Looking For The How To Be Classy Book by Anna Bey? Here’s What You Can Expect Instead

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If you’re looking for the How To Be Classy book by Jetstbabe Anna Bey, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an original version of the book by the School of Affluence course creator.

As a long time follower of the fabulous blog Jetsetbabe, before School of Affluence and before even the Youtube channel, I remember that Anna Bey promoting the How to Be Classy book on the blog. At the time, if I’m not mistaken, it was even being sold on Amazon.

The book How To Be Classy was touted as a step by step guide on self-transformation and how you can upgrade your life.

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A book review on Goodreads rates the book as “Very practical. It shows you the way without confusing you with lots of famous brand names of clothing, skincare, makeup, etc. Good advice on how to invest your time and money and on what to concentrate first to reach your best elegant true you.”

What Happened to the How to Be Classy Book by Anna Bey?

If you go to the Jetsetbabe blog today, you’ll find that the How To Be Classy book has been replaced with the Classy Cheatsheet instead. You won’t find the book on Amazon either. And in addition to the Classy Cheatsheet, Anna Bey also currently promotes on her Youtube channel a PDF download titled How To Look Expensive. You can find on her blog as well. 

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But what is this original How To Be Classy book you speak of? And what happened to it? 

If you’re an OG follower of Anna Bey, then you know that yes, there was indeed another version of her now How to Be Classy Cheatsheet — the How To Be Classy book.

As for what happened to it — well, you’ll have to take that up with Miss Bey.

As of the publishing of this blog post, this original version of How To Be Classy is not available online.

Never the less, here’s a little insight on what you will find in the Classy Cheatsheet, and some similar helpful resources you can download.

How To Be Classy Book & Alternatives 

Firstly, let me say, the Classy Cheatsheet is absolutely fabulous. Bravo, Anna Bey! Yet another phenomenal resource for women who want the improve their image and look better.

Additionally, the Classy Cheatsheet is certainly an upgrade from the original How To Be Classy book. More impactful and more concise.  

In the Classy Cheatsheet, Anna Bey goes in-depth into in checklist like format on everything you need to keep in mind when going shopping or putting together a classy outfit.

Among the tips included are how to tell good fabric from fabric that makes you look cheap, what colors look most chic, and key items every woman needs in her wardrobe. Everything you need to know to look neat, presentable, and appropriate.

The replacement of the original How To Be Classy book by Anna Bey shows you in great detail how to curate an image that looks classy and expensive.

Perhaps the How To Be Classy book will be back soon. But until then, you can download it and sign up for Anna Bey’s fabulous email newsletter here. 

Furthermore, there are a few bloggers that I found that have similar resources that may interest you.  

The Rachel Review blog also has a classy cheat sheet that you may download here. Audry A la Mode has a version as well, find it here

If you’re looking for more tips and tricks on how to look expensive be sure to check out Miss Bey’s Youtube channel. It’s fun, fierce, insightful and you won’t be disappointed.

Update February 2020: You can find the How To Be Classy Ebook by Anna Bey as a bonus inside the School of Affluence online course. Check out my School of Affluence review.

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