21 Best Sugar Daddy Websites and Dating Apps To Unleash Your Inner Sugar Baby in 2022

sugar daddy websites and dating apps

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Perhaps you’re considering becoming a sugar baby, but you’re wondering how in 2022 do you go about finding and securing the bag, um, I mean securing the right sugar daddy? What are the best sugar daddy dating apps and best sugar daddy websites for an aspiring sugar baby on the prowl?

There are hundreds of dating sites and apps that claim to connect women with men they desire who can provide them with their financial needs, but which websites or apps are legitimate, safe places to make your connections?

I wrote an article on where to find a rich man in real life, which our bombshell subscribers really quite enjoyed (be sure to sign up to receive future emails). I figure for the ladies who are a bit more straightforward in their approach to a mutually beneficial arrangement, you might find useful a round-up of the best sugar daddy websites and dating apps for sugar babies.

Some words of insight.

While I could just make a list of websites and throw it up on the internet, this is not that kind of a blog. Everything produced here is written by women, for women. And so on this particular post, I do feel a sense of obligation to add some context and perhaps some personal insight too on this topic.

I’ve never officially been a sugar baby (although looking back at some of my relationships with older, provider men, maybe I actually was). I certainly have experience dating older, affluent men who spoiled me with everything my heart desired.

With that said, I am 110% percent for women being strategic, dating with purpose, and getting everything they desire from a relationship.

There are many positive aspects of being a sugar baby — you can enjoy luxurious vacations, dinners at fine restaurants, and other perks while getting paid well for your time. However, there is also the potential for exploitation.

No matter how mature you may think you are, there is always going to be a certain level of power imbalance by virtue of gender dynamics, age/experience dynamics, and financial dynamics. And truth be told, there are also so many sociopathic manipulating predators out in these streets.

I’m sorry (but also not sorry) if I’ve put a little damper on the party, but I have to keep it real and that was just on my heart to share.

If you, after much research and reflection, decide this is a path you want to take, you must understand that this path is not for the faint of heart, honey.

As women, our bodies are sacred — as are our minds, emotions, energy, and time! Sometimes when we discount these invaluable virtues in exchange for shopping sprees and cash, the true cost can in turn be losing parts of your self.

If you seriously wish to pursue finding a sugar daddy, I encourage you to take the time to intuitively evaluate and meditate/pray on if this is a path you really want to take and is it really worth it.

Ok, now back to the best sugar daddy websites

If you decide that it is worth it and/or you’ve got a stable (a bit savage) head on your shoulders, make sure you have a long-term game, what are you trying to accomplish overall with snagging a sugar daddy, and have clear boundaries for yourself. Seriously, girl!

Sugar Daddy Websites and Sugar Baby Dating Apps are the best way to find a sugar daddy. Sugar Daddy Websites offer a variety of different options for Sugar Babies to choose from, depending on what type of Sugar Daddy they’re looking for.

Here are some of the most popular sugar daddy dating websites and dating apps that may be perfect for you!

1. Seeking

Formally Seeking ArrangementsSeeking Millionaire, or simply Seeking is considered by many to be one of the best sugar daddy dating sites out there, Seeking Arrangement is a well-known website for finding wealthy men (and women!) to date.

The site has been around since 2006 and boasts 2 million members in over 190 countries. SeekingArrangement allows users to find potential matches based on age, location, income or occupation – whether it’s someone who wants friendship, romance or more than that.

When you sign up, you’ll be asked to complete a profile with your age and what kind of relationship you’re looking for. The site also asks questions about how much money is acceptable for a date — $1-5k/month or $50-100k+/year.

2. Secret Benefits

Before you even start looking for sugar daddies, Secret Benefits wants to know if you’re looking for love or just sex.

SecretBenefits has a very modern and clean layout, making it easy to navigate and use on desktop or mobile. A big plus for this site is its Alexa traffic report that shows that it has more than 1 million visits per month — which makes it one of the most popular sugar daddy websites out there!

Upon signing up, you can specify whether or not you are seeking something casual or if you want something more serious, what your dating budget is ($1,000+/month), which gender(s) you’re interested in meeting, and what you’re looking for.

When browsing profiles, you can search based upon income, occupation, education level, body type, appearance, smoking preferences and more. You can also see how many times someone has swiped right on your profile!

3. What’s Your Price

Pricey? Maybe. But What’s Your Price will at least give you the chance of arranging an escort-like meeting with someone wealthy while setting your price for time spent together. If you want something that feels casual and friendly while still being a place to get serious about finding a sugar daddy, this might be the right app for you.

Typically, a bid is an offer to spend time with someone in exchange for money while an ask typically specifies the amount of money that must be paid for spending time together. While this may not be your typical sugar daddy dating site (and it’s definitely not focused on long-term arrangements), it can still offer you the opportunity to get an idea of what you can expect to spend on dates.

4. Miss Travel

Part dating website, part travel agency, Miss Travel is an innovative site that lets you join as a member for free. In order to qualify as a “Traveler” (the site’s version of Sugar Babies), you must be 18+ and at least 21 years old in the US. If you’re not yet 21 or live outside the US, you can still have a profile as a “Member” and contact other people on the site.

Members can list their profiles with pictures for free. The site also offers a Platinum membership that gives users access to advanced search options, more pictures and videos, and message alerts.

MissTravel brings together people who want to travel with those who want to be traveled to. It’s a unique take on dating that gives its members the opportunity to travel the world for free, thanks to all the generous travelers who are looking for someone special.

5. Sudy

A newer sugar daddy dating site, Sudy is kind of like Tinder for Sugar Daddies and Mommas. It’s a location-based app that allows users to sign up right from the get-go as either a ‘Sugar Baby’ or a ‘Sugar Daddy.’

All profiles on this app are 100 percent verified, so users know what they’re getting. Location-based search allows you to see who’s around you, looking for the same things as you are.

Features include unlimited likes, pass/fail photos, and video chat. You can even connect your Instagram account! There are no limitations on swiping or messaging people within Sudy, either.

6. Sugar Book

Another modern, easy to use app that allows just about anyone looking for love or money, Sugar Book is a free dating service with around 6 million users.

Once you sign up using Facebook, the site will ask you what are your interests, favorite activities and if you want to have kids one day. You can also open up the door by allowing them to see your photos or going into more detail about what you do for a living.

Sugar Book will connect you with potential matches every day, based on what it knows about you from your profile – which can help narrow down the results if this is your first time using an app like this. And again, all profiles are approved by human moderators to weed out spammers!

7. Emily Dates

Emily Dates is one of the newer sugar daddy websites, but it’s also more discreet than some of its competitors. The site is actually named after the founder’s own daughter, who was dating someone wealthy while in college.

Emily Dates is an online dating site that caters to college students who want to date someone wealthy. Emily Dates makes it easy to find a sugar daddy by connecting users based on their preferences and location through a quick sign up process.

Using the site is free, since all you need to do is create a profile with basic information such as your age, height, weight and occupation. This will allow you to see matches in your area and browse profiles, but to start messaging you will need a paid membership.

8. Sugar Daddy Meet

SugarDaddyMeet is a premium sugar daddy site that facilitates genuine connections with wealthy benefactors. The site caters to all types of people, including sugar babies, sugar daddies, and the ones that are looking to find a perfect match.

This sugar daddy website brags that it has a vast base of appealing singles across the globe, has an exceptionally present-day interface, and is loaded with helpful features so you can have the most ideal dating experience.

9. Sugar Daddy for Me

Sugar Daddy for Me is another premium sugar daddy website. The site allows users to create a profile that shows what they are looking for, whether it be a relationship or friendship.

This sugar daddy dating site was launched by two single mothers who were tired of guys with flashy photos and empty promises. Users can sign up through the website to get access to member preferences, photos, and videos.

The site has a built-in chat feature for its users to communicate with one another, as well as browse through profiles. Paid memberships are also available which provide access to more features like read receipts, private messaging and profile viewing.

10. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a dating site that caters to people in committed relationships who are looking for an affair. The site has been in operation since 2001 and claims to have over 50 million users.

Ashley Madison is the most well-known website of its kind and has been the subject of much controversy. While most of the site is for married people, there are sections that allow different types of relationships including sugar daddy dating and sugar baby seeking.

This sugar daddy website is not for people who are looking for a one-night stand or something of that sort. You can use this site to find someone looking for a relationship and if you want privacy, you need to pay up (you can get a paid subscription for $19.99 per month).

Rich Men Websites and Dating (Not Sugar Daddy/ Sugar Baby Focused)

You don’t necessarily need to be using a sugar dating website or sugar daddy dating app in order to find a man willing to splurge and spoil their lady.

Here are some more conventional dating apps that are still exclusive and focused on connecting those looking for a partner with big money.

11. EliteSingles

Assuming you are searching for a sugar daddy dating site to meet a well-off man that prioritizes quality over quantity, EliteSingles may be the ideal decision for you.

Established in 2008, EliteSingles has become one of the most well-known sugar daddy dating apps for rich men. On this sugar daddy website, sugar babies are able to join the website for free. Sugar daddies however must upgrade to a paid membership in order to communicate via message.

What sets EliteSingles apart from similar dating websites for rich men is its attempt to guarantee meeting somebody extraordinary. You will see in the broad screening process that incorporates relevant polls and personality tests. Besides giving rich men, EliteSingles likewise has its reasonable part of rich qualified ladies searching for adoration.

12. Luxy

Luxy is a dating app for wealthy singles. The app bills itself as a “dating app for the beautiful and successful.” On Luxy, you can browse profiles of wealthy singles and filter by income, occupation, and net worth. You can also see who has “liked” your profile.

Luxy has been criticized widely for its exclusivity — but that’s why we like it (if you can get in that is)! The app is only available to users who have a LinkedIn profile, and users are required to provide their annual income and job title.

Critics say that Luxy is a place for the rich to find other rich people to date — making it one of the best websites for sugar babies to find a rich sugar daddy online.

13. OkCupid

While it might not be considered one of the best sugar daddy websites at first glance, OkCupid can actually be a great way to find a wealthy sugar daddy for a relationship or even just a hookup.

The site has been around since 2004 and is currently one of the biggest dating site in the world with over 4 million users who are looking for love, friendship, flirtation, or casual encounters. Whether you’re looking for long-term relationships or something more casual, OkCupid allows you create a profile with pictures and answer the classic “36 Questions” that help find compatibilities.

The site also offers three different premium level packages, including A-List (which gives you access to all message alerts), browse profiles without messaging first, a more advanced search tool, and other features.

14. Established Men

Established Men is a popular and well-respected sugar daddy website — here, users can create a profile and receive messages from wealthy men.

Established Men has a lot in common with Seeking and other sugar daddy websites — you can search profiles based on location, age, income, and ethnicity. One of the best things about Established Men is that it’s not just for finding a sugar daddy — it can also double as a dating site for potentially snagging a rich husband (hey, you never know).

The site promotes that its pool of men encompasses, for example, attorneys, financial backers, CEOs, business people, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. This sugar daddy app makes it straightforward to get rid of the duds who are looking for fruitless hookups.

15. Rich Meet Beautiful

Rich Meet Beautiful is a sugar daddy dating app for the elite, beautiful and successful. By joining RichMeetBeautiful you gain exclusive access to a community of successful men and attractive women from all over the world.

The Richmeetbeautiful sugar daddy dating site makes it simple for you to seek an affluent man who is interested in finding a sugar baby. You essentially make a profile and afterward look for men who are of a specific level of pay (yes, totally here for that). You can likewise determine the age reach, area, and way of life intrigues that you are searching for in a partner in crime.

16. Millionaire Match

MillionaireMatch.com is among the best sugar daddy dating site for the rich and attractive, featuring thousands of successful men that are eager to connect with young women on their terms.

MillionaireMatch is exclusively designed for wealthy individuals who haven’t got time to go on regular dates due to their busy schedules. It’s the best dating site for those who work hard and play harder.

MillionaireMatch has an enormous client base of wealthy people from varying backgrounds. You should rest assured that you will observe somebody who shares your inclinations and way of life on this dating app.

17. Date Billionaire

DateBillionaire is one of the most straightforward dating sites for sugar babies and successful men. This site truly gives you a chance to contact rich people who are available through their profiles on this website.

It is free to sign up, but you need to buy credits in order to send messages and see who viewed your profile. You can purchase your credits with Paypal or Credit Card.

DateBillionaire is a dating app that lets you find wealthy men in your area (or perhaps just outside of). A lot of sugar babies are looking for rich men on this website, and it’s probably because they know this is the best sugar daddy website to search near and far.

18. Lusso

Lusso is a dating website for rich men and pot sugar daddies who are looking to date beautiful women.

LUSSO doesn’t have a super large number of members nor is it ‘open’ to the overall population. Lusso is a very exclusive dating application that professes to take care of individuals who are searching for love.

Started in 2015, Lusso as of now has generally 28k clients worldwide with the greater part living inside the United States. The application permits anybody to set up their profile free of charge and transfer 4 to 5 photographs. Clients can likewise give their occupation, place of graduation, and the vehicle they drive.

19. Raya

Raya is an elite dating app. Though it’s not meant necessarily to be a website to find a sugar daddy, you can certainly finesse this exclusive dating app, with plenty of wealthy me, to do so.

It has limited membership and requires you to be vetted by the moderator. For the most part, it is a dating app that caters to people in creative industries, celebrities, and rich kids from all over.

Although there are no promises of finding someone on this site, it does focus on connections between people who have similar interests and lifestyles.

20. Age Match

AgeMatch is a well-known sugar daddy site which means you can meet wealthy men who are interested in dating sugar babies that are age-appropriate. AgeMatch has both free and paid memberships, but for the most part it’s free to join the website, upload photos, search profiles, and message other members.

This dating website was created for potential sugar babies who are looking to meet their ideal mature partner. There are countless success stories on this site, which is why it’s one of the most popular sugar baby websites around today.

So if you are searching for a sugar baby in your area, or if you want to date a younger sugar baby, then AgeMatch is the website for you.

21. Silver Singles

SilverSingles is an elite dating website that caters to those who are over the age of 50. This is a website that has more of a focus on finding someone who can be your companion for life rather than something short-term.

This site, unlike others, is meant to foster real relationships between people with similar goals and interests. This website understands that most people want companionship in their old age and Silver Singles caters just to that.

People who are on this website need to pay in order to send messages, but if you don’t have the money for premium services, there is a free option that limits some features.

Best Sugar Daddy Websites — Takeaway

So, whether you’re looking for a sugar daddy website that is free and open to all or one that is more exclusive and harder to get into, there are options out there for you.

It’s important to remember that the site you choose should reflect your wants and needs in a sugar daddy/baby relationship. If you’re not comfortable with an affair-focused dating site like Ashley Madison, try DateBillionaire or Silver Singles. If you want something more discreet, Lusso may be the right choice for you. And if you’re looking for someone who is wealthy and ready to commit, Raya might just be the perfect app for you!


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