15+ Funky AF Roller Skating Outfit Ideas For Women That Are Sure To Turn Heads

roller skating outfit ideas

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Looking for roller skating outfit ideas to flex in? The best thing about roller skating (besides the fun and sense of freedom roller skating encourages), is the opportunity to wear some pretty funky outfits to match those groovy foot moves you’ve been learning.

Nearly every morning and some evenings too, I grab my rose gold Marawa quads (you can also find them here and here) and head for the abandoned tennis court near my house or the Miami Beach boardwalk. And you better believe I’m sporting a super cute roller skating outfit while there.

To help inspire your own roller skating outfits, here are some of your favorite roller skaters on Instagram serving roller skating looks honey!

Where I could, I’ve linked to where you can find the roller skating outfits pictured. I’ve also included links to some similar outfits you may also like. I hope you enjoy roller babe 💃🏾.

Sporty Roller Skating Outfit Ideas

While a pair of regular leggings and a sports bra will certainly do for an ordinary workout, girls who roller skate are anything but ordinary. Here are some sporty roller skating outfit ideas with a fun and funky twist.

1. A sexy catsuit.🐱

roller skating outfit ideas

Wearing a catsuit is such a great roller skating outfit idea because not only is it unique (it’s not every day you see people walking around in catsuits), it’s also super comfy and practical. When looking for roller skating catsuit outfits, I would definitely recommend opting for ones made out of mostly cotton fabric.

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I absolutely adore this super comfy-looking one on @neonkeon by plant tie-dyed apparel brand @rideordyeojai. This woman-owned brand was started by Laura La Rue in Ojai, California. Definitely check out her cool pieces.

“The beauty of dyeing with natural dyes is that every piece is unique.”


2. Matching biker short set in a fun color.

@frankvinyl_skates got this cute set in from @wolven. Wolven is a brand committed to making sustainability sexy — each sale diverts one pound of ocean-bound plastic. On Wolven’s website, you’ll find lots of fun activewear with pretty prints (perfect for roller skating) that are made with the environment in mind.

“I love this sustainable brand so much.”


3. A sexy leggings/sports bra combo.

@zelinaonwheels looks sporty yet sexy in this black leggings and sports bra combo that I’m totally feeling. The cutouts in the sports bra and on the side of the leggings make this ensemble perfectly extra roller skating.

I have a similar roller skating outfit that I absolutely love from Fabletics. Their activewear is comfy, breathable, flexible, and chic. Check out their matching outfits and sets here.

4. A funky print workout set.

roller skaters on instagram

Did you know that Spanx carries some really cool activewear sets like this one? Who says workout attire has to be boring. @the_good_guy91 clearly doesn’t think so.

@Spanx you have rocked my world once again! This set held me nicely and the fun print and great material made them so hard to take off! “


Groovy Outfits for Roller Skating

Groovy is a word to keep top of mind when searching for roller skating outfit ideas. I promise you can not go wrong with a colorful pair of flare bottom pants and a cute itsy bitsy top to match.

5. That’s so 70’s.

These incredible sunflower hand-painted bell-bottom pants were made by @artsythrifter — an uber-talented black creative.

“My mission is to connect people from around the world through the love of fashion, art, and nature.”


6. Bell-bottoms are back baby!

These groovy pants are by @yesterdaypeople. Yesterday People was born from a love of the 60’s and 70’s and all the crazy, outta sight, far-out fabrics, music, design, and decor that went along with it! 

7. Don’t cut me out.

Totally here for this cut-out matching pants set worn by @anacto. Equal parts funky and sexy — the perfect outfit for roller skating.

8. To die for tie-dye.

Love this roller skating outfit by @kellllllllllls. While the pants are out of this world, the top you will find at Alo. Alo Yoga has the best activewear and most comfy outfits for roller skating that money can buy (I swear by them).

Fun & Funky Roller Skating Outfit Ideas

Because roller skating is about being free, creative, and wearing whatever the heck you want. And so, bring on the fun, funk, and creative roller skating outfit ideas baby!

9. Call me Lacey baby.

roller skating outfit ideas

You can count on @marawa to come all the way through with the fun and flair to inspire your roller skating outfits. I mean, who says you can’t go rolling around town in a full-on lace bodysuit? Yasss!

10. Go for gold (or silver, or something metallic)

@the_good_guy91 is certainly levitating.. all the way to mars in this metallic gold catsuit roller skating outfit. You better shine baby!

11. Go all out.

Ok. I don’t know if this ensemble would be all that practical of an outfit for roller skating, but are you not inspired by the roller skating queen @oumi_janta?

12. Get frisky with leopard and cheetah animal print.

roller skating outfit ideas

Leopard print, cheetah print, and any animal print for that matter is such a fun roller-skating outfit idea. No matter which style of outfit you go with, this funky print is sure to stand out and turn heads.

This leopard print unitard catsuit @marawa is wearing I believe is by her own brand @iwanttogotoparadise (although I’m not 100% certain). If you check out her website, however, you’re sure to find similar funky pieces and other really cool roller skating outfits.

Casual Flirty Flex Outfit Ideas for Roller Skating

Because your outfit can be every bit as effortless as your roller skating dance moves.

13. A flirty two-piece short set.

This adorable yellow two-piece short set on @neonkeon is by @mybubblebum. The founder of this brand is a circus artist originally from Ireland.

“I searched the net to find it, I visualized this colorful circus clothing shop, But I just couldn’t find anything as I had imagined, it was still a dream that nobody had created, I finally realized that if this dream shop would come true, I would need to create it to solve my own problem. So I did, and My Bubble Bum was born.”


14. Sweatsuit sweetness.

Because a queen, is a queen, is a queen. Even in a cut-off crop top and a pair of super short sweat shorts.

15. Jenny from the block vibes.

Why of course you can roller skate in jeans. Make for a cute roller skating outfit, right? Just make sure they’re flexible!

More Roller Skating Outfit Ideas…

Because, why not?

Space cowgirl.

roller skating outfit ideas

Velour set vibes.

Did you enjoy this round up of roller skating outfit ideas? What are some of your favorites stores or websites to get cute outfits for roller skating? Drop down in the comments and share why don’t ya!

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