12 Energizing Crystals Based On Your Zodiac Sign

crystals for zodiac signs

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If you’re looking for the perfect crystal to add to your collection, have you considered choosing a crystal based on astrology? Seriously, choosing crystals for your zodiac sign can make your stones feel more sacred and as though they have a closer connection to you.

As you may know, each sign in the zodiac manifests in very specific traits that can define who we are on the surface and on a more personal level. And understanding the details of your birth chart can prove to be tremendously helpful in navigating your life.

To take your astrology a step further, we can incorporate stones that align with our sign’s behaviors, characteristics, and desires. In other words crystals for your zodiac sign.

Why Choose Crystals Based On Your Astrology?

By choosing crystals based on your zodiac sign you can create powerful combinations to work with.

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For example, you can select crystals that have healing properties targeting traits and behaviors concerning your sign and the area of your life it rules over. These may be crystals that are supportive against defeating behaviors, helping you work past them rather than falling victim to the negative outcomes. Some crystals can also be uplifting and fuel the energy you already possess. Boosting confidence and reinforcing our passions.

Crystals for Zodiac signs — which are best and why?

If you’ve ever wondered which crystals are for each Zodiac sign, this guide is for you! Read on to discover our pick of crystals for your astrology sign.

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The fire sign Aries is highly energetic. They are out-going risk-takers who like to prove they can come out on top. This often shows as impulsive behavior – taking action without thinking it through. You can expect Aries to get irritable if things don’t go as they had expected.

This high energy can be really effective for getting things done. Aries’ spirited nature makes them direct and honest people, who when level-headed can prove to be very organized in their thoughts. They are confident in their ability to be in the lead in social and work settings but don’t seek to be competitive in games.

Crystal for Aries: Citrine

Just like Aries, Citrine is a highly energetic crystal. A perfect crystal for zodiac sign Aries who wants to see successful outcomes from their actions is Citrine. Working with Citrine, Aries can expect to attract abundance in the form of wealth and prosperity.

Citrine crystals fuel enthusiasm and can help keep the excitable Aries confident in their endeavors. Aries sign can benefit from working with Citrine on any new task. As well, this crystal aids in releasing negative traits so the energies can shine bright without the worry of irritable behaviors putting a strain on things. 


Taurus is a very stable zodiac sign. Associated with the earth element, the Taurus zodiac sign is grounded in the physical world. For this reason, a lot of their pleasures come from the love and beauty they can see and feel around them.

A Taurus will easily keep focused on tasks and can see them through to the end, however long it takes. Since they are so comfortable with their decisions, it makes changes in life extremely difficult for them. They are stubborn and would rather continue to do things the way that they know and are familiar with.

Crystal for Taurus: Selenite

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An energy-clearing crystal, Selenite gets the fog out of the way for the right path to show. This is a great pairing for Taurus when faced with change and making decisions. Providing them with complete clarity and awareness, Selenite will guide Taurus to confidently choose their direction after seeing all options available to them. 

With Taurus being such a grounded sign, they can easily handle working with Selenite’s highly spiritual energy. A selenite crystal can be a great aid for the Taurus who is ready to access higher consciousness and break free from their familiar thought patterns.


The Geminis in the world are curious characters. They are quick to pick up information, meaning they know a little about everything. As well, they are great conversationalists since they love to ask questions. This can be a bit off-putting sometimes as they can go from excitable in conversation, to seriously deep in thought.

Geminis confidently know what they are thinking and feeling but they are worried about how it comes across to others. They don’t want to be misunderstood and left alone. Therefore, Geminis are often looking for new people to connect with.

Crystal for Gemini: Howlite

Connected to the mind, Howlite is the perfect crystal for those looking to learn, much like our Geminis. It provides calmness to the mind, helping to improve memory and straighten out thoughts. This is beneficial for Gemini as they hold a lot of information and can sometimes seem two-faced because of their flexibility in conversation. 

Howlite stone also facilitates emotional expression. Allowing a Gemini to open up easier about their feelings without fear of being misunderstood. They may choose to utilize Howlite when they are alone with their thoughts. Perhaps in meditation or journaling, to clearly organize what they are thinking and feeling.


Cancer is the emotionally sensitive sign of the zodiac. They are greatly attached to those they love, making for very loyal friends and family members. Although, their highly sensitive intuition and an influx of emotions can make them seem moody at times.

They have a hard time opening up to others because they know they are sensitive and want to avoid being hurt at all costs. When they do, they are deeply sentimental about their interactions. This is why Cancer is known for “forgiving but not forgetting.”

Crystal for Cancer: Moonstone

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Both belonging to the element of water, the calming vibration of moonstone can put Cancer’s emotions in check. Moonstone will push for inner growth and strength, creating a more independent version of Cancer.

Moonstone is also a promoter of intuition and will uplift Cancer’s already naturally occurring intuition. With moonstone, a Cancer will be able to trust and see the love behind intentions, rather than fearing the potential to be hurt.


Our natural-born leaders, Leo, are bold personalities. They are confident creatives in life, making them typically irresistible to your interest. They are in love with life and want everyone else to share in their passion. A Leo will have no problem stepping up to overcome difficult situations for a quick return to the brighter side of things.

Unfortunately, not everyone sees things as Leo does. Their confidence can make them seem like show-offs to the other signs. While others may feel like Leos are overbearing and controlling. 

Crystal for Leo: Carnelian

Sharing many boosting properties of their traits, those with the Leo zodiac sign will pair nicely with Carnelian. This crystal is widely known for its ability to strengthen courage. This will help Leo direct their energy appropriately into motivation for their creative ideas. 

Carnelian is also dispelling of envy, a feeling Leo faces when they see others being rewarded. With Carnelian, Leo can ward off any of their negative energy and replace them again with love.


Another well-grounded sign, Virgos like to base their thoughts and decisions on reason, making them very analytical people. Afraid to admit their feelings without rational reasoning, they tend to come off as introverted, when truly they are simply misunderstood.

Virgo likes to be organized and useful, sometimes to an obsessive extent leaving them to forget about their own needs. They want to be the ones making sure all the details are handled for smooth sailing. However, this creates a lot of anxiety for them. 

Crystal for Virgo: Amazonite

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Amazonite is a calming stone that promotes self-love. Through balancing masculine and feminine energies a Virgo can see all points of view and release some worry over their obsessive desire for things to always go smoothly.

With Amazonite, Virgo will feel courage welling up within them. Their self-esteem will improve, opening them up to true love in relationships. They will find the ability to be more expressive regarding their personal feelings, backed by transparent honesty without fear of judgment.


A Libra can be a confusing person to understand. Their surface personality changes depending on who they are with, making them down to earth in one situation or spontaneous in another. What others might not realize is this behavior is because they are constantly seeking balance in life. This may put them in a tough position when faced with choosing sides. 

Positively, this makes Libra a very social person. They are easy-going, just hoping to avoid conflict. Having a partner is important to a Libra. They seek someone who can reflect the balance they desire.

Crystal for Liba: Lepidolite

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Lepidolite is one of the best stones for stabilizing emotions and calming anxiety. It contains high amounts of lithium, an ingredient that has been found to reduce the severity of anxiety symptoms. Libra can find comfort in this gemstone when faced with an imbalance in their lives.

By being given a calmer mental space, Libra will have the capacity to carefully review their options when at a fork in the road. Lepidolite will bring about awareness that Libra can use to make positive choices that replace destructive ones. 


Scorpios are a powerful sign, with determination you don’t see in the rest of the zodiac. When interested, they are thorough and go to great lengths for the in-depth details. Upon facing a challenge they are fearless and prove to be resourceful in finding a solution. However, this resourcefulness can sometimes come off as manipulative. They will not be dishonest, but particular in what they share.

Although typically a popular person, Scorpios are actually very reserved. They easily are lost in their emotions making them fairly complex to understand. Scorpio tends to be closed off when it comes to their emotions because they see the world as a ruthless place. This belief often leads them to be distrusting and ultimately, lonely.

Crystal for Scorpio: Unakite

The ultimate power of Unakite is balancing emotions, making it a great crystal for Scorpio. It is a spiritual stone, providing growth or grounding when needed. With a Scorpio, Unakite will encourage the opening of the heart chakra to allow room for understanding. 

Working with Unakite, a Scorpio will feel able to release blocks that are inhibiting them from trusting. They will be pushed toward learning how to open up with their emotions while being gentle toward others.


Open-minded and ready for changes, Sagittarius is on the search for the meaning of life. They are optimistic and ready to hear and explore the possibilities out there. Although very extroverted, Sagittarius can spend a lot of time in their mind. This is where they build up great visions that given the right circumstances can easily be turned into reality.

Sometimes, Sagittarius’ enthusiasm can get them into a bit of trouble. They are very honest people, always clear about their intentions. Often, without consideration to how another might feel about their opinion.

Crystal for Sagittarius: Labradorite

A spiritually stable stone, Labradorite is the perfect protection for Sagittarius. It encourages change and trusting intuition while on their path to discovering the bigger picture. All the while, protective of the aura, ensuring a balance between raising consciousness and being grounded.

Labradorite is stimulating for the imagination and can assist Sagittarius with their visions. Supplying calm and supportive energy, Sagittarius will be able to maintain their enthusiasm while seeing a trustworthy path for bringing their ideas to fruition.


Capricorn is very independent. In their personal and professional lives, they hold up the responsibility of making serious plans and seeing them through. Their route is usually traditional, but it works for them. A Capricorn is well-grounded and knows how to make appropriate use of the material world.

Their way of seeing things through can make them seem rigid or stubborn to the other signs. Capricorn has difficulty understanding why someone may think differently from them and try imposing their beliefs on them instead of being open-minded. 

Crystal for Capricorn: Aragonite

Aragonite is a useful crystal for Capricorn for multiple reasons. Aragonite pushes for understanding and gaining perception – something Capricorn needs if they want to develop meaningful relationships. They may begin to be more accepting of other people’s way of thinking.

For the Capricorn bearing large responsibilities, Aragonite is a crystal that will push us to learn patience. It is highly effective in meditation as you can build a state of mental stability while simultaneously heightening your spiritual connection.


An Aquarius is a special type of person. They do not wish to think within the norms of society, or even with their close group. They are intelligent in their own unique way. However, this can make them feel lonely or alienated, sometimes questioning themselves for thinking differently. Unfortunately, this often leads to avoiding expressing their emotions.

Aquarius does great in humanitarian work and leadership roles because of the potential they see in the world. This type of work can get exhausting and cause them to withdraw for an emotional recharge.

Crystal for Aquarius: Angelite

The beautiful light blue crystal that is Angelite, is widely recognized for its spiritual ability to help us connect with spirits and our guides. Therefore inherently, a crystal emitting pure loving compassion.

Angelite is a great option for an Aquarius to work with for strengthening their ability in building up their community. With this crystal, they will feel supported in confidently sharing their thoughts and ideas. In turn, they will benefit humanity as a whole in the world. 


If you have a compassionately selfless friend, they’re probably a Pisces. They hold a huge space for others emotionally. This can also be their downfall, causing them to become overwhelmed if they get too emotionally invested.

Intuition runs strong in Pisces making them creative souls. Generally artistic, they are fuelled by their imagination. Although, when it comes to real-life their head seems to be in the clouds, romanticizing their existence as if in a fantasy.

Crystal for Pisces: Fluorite

If you’re a Pisces who feels they need some grounding in their life, then Fluorite may be the perfect crystal for your zodiac sign. The energetic properties of Fluorite make it a useful tool for having focus and clarity.

Great for stabilizing energy, Pisces can benefit from Fluorite to find balance in their emotions and mental state. Keep it on hand when friends are going through hard times. Alternatively, have it nearby on your next artistic endeavor to keep positive and motivated. 


All of the zodiac signs hold unique characteristics that work as driving factors to how we present ourselves, the decisions we make, and the experiences we seek. With pros and cons to each, not all of the traits are supportive in our lives. With an awareness of these characteristics and the habits we form, we can work with crystals and gemstones that support us in navigating past our barriers and towards a balanced and healthy life. 

Did you enjoy this round-up of crystals for zodiac signs? Enjoy learning about astrology and crystals? Be sure to poke around because we’ve got lots more content here we think you’ll really enjoy.