10 Iconic Looks from How to Marry a Millionaire

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It’s no secret that Marilyn Monroe is one of the greatest style icons of all time. Known for her iconic “blonde bombshell” persona, she was one of the most famous actresses of her time and was symbolic of the era’s attitudes towards sexuality. Today, she remains a pop culture influencer and style inspiration. In one of her iconic roles, Monroe plays the ditzy Pola DeBevoise in 1953 film How to Marry a Millionaire. As Pola, Monroe dazzles in some truly iconic looks.

But while watching How to Marry a Millionaire, I did, in fact, discover a secret (to me at least). Two to be precise. Those are Monroes onscreen co-stars Lauren Bacall who plays a cunning Schatze Page, and Betty Grable who plays the vivacious Loco Dempsey. These two starlets shine equally as radiant as Monroe, in looks inspired by their colorful characters.

I’ve always been a fan of the sophisticated and chic looks past eras. After watching How to Marry a Millionaire, however, I’ve truly gained an appreciation for watching vintage movies of a source style inspiration. In our How to Marry a Millionaire review, I feature some of my favorite fashions from the film. Here, check out ten of the most iconic looks by Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, and Betty Grable, (and some of their co-stars) in How to Marry a Millionaire.

The Red One Piece Bathing Suit

The White Terrycloth Bath Robe

The Pink Mermaid Dress and Flower Chocker

The Fusia Asymmetrical Strap Silk Gown and Train

The Navy Skirt Suit, Hat, and Fur

The Powder Blue and Peach Transforming Sport dress

The Flamboyant Blue Jacket with Matching Chic Dress

The White Puff Sleeve Blouse and Gray Dress

White Pencil Dress and Matching Fur

Blue Suit with Champagne Silk Scarf

Just fabulous, aren’t they! Many of these looks would certainly still be the cat’s meow today. Check out even more looks from How to Marry a Millionaire. Also, see our spoiler-free review of How to Marry a Millionaire.