15+ Best Sleeper Sofa Beds For Studio Apartment (Or Small Space)

sofa beds for studio apartment

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Decorating a small studio apartment living area can be tricky — where space is tight, choosing the right furniture pieces to suit your space is essential. While you of course want to choose items that are practical, you also don’t want to sacrifice comfort, style, or spend outside of your budget.

If you’re looking for ways to maximize your studio apartment living space without compromising on style and quality, then look no further. These small pull-out sofa beds for studio apartments can easily transform from a couch into an inviting guest bed without taking up too much square footage.

I currently live in a 641-square-foot studio apartment in Miami, Florida. While my space is modest, it’s very important for me to have a cozy space where I can comfortably host a friend overnight if I’d like.

The aesthetic of the space is important to me, so the couch needs to be stylish. I also want the couch itself and the pull-out sofa bed to be comfortable. I want all of this within a reasonable budget for a working single gal (that hasn’t found her rich boyfriend to sponsor this purchase just yet).

If you’re looking for a stylish, comfy, good quality, budget-friendly (because we don’t like the word cheap around here) small sleeper sofa for your studio apartment, look no further. I’ve scoured all the top furniture sites for the best small sofa beds for small spaces that money can buy.

Tips on choosing the best sofa bed for a small studio apartment…

And the criteria for this round-up.

Size matters — especially width.

Stick to a sleeper sofa not too much more than 2/3 the length (or not too much more) of the space you’re working with. This will create a balance in the room, so you don’t have too much sofa and not enough space around it. The sofa beds for studio apartments in this round-up are all below 100” in width to accommodate a small studio apartment size.

A twin, full, or queen-sized pull-out bed size is more than enough.

When maximizing for space, just keep in mind that every inch counts! And if you plan on hosting one guest (or even two), a full bed which typically measures 54″ x 75″ plenty of room — though you may opt for a twin or queen depending on the space you have to spare.

Light neutral colors will make the space appear more spacious.

When it comes to furnishing a small studio living space, avoiding bold or dark colors is key if you want to make a small space feel bigger. Stick to lighter neutral colors to help brighten up a small area.

You don’t have to sacrifice style or comfort.

A pull-out sofa for a small studio apartment doesn’t have to look or feel like a pull-out sofa. Though a multifunctional convertible sofa bed, modern design, luxurious fabrics, and a robust frame are certainly possible to attain.

Built to last — but make it budget-friendly.

Just as space is a valuable commodity, it’s important to make sure you get the best bang for your buck when purchasing furniture for a small space. Whether your studio apartment is for a good time or a long time, quality materials and craftsmanship that will stand up to plenty of wear and tear are essential.

Stores and websites to shop the best sofa beds for a small studio apartment.

I found the following stores and websites had the best pull-out couches that met the criteria above. Jump straight to their sleeper sofa options by clicking the respective link below.

  • West Elm: On the pricier end, but known for great quality and lots of stylish options.
  • Borrow: Modern brand that offers a unique approach with customizable configurations.
  • Joss and Main: Beautiful sofa options and very affordable prices.
  • Ikea
  • Pottery Barn
  • Joy Bird
  • Birch Lane
  • Crate and Barrel
  • CB2

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*You may notice one very big retailer missing from this list — Amazon. From my own observation, Amazon just isn’t the best option to shop for big furniture items. The options are very limited and the options that are available, while affordable, just don’t look like they’d pass the style or quality criteria.

🏆 My Top Pick For Best Pull-Out Sofa Bed For Studio Apartment

Harris 2-Peice Pop-Up Sleeper Sectional w/ Storage Chase

  • Where to get it: West Elm
  • Starting price: $3498
  • What’s to love: In addition to the modern design of this sleeper sofa, the discreet storage is awesome.

The Harris Sleeper Sectional from West Elm has taken the top spot on our list. Why? This sofa’s clean modern lines and a variety of fabric options, including leather, ensure it will fit any aesthetic style. In addition to the pop-out bed, the storage compartment adds additional practicality for maximizing a small space.

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This sofa bed is also particularly well suited for a small studio apartment because of its compact size. It’s a bit of a splurge but coming from West Elm, you know it’s a high-quality piece that will last for years to come.

More Of The Best Pull Out Sofa Beds For Studio Apartments

They’re stylish, they’re comfortable, they’re multifunctional practical — here are some of the best sofa beds for studio apartments I found.

Higher-End Pull-Out Sofas For Studio Apartments — $2,000+

Sorted by size, smallest to largest.

Hopson Sleeper Sofa (79″)

  • Where to get it: Joybird
  • Starting price: $3,213

This chic, glamorous piece of furniture offers a superior quality that comes through in its sturdy construction and low-profile arms. Its deep seating provides the perfect spot to lounge comfortably without compromising on style – an ideal choice for those looking for relaxed luxury at home!

Braxton Sleeper Sofa (79″)

  • Where to get it: Joybird
  • Starting price: $3,755

Tufted with style and grace, this modern masterpiece is perfect for anyone wishing to add some drama to their home decor. This contemporary piece easily converts from a trendy seat by day, to an equally comfortable bed for the night. Let the Braxton sleeper sofa be your fashionable solution to tight quarters!

Haven Queen Sleeper Sofa (79″)

  • Where to get it: West Elm
  • Starting price: $2,299
  • What’s to love: Popular for being extremely comfortable.
sofa beds for studio apartment
sofa bed for studio apartment

Unwind in comfort with a sofa that offers the perfect combination of style and function. Its low-slung shape will add subtle sophistication to any room or living area, while its versatility lets you easily alternate between lounging around during the day and sleeping soundly at night.

Marin Sleeper Sofa (80″)

  • Where to get it: West Elm
  • Starting price: $2,599

Transform your living room into a cozy retreat with this one piece of furniture! West Elms sofa by day, Queen sleeper transforms to provide comfortable sleeping arrangements whenever you need them – plus the contouring memory foam-infused mattress and hand-built frames with hand-finished upholstery make it like no other.

Urban Queen Sleeper Sofa (84″)

  • Where to get it: West Elm
  • Starting price: $2,399

Add a touch of style and comfort to your home with the convertible sofa bed perfect for a small studio apartment. Its simple silhouette makes it aesthetically pleasing while its sink-right-in quilted cushioning offers incredible relaxation day or night – just pull out the mattress with a memory foam top for an instant sleeping experience!

Mid Range Pull-Out Sofas For Studio Apartments — $1,500-2,000

Sorted by size, smallest to largest.

Barrett II Full Sleeper (71″)

  • Where to get it: Crate and Barrel
  • Starting price: $1599

Introducing the Barrett II Full Sleeper from Crate & Barrel – your ticket to modern and carefree living! With twin, full, and queen-size options available starting at just, you can choose a Barrett Sleeper to fit even the tiniest of studio apartments. And it doesn’t skimp on style or practicality either; its streamlined design and plush seat cushions will make it the focal point of any room.

Godwin Upholstered Sleeper Sofa (72”)

  • Where to get it: Birch Lane or Wayfair
  • Starting price: $1,645

Make the most of any living area with a stylish and convenient sleeper sofa bed! Easily convert the Godwin to an overnight guest-ready regular-sized sleeping mattress – no need for that spare bedroom you don’t have. Available in different colors and fabric types so you can easily choose which one fits best into your home’s existing design aesthetic.

Cameron Slope Arm Upholstered Sleeper Sofa (72″)

  • Where to get it: Pottery Barn
  • Starting price: $1599

Enjoy a restful night of sleep with an American-made sleeper sofa. With special foam and gel technology, this fantastic piece offers enhanced elasticity for maximum comfort while wicking away body heat to keep you cool all night long!

Tandom Sleeper Sofa XL Twin (78”)

  • Where to get it: CB2
  • Starting price: $1,899.00

Create the perfect sleepover set-up with this exceptionally clever and contemporary sleeping solution! In three simple steps, you can transform your stylish sofa into a comfy guest bed – no need to pull away from walls or unfold heavy mattresses. With its Euro-depth seating and plush back cushions atop a polished metal frame, comfort is guaranteed for one person in seconds.

VATI Sofa by Article (80″)

  • Where to get it: Article
  • Starting price: $1699
  • What’s to love: Unique curvaceous design and looks super cozy.
sofa bed for small space

The Vati is a sofa that can transform any room into an inviting and comfortable space for visitors. Its chic, low-profile shape with piles of cushy padding makes it look like an innocent piece of furniture – but don’t be fooled! Remove the pillows to reveal its hidden superpower: a queen-size bed in disguise. Making sure you’re always prepared to entertain overnight guests, this cleverly designed sleeper ensures your secret’s safe until you decide who gets the memo.

Budget Friendly Pull-Out Sofas For Studio Apartments — Less Than $1500

Sorted by size, smallest to largest.

Shelby Upholstered Sleeper Sofa (63”)

  • Where to get it: Birch Lane
  • Starting price: $1099

Get ready to make space for guests at the drop of a hat with this sleek and stylish sleeper sofa bed! Crafted by American artisans in North Carolina, the Shelby Upholstered Sleeper Sofa from Birch Lane is designed for compactness but opens up into an inviting full-sized sleeping spot – perfect if your home lacks a spare room. Plus, there are plenty of colors and fabrics available so you can find one that fits well within your studio apartment.

Perzan Twin Split Back Convertible Sofa (64”)

  • Where to get it: Wayfair
  • Starting price: $669.99

The Perzan Twin convertible sofa from Wayfair is perfect for your studio apartment if you’re as tight on funds as you are on space. This is one of the smallest convertible sofa beds I found and the price is also very affordable. Seeing that it’s a twin sleeper and the sofa arms remain erect, keep in mind any guests utilizing this sofa bed would need to bed small themselves to rest comfortably.

Godwin Upholstered Sleeper Sofa (69”)

  • Where to get it: Joss & Main
  • Starting price: $1,220

This multifunctional square-arm sleeper sofa is the perfect solution for any small space. The durable and comfortable construction will provide a cozy, low-profile bed that can easily be pulled out into a queen size when guests arrive!

Godfrey Upholstered Sleeper Sofa (75”)

  • Where to get it: Joss & Main
  • Starting price: $1,300

This cozy couch adds just the right touch to any small room, providing an inviting place for visitors and doubling as a convenient pull-out bed when needed – no fuss required! The Godfrey Sleeper Sofa has a streamlined design with plush cushions, so you can relax in comfort.

Porthos Cream Queen Sleeper Sofa (80″)

  • Where to get it: Living Spaces
  • Starting price: $995
  • Removable covers: Yes

Embody the best of style and functionality with Athos, Porthos and Aramis. These unique frames offer three distinct arm styles – classic roll, tuxedo or track – so you can select exactly what fits your needs. Choose from blue, light grey or cream colors to match any décor while enjoying cushions that are reversible AND loose-filled for maximum comfort over time!

Thornton Sleeper Sofa (85″)

  • Where to get it: West Elm
  • Starting price: $999

If you don’t mind a firm feel, the Thornton sleeper sofa is the perfect solution for a small studio apartment. Its classic design will blend beautifully into any decor without dominating the room. At just $999, it’s the most affordable pull-out sofa bed from West Elm. The only caveat is that it only comes in a single color — a beautiful and versatile midnight blue.

BRAAM Vintage (75”)

  • Where to get it: Article
  • Starting price: $1299
  • Removable covers: Yes

Perfect for houseguests – or any slumbering friends. With one smooth motion, it easily converts into a plush queen-sized bed, meaning your out-of-towners can feel like royalty even when their snoring keeps you up all night. Give them the luxury treatment they deserve from this must-have sleepover essential!

Range 3-Piece One Arm Sofa w/Nomad Sleep Kit (90”)

  • Where to get it: Living Spaces
  • Starting price: $1360
  • What’s to love: Unique customizable concept from a modern brand.
sofa bed for small apartment
sleeper sofa for studio apartment
sofa bed for studio apartment

Configure something unique with the Burrow customizable collections. Make it a sleeper by adding their Sleep Kits which are made to fit the sleek modern sofa styles. I particularly fancy the Range Collection with its approachable yet sophisticated layout — with all the room to grow and adapt.


Whatever the size of your studio apartment, there is a perfect small pull-out sofa bed for you. From affordable twin sleepers to luxurious queen-sized beds with removable covers and customizable options.

With these pieces in mind, you can now welcome guests into your home without compromising on comfort or style. So don’t wait any longer; start shopping today and make sure that everyone who visits has a place to relax—and rest easy!