Bohemian Bliss 41 Affordable Boho Bedroom Design Inspirations

boho bedroom decor ideas

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The best bedrooms are spaces that you can escape to — where you can disconnect from the world to recharge and relax. Boho bedroom aesthetic allows us to create a warmth and coziness which we sometimes desperately need. Boho bedroom design ideas are perfect for such a space as the minimalist essence and natural accents of bohemian bedroom decor evoke a free spirit vibe and inspire tranquility.

Boho bedroom is perfect for those who love bohemian style — for those on a boho budget too. Trendy boho bedroom ideas typically feature lots of textures and natural materials like wood, fur, hemp rope, linen fabric, and more. It also often features warm colors such as deep greens, browns, and oranges to create a cozy feeling.

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If you’re looking for boho bedroom ideas to makeover or decorate your space, look no further! From colorful bedding to dreamcatchers, there’s something for everyone here. So get inspired and start creating the boho bedroom of your dreams!

Boho Bedroom Bed Ideas

The bed is the centerpiece of any bedroom. It’s where we sleep, relax, and sometimes even work. When in search for the perfect boho bed ideas for your boho bedroom, it’s important to choose the right bed for your space and decorate it accordingly. Here are a few tips on how to do just that.

Make a palette bed.


A palette bed is a great way to add some boho flair to your boho bedroom on a budget. It’s also an excellent DIY project that can be completed in just one day. You can often find wooden palettes for free that have been trashed by local businesses, or you can simply ask if they have any they don’t want or need. Some places that might have wooden palettes lying around are construction sites, hardware stores, or furniture stores.

Center the bed in the middle of the room.

boho chic bedroom decor

Although you wouldn’t necessarily think to put the bed right in the center of the room, this is a boho bedroom design idea that is worth a try. It opens up the room and makes it feel less enclosed. The boho bedroom essentials, boho decor items like boho pillows and boho bedding, will look more spread out and inviting if they’re not crammed together too close to the walls.

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Leave the boxspring on the floor.


Another budget boho bedroom idea. While it may be uncomfortable for most people to sleep on a mattress that’s directly on the floor, you can give the mattress some height by propping it up on a boxspring. This low bed position will make the room feel more airy and open, while still lending a boho vibe.

Use chic fabrics.


Boho-chic bedroom decor is all about achieving the perfect balance between traditional and modern. And one amazing way to do that is by incorporating chic fabrics like velvet into your space. Velvet has been a popular fabric choice for centuries, but it’s making a big comeback as more people appreciate its luxurious qualities.

Paint the headboard on the wall.


Another simple boho decorating idea in your bedroom is to paint the headboard on the wall. Not only does this look unique, it also frees up some space for you to place furniture in front of the bed.

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Add a bed canopy.

boho chic decor

Adding a beautiful canopy is another boho bedroom decorating idea that will add a romantic vibe and an element of dreaminess. Bed canopies have been around for centuries, but they’re making a comeback today as more people want a little bit of luxury in their lives.

Add a statement headboard.


A great way to add instant boho vibes is with a large headboard. A statement headboard serves as the centerpiece of your decor. It can be made from a variety of different materials, including wood or metal. A rattan headboard like this one on Amazon is perfect for giving off that free spirit vibe while also being durable enough to last you years to come.

Use warm bold colors.

boho chic bedroom decor

When it comes to boho bedding ideas and other boho decor details, among the best ideas, you will often find lots of whites, beiges, and other light colors. Don’t be afraid however to interject warm bold colors like browns, oranges, even reds.

Boho Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

Boho wall art is all about bringing the outdoors in. This type of decorating has grown in popularity over the last few years as people are looking for ways to bring natural elements into their home without compromising on style.

Implement natural elements.

boho chic bedroom decor pampas grass

When decorating boho bedrooms, boho-chic decorators love to use elements inspired by nature. This includes materials like wood, branches, pampas grass, plants, hemp, linen fabric, and more! Wood is a natural material that has the ability to warm up any room with its rustic essence.

Create a hat gallery.

boho chic bedroom wall art

This is perhaps one of the most creative boho bedroom ideas — create a hat gallery wall. Whether you’re into hats or not, you can make your boho hat gallery as big or as small as you’d like.

Keep the walls bare.


Well this is a great buget-friendly boho bedroom idea! While wall art is typically a beautiful accent to any space, one of the best boho bedroom ideas for creating a laid-back environment is to keep walls bare. You can add interest with lighting or decorative items, but if you have too many decorations up on your walls, it can cause the space to feel cramped and cluttered, which is not good for the boho bedroom aesthetic.

Distress an accent wall.


Give the walls a distressed finish with paint or wallpaper to make them look like they were built from old barn wood. This is another rustic boho decorating idea that will give your room a natural feel.

Display your books.


Boho bedrooms are meant to be inviting and cozy, so don’t hide your books away in a bookshelf. Display your collection proudly for all to see to give the room even more character.

Mix in modern art.

modern boho bedroom aesthetic

Typically with the boho bedroom, you will find very earthy or abstract artwork. Don’t be afraid however to mix modern artwork with this style. For example, adding a modern take on an impressionistic painting will add some artful sophistication to your boho bedroom.

Add a gallery shelf.

boho chic bedroom decor

One boho bedroom idea to add to your boho room decor is to add a boho shelf gallery. Shelves are great for adding visual interest to your space while also serving as surfaces where you can place boho home accessories like dreamcatchers, pottery, and statuettes. Use them to display books or flowers that will give off that free spirit boho bedroom vibe.

Display black and white photography.

boho chic bedroom decor

Black and white boho-style photography is a great way to add character to your boho bedroom. Display them on a gallery shelf, lean them against the wall, or hang them in bold frames.

Paint a cloud wall.


Painting clouds on the wall is a creative way to add visual interest to your boho bedroom. It adds a boho charm to your boho room decor and can be done in minutes! Paint the wall white or grey with primer, then draw wispy cloud shapes all over (the bigger the better!)

Use interesting wall accents.

boho bedroom aesthetic

Incorporate numerous wall accents with your boho bedroom to add splashes of color and texture. You can use wooden wall accents, mirrors with interesting designs, or distressed hanging decorations for a fun aesthetic experience.

More Boho Bedroom Design Ideas

Details make all the difference when it comes to decorating. A few well-chosen pieces can add elegance and sophistication, while too many or the wrong details can make a room look cluttered and chaotic. It’s important to choose your details wisely, and to mix and match them in a way that creates a unified look.

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Use bleached wood accents.


If you’re going for a wooden accent in your room, try adding bleached wood to achieve that organic look. Plus it goes well with the earthy vibe of boho decorating styles.

Add an eclectic egg chair.


Beautiful bamboo-esque egg chairs are popping up all over Pinterest, and for good reason. They’re comfortable, they look cool, and they effortlessly blend with most boho bedroom styles.

Hang a hammock, or two.


Hammocks are perfect for napping, reading, or just relaxing. And if you have enough room in your bedroom, nothing beats the enticing appeal of a cozy hammock. Just make sure the ceiling is high enough so that it won’t be touching the ground when you’re lying down inside.

Layer rugs on the floor.

boho chic bedroom decor

It’s a boho bedroom decorating rule: boho bedrooms must have rugs. Whether it’s one large boho rug with colors and patterns inspired by nature or multiple rugs in various shapes and sizes, adding boho rugs to your boho room is a quick boho bedroom idea that can instantly transform your boho room.

Add fairy lights.

boho chic bedroom decor

Lighting is a simple way to add ambiance to any space. Fairy lights are a great boho bedroom idea because not only do they give off boho vibes, but they’re also super easy to hang around your room. You can also string boho lanterns up in boho-themed rooms for a boho mood lighting effect.

Fill your boho bedroom with plants.

boho chic bedroom decor plants

When it comes to plants for your home, you can never have too many — boho bedrooms included. In fact, plants are essential to nail the boho aesthetic for any space you’re recording. Among the best house plants for a bedroom are a snake plant and ficus elastic.

Show off lots of boho accents and accessories.

boho chic bedroom decor

Boho-chic decorators love boho décor that makes a statement, and boho home accessories are the way to achieve that boho vibe. Beret hats, dreamcatchers, boho lanterns, boho tapestries, boho mirrors, boho candleholders, boho vases, boho clocks.

Implement hard wood flooring.

boho chic bedroom decor

Wood floors will help add warmth and character to your boho room. Since boho rooms are typically cozy, boho-styled wood floors will complement the boho room aesthetic perfectly. And if real wood floors aren’t in your decorating budget, wood laminate or vinyl options are a less expensive alternative.

Hang a beaded wood chandelier.

boho bedroom decor

Lighting fixtures are a subtle way to add boho vibes to your boho bedroom. Try replacing your light fixture with a beaded wood chandelier for an instant boho room mood lighting upgrade.

Mix pampas grass with live plants.


Pampas grass is a type of ornamental grass that originates from South America. It has long, thin blades and is often used in flower arrangements. Mixing pampas grass with live house plants is a great boho bedroom idea to add sophistication to your space.

Again, more plants please.


When I mentioned earlier you could never have enough house plants in a boho-inspired bedroom, I meant it! Houseplants are very easy to care for and they do wonders for the air quality. So if you’re lacking greenery in your space, consider adding more boho houseplants to your bedroom for a true warehouse of free spirit vibes.

Hang sheer curtains.

boho chic bedroom decor

Sheer boho curtains in a light and airy fabric like cotton or linen give your boho bedroom that Bohemian and Moroccan vibe. Drape them over your windows to let in some extra sunlight, protect yourself from the sun’s rays, and add visual interest with their unique design. For an added boho look, tie thin wood or metal hoops to the ends of the fabric and hang boho baubles from them.

Add a poufs, or two.


Add some extra seats in your boho room by adding a plush ottoman or two to your space. Moroccan-style decor items are perfect boho bedroom accessories because they’ve got that luxe bohemian vibe

Mix in modern furniture.

boho bedroom decor ideas

While you’re likely to have plenty of traditional boho room decor items, don’t be afraid to modernize the look with a few contemporary pieces. A beautiful white modern chest of drawers is an example of how to add more modern furniture without taking away from the boho-chic bedroom look.

Up the eclectic boho accents.

boho bedroom ideas

While sometimes more is less, sometimes more is, well, more. Mixing and matching lots of earthy eclectic accessories, textures, and accents is a sure way to nail boho bedroom aesthetics.

Hang plants from the ceiling.


If the ceiling is high enough, you can use ceiling hooks to hang plants from them. This way it gives the appearance of a hanging garden which is very boho aesthetic. Additionally, hanging plants from the ceiling gives your room a sense of great height while also displaying nature in its finest form.

Create a garden shelf.


Another great boho bedroom idea that brings the outdoors inside is to create a garden wall or garden shelf. Paint an accent wall in green and add accent pieces such as cement urns. Then, add long trailing vines like ivy or creeping Charlie along the wall for that perfect boho chic touch.

Use accent lights.


Lights are an important part of the boho bedroom because they help set the mood. Use accent lights to highlight certain areas of your room like a reading nook or canopy bed and place candles on tables and shelves for an even more romantic feel.

Incorporate a blanket ladder.

boho bedroom aesthetic

A blanket ladder is a piece of furniture that is used to store blankets. It is typically made out of wood and has several rungs that blankets can be hung on. This is a great way to keep your blankets organized and easy to access. This boho bedroom decorating idea is simple yet stylish, and will give the room a playful feel.

Incorporate worldy patterns.


Tribal and other wordly patterns are another popular trend that takes inspiration from natur, African, and Native American designs. Throw a cloth rug with a tribal pattern into the center of your room for an instant touch of worldly flair.

Add wooven jute rug.


A jute rug is a natural fiber rug that is made from the jute plant. Jute rugs are durable and affordable, making them a popular choice for many homes. One of the best ways to add some character to your bedroom is by using a wooven jute rug. Jute rugs are rustic, natural, and add a nice touch of color with their golden tones.

Hang a tasel chandelier.


Instead of a traditional ceiling light, hang an interesting tassel chandelier from your ceiling. Tassel lighting fixtures are simple yet elegant with natural appeal for anyone looking to bring out their inner gypsy. Additionally, this will give the room a nice cozy feel making it more inviting to its guests.

Keep things simple.


Lastly, remaining simple is one of the most important boho room decorating ideas. If your space is busy with too many different colors and elements, it can be overwhelming ad take away from the laid-back vibe you may be going for Don’t be afraid to keep furniture pieces or colors to a minimum in order to emphasize the beautiful simplicity of this asthetic.


Boho bedrooms are all about having a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. By using some of these simple decorating ideas, you can easily achieve this look for your own bedroom. Whether you choose to use plants, books, or wall accents, make sure to have fun with it and let your personality shine through. Which of these boho bedroom decorating ideas are you going to try in your home?

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