed system conditions your voice quickly and safely using professional-grade techniques and advice.

Singorama is the most comprehensive singers resource for every level of skill, but before we go any further, here is what you DON’T need in order to see tremendous results with your voice.

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