21 Fabulous House Plant Decor Ideas for Living Room, Bedroom, and Beyond

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Nothing adds more beauty and life to our homes and space than the lush leaves and flowers of indoor house plants. Be it in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or your home office desk space… There really isn’t a space a houseplant can’t enliven.

As a lover of BloomsyBox, who delivers fresh and sustainably sourced bouquets to your door monthly, I can tell you that the health benefits fresh flowers and house plants bring should make us all consider them a necessity rather than an object of décor. Among the health benefits — house plants help deter illness, help reduce fatigue, and help lower stress and anxiety.

Are you thinking of ways yet of how you incorporate house plants into your home and decor? Here are some house plant decor ideas to help inspire you. Featured image via @fagusurban.

1. @chicoffice

If this doesn’t inspire you to work from home everyday, I dont know what will.

2. @henrik.lama

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What a comfy and cozy space. And the simple house plants really help to add some character to this small space.

3. @findingpaola

This for me is home sweet home goals for sure. The bold colors, the Afrocentric art, the lively house plants. Yes please to all of it!

4. @casinhadaportazul

A hammock inside the house? Why, I dont see why not. And surrounded by this beautiful foliage make this space all the more serene.

5. @sofiaetcherassi

How fun is it to not only incorporate real life house plants, but artistic visuals of them as well.

6. @wildfloradesign

I think I’d like to sit in that chair and never leave.

7. @saratoufali

What a perfect place to perch and listen to old records play.

8. @thestylebungalow

I just adore the chicly framed houseplant wall decor. So pretty!

9. @ez_leaf

I love the openness and all the natural light in this space. I perhaps would have chosen a contrasting color for the couch however. I feel it’s too much green. What are your thoughts?

10. @living_atnumberone

Ommmggg, what a pretty workspace! I especially love the pop of color the contrasting pink flowers add.

11. @caropeony

It the hanging plants for me. Plants hanging from the ceiling are just so damn cool.

12. @carolynyapp

Tropical vibes for a girl in the tropics. Love it!

13. @lifebetweenplants

This is a nice variety of different types of house plants.

14. @urbanoutfittershome

This is a perfect example of how you can turn the smallest and most modest of spaces into a little oasis.

15. @clairebear20

It’s the gold details for me. The gold details and the greenery make this bedroom all the more lovely.

16. @withloveandcolors

I just want to be this cat for a day. Or two.

17. @my.interior.tales

Now this is bold! And this shelf is such a unique way to incorporate house plants.

18. @living_atnumberone

Ocean vibes on the walls. Garden vibes on the floor. I’m here for it!

19. @malena_nest

This space just looks oh so cozy!

20. @rightfootcreative_

These throw are so fancy. And these very pretty house plants, equally so.

21. @ez_leaf

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