Wanna Snag A Rich Husband? This Movie Will Teach You How To Marry a Millionaire

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Have you ever daydreamed of falling head over heels for a man who just happened to be exceptionally wealthy? With an strategic game plan and artful execution, any brilliantly clever woman could find and marry her rich millionaire husband.

Sound far-fetched?

In the 1953 film How To Marry a Millionaire a trio of crafty beauties embark on a hilariously brilliant journey determined to do just that.

Admittingly, when I first came across How to Marry a Millionaire, I was not particularly interested given how old the movie was. I imaged the quality and writing subpar and uninteresting. As a classic style connoisseur and admirer of Marilyn Monroe however, I decided to give the movie a chance. And boy am I glad I did. How to Marry Millionaire really opened my eyes to the timeless brilliance of vintage movies.

What is How to Marry a Millionaire about?

Shot in 1950s New York City, three models set-up a bachelorette pad in a ritzy building with a plan. Frustrated with young and dusty men and their lack of funds, the ladies plan to use their exclusive local to attract rich men and marry them. As one of the ladies puts it simply, “the idea is this; if you had your choice of everybody in the world, which would you rather marry, a rich guy or a poor one?” “I think I’d rather marry a rich one.” “Alright then, where would you be more likely to meet one? In a walk-up (someplace), or in a joint like this?”

The scheme begins when in an effort to prove her skills and commitment, one of the ladies go grocery shopping with a quarter and uses her charm to finesse arriving with a fridge full worth of food expensed by a generous but seemingly basic gentleman. As the three women lure and enchant their suitors, their master plan unfolds and hilarity ensues.

How to Marry a Millionaire stars three of the brightest starlets of the 1950’s. We’re first introduced to Schatze Page, played by Lauren Bacall, the no-nonsense, calculating brains of the operation. Soon after we meet Pola DeBevoise, played by Marilyn Monroe; the ditzy, blind as a bat blonde bombshell who refuses to wear her glasses in the company of men for her own vanity. The trio is rounded out with the spunky Loco Dempsey, played by Betty Grable, the spunky and playful firecracker.

In addition to the delightfully amusing adventures the ladies take on, what I loved most about this movie was the fashions. For the entirety of the movie, I was in awe at the beautiful ensemble worn throughout. From beginning to end, the women looked ravishingly classy, sophisticated, and overall just absolutely gorgeous. How to Marry a Millionaire offers a lovely glimpse into the chic style of the women of a past era.

Fashion and Style inspiration from How to Marry a Millionaire

Interestingly, each of the ladies wardrobes was inspired by the distinct personalities of their characters. Shotzy throughout wears more “buttoned-up” and conservative outfits. A playful Loco wears playful styles, colors, and prints. Pola wears tastefully uber sexy outfits that play to her characters allure and Marilyn Monroe’s real-life Ingenue essence.

These were three of my personal favorite Fashion looks from How to Marry a Millionaire. These looks are certainly classy, chic, sophisticated style inspiration. #goals

Some fabulous looks from How to Marry a Millionaire

Check out some of the absolutely most fabulous scenes from the movie below. To see some of our favorite outfits, check out 7 fashionably stylish looks from How To Marry a Millionaire for inspiration.

Characters Pola, Loco, and Schatze plot and imagine their master plan to land millionaire husbands.

The ladies freshen up at an exclusive party.

The ladies prepare to model in a fashion show.

Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, and Lauren Bacall.

Loco, played by Betty Grable in her Ski attire.

Pola DeBevoise, played by Marilyn Monroe, lounges on the phone in a chic dress.

The trio sit at a food counter with their beaux.

How to Marry a Millionaire is a classic. I must have watched it at least 7 times within a week of purchasing. It’s cleverly funny, the characters are beautifully styled, and its filmed in vibrant technicolor. Every young woman should watch this movie. It will make you laugh, inspire your style, and hey, you might even pick up a few tricks on how to marry a millionaire.


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