How Big Is 600 Square Feet? Peek Into My Small Studio Apartment

how big is 600 sq ft

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Wondering how big is 600 square feet? Maybe you’re considering how big is a 600 square feet studio apartment and how many people can live in it comfortably. Or perhaps you’re decorating a 600 square feet room and wondering how much furniture it can fit.

Whatever the predicament that’s got you pondering what 600 square feet looks like, I’ve got you covered. Read on…

The answer to these considerations depends on the actual space and how you plan to use it. While it may seem small, 600 square footage can actually be quite spacious, depending on the layout and how efficiently the space is utilized.

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How big is 600 square feet?

If you run the numbers into this square footage calculator, you will find that 24.5 x 24.5 feet is equal to just about 600.25 feet. For simplicity’s sake (and if you don’t quite need exact measurements), you may grab a tape measure and round 25 x 25 feet to get an idea of how big is 600 square feet.

You could also take 25 steps, rounding each step to about 1 foot, to get a real rough and dirty guestimate. This will give you a close enough idea of how big a 600 square feet apartment or what a space of this size would look and feel like overall.

Keep in mind that the way the space is divided and configured will also factor into the overall perspective of how big 600 square feet is.

Some Rough Numbers:

When precision isn’t necessary, simplify your approach with these rough measurements.

  • 24 ft x 24 ft = 576 sq ft 
  • 24.5 ft x 24.5 ft = 600.25 ft
  • 25 ft x 25 ft = 625 sq ft 

Is 600 square feet small for an apartment?

As apartment sizes go, 600 square feet would generally be quite small for a 1 bedroom apartment in the United States. If, however, we’re talking a studio apartment, 600 square feet is actually quite large — considering that in 2018, the average square footage of a newly built studio apartment in the US was reported to be 514 square feet.

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As mentioned before how big a 600-square-foot apartment looks and feels is going to depend on the layout and utilization of the space. For example, if the unit has an open floor plan it may feel more spacious than if it had interior walls. On the other hand, interior walls can help a studio apartment feel more organized and functional.

How big is a 600-square-foot room?

To get an idea of how big is a 600-square-foot room is, consider that an average one-bedroom apartment is 757 square feet overall. In comparison, a standard two-car garage measures in at around 500 square feet. So while it’s not huge, 600 square feet is certainly not small.

What does 600 square footage look like?

In terms of what a 600-square-foot area looks like it all depends on the design. For example, a 12×50-foot room or an open floor plan could look quite different from a traditional square-shaped layout.

Additionally, considering what a 600-square-foot apartment would look like would vary widely depending on the floor plan or layout. If it’s divided into two or more distinct areas, such as a living and dining area, then the overall look and feel of the apartment could be quite different from if it were one large open space.

As with many things of this sort, when it comes to determining how big 600 square feet is or what a 600 square feet apartment or room would look like, I could show you better than I could tell you. Let’s take a look at some studio apartments and rooms just around 600 square feet for good measure.

My 641 Square Feet Studio Apartment

For reference of what a studio apartment just a little over 600 square feet looks like, here is my own studio apartment.

600 square feet apartment
This image may skew a bit wide making the space appear a bit bigger.

This studio apartment is 641 square feet to be exact. As you can see it has interior walls separating the living area from the sleeping area.

how big is 600 sq ft
A more accurate view of how the space looks and feels.

Albeit a very small one, the space does look and feel like a one-bedroom apartment. See the 641 sq feet floor plant below.

My official studio apartment floorplan and layout.

I was however enlightened by the leasing agent, that because of the smaller square footage and that the sleeping area doesn’t have a door, the space is considered and rented as a 641 sq ft studio apartment.

How much furniture can you fit into 600 sq ft?

Considering that a queen-sized bed is about 5×7 feet and small couches runs around 7 feet wide, 600 square feet or 25 feet x 25 feet is plenty of space to fit your essential furniture pieces (although I wouldn’t overdo it with large pieces).

How many people can live comfortably in 600 sq ft?

The number of people who can live comfortably in a space will depend on various factors such as the size of the space, layout, furniture, and personal preferences. Generally speaking, two people can live comfortably in a 600-square-foot apartment.

Is 600 square feet big enough space?

So, be it a studio apartment, a super large bedroom, or another type of space, be it to live in, throw a party, or park your car is 600 square feet plenty to do a lot of things.

Is big enough to live in? Yes, 600 square feet is enough space to live for one or two people. While it may be considered a small living space, it can still provide all the necessary amenities and comfort for a comfortable lifestyle. With proper planning and organization, 600 square feet can be utilized efficiently to create a cozy and comfortable living environment.


There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to how big 600 square feet is or what it looks like, as there are many factors that come into play such as layout and design.

If you’re interested in seeing how I decorate my 641 sq ft apartment above, make sure to explore the blog. And don’t be shy to leave your thoughts in the comments below.