21+ Designer Swimwear Look-Alike Dupes (Like Kylie Swim, Triangl, Frankies) From Shein And More

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You can say a lot of things about Shein, and truth be told… they’re not always so good (just being honest). But one thing for that Shein gets mostly right (right enough at least), are Shein Swimwear and Shein Bikinis.

When it comes to unique swimwear styles and cute bikinis including name brand and designer swimwear knockoffs such as Frankie’s look alikes, Triangl look alikes, Kiini look alikes, and Kylie Swim look alikes at affordable prices, Shein quite literally has thousands of Swimwear styles to choose from.

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From Shein one-pieces, two-piece bikinis, and strappy ensembles somewhere in between, you’d be hard-pressed to find another retailer with the variety of options in swimwear and bikinis that you will find on Shein. Additionally, the cheap prices of Shein swimwear are ridiculously hard to beat.

Since I discovered SHEIN Swimwear, the site has been my go-to for all things swimwear. I’ve done quite a few SHE Swimwear Hauls and Tryon’s that you can check out over on my Youtube channel.

Shein Swimwear comes in especially clutch when Spring, Summer, or a fabulous beach vacation is around the corner. It’s nice to be able to snag lots of options in design, variety in color, with decent enough quality for very reasonable prices.

Name Brand and Designer Swimwear Look Alikes on SHEIN

If you’re looking for stylish swimwear styles to hit the beach or sit pretty poolside (without breaking the bank), here are the best Shein swimwear look alikes, Shein bikini look alikes, and swimwear look alikes on Shein (and similar websites like SHEIN).

Frankies look alikes

Frankies is another popular swimwear company that offers a wide variety of styles.

They offer bikinis and one-pieces in many different colors, prints, and patterns as well as other types of beach apparel.

Frankies prices are great for the quality they provide. They have affordable prices but still maintain good quality so you don’t feel like you’re sacrificing anything.

If you’re looking for a Frankie’s look alikes, Shein swimwear is definitely the place to go. You can find many different bikini styles and patterns as well as one-pieces that will give you that same high-quality look for a fraction of the price.

Kylie Jenner Swimwear Look-alikes

If you’re a fan of Kylie Jenner’s swimwear line, you’ll love the Shein swimwear options.

Shein offers many different bikini styles and patterns that are very similar to Kylie’s line but at a fraction of the price.

So if you’re looking for a high-quality, stylish, and affordable swimsuit, Shein is definitely the place to go.

Triangl Look-alikes

Triangl is one of the more popular swimwear brands out there and for good reason. They are known for their eye-catching designs, flattering cuts, and quality materials.

The company was founded in 2009 by three friends who were looking to create a line of bikinis that would be both fashionable and functional—and they did just that.

If you’re looking for a Triangl look-alikes that is just as stylish and high-quality, but a fraction of the price, take a look at some of the Shein swimwear options.

Kiini Look-alikes

Based in New York, Kiini is a luxury swimwear brand that was founded in 2012 by designers Ipek Irgit and Jennifer Zuccarini.

The swimsuits are made from fabrics such as cotton, silk, and wool and are known for their luxurious textures and unique designs.

While the prices for Kiini swimsuits may be a bit out of your budget, Shein does offer some great Kiini look-alikes.

You can find a variety of bikini styles and patterns that are very similar to the ones offered by Kiini but at a fraction of the price.



There you have it! The best Shein swimwear look-alikes, bikini look-alikes, and swimwear look-alikes on Shein (and similar websites like SHEIN).


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