11 Best African Head Wrap Styles And The Black Owned Brands To Buy Them

african head wrap styles

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Looking for African headwrap styles, patterns, and tutorials? Here’s a round up of the best and most stylish African head wraps you can snag on Amazon, Etsy or an independent black owned vendor.

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I first discovered wearing African head wraps after living in New York. I’d watch in adoration each morning as room mate at the time, Nayyirah, intricately wrap her tresses atop her head before running out the door to catch the J train to work in Manhattan.

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In a city as diverse as New York City it’s not uncommon to see beautiful black women out and about with their hair gorgeously bounded in African head wraps. And in certain parts of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Harlem, it’s easy to find African street vendors selling patterned head scarfs and long pieces of the stretchy fabric many women use to create their own unique African head wraps.

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As a Caribbean girl, who grew up mostly in South Florida, African head wraps were quite a foreign concept for me before moving to New York. But I’ve come to learn that African heads wraps are really a beautiful accessory for black women across the diaspora to consider adding to their wardrobes. African head wraps are comfortable, stylish, culturally significant.. and truth be told.. when you don’t have the time, money, or energy to style your hair, African head wraps are the perfect accessory to elegantly adorn your head.

If you’re new to the African headwrap game or just looking for the best african head wraps to add to your wardrobe, here are the best African headwrap styles and links to the shops you can get them to buy. I’ll also designate if these sellers are black owned or women owned.

1. AsikarabyLauraJane.com

african head wrap
Asikara by Laura Jane on Instagram

Head Wrap Style: Twisted Top Knot

This twisted top knot African head wrap style is perfect if you’ve got a lot of hair on your head. Just tie your hair up in a bun and wrap the fabric accordingly.

Black woman owned Asikara is a Fashion Label based in the UK that takes African influences and fuses them with contemporary British design to create stunning garments and accessories that reflect both cultures. Asikara pushes the boundaries of fashion to create bespoke clothing at an affordable price. 

2. MelaninHairCare.com

Melanin Hair Care on Instagram

Head Wrap Style: Twisted Headband

This African head wrap style is perfect for natural hair ladies who dont want to hide their tresses.

You may recognize the founders from Youtube who are two black sisters, Whitney and Taffeta White. Melanin Haircare is rooted in passion for natural hair care, healthy scalp care, natural and safe ingredients, as well as high-quality products and unique merchandise that benefits the community that it serves.

Melanin Hair Care sells lots of products for natural hair, but you can also find these beautiful stretch satin head wraps on the site as well.

3. Crownned.com

Crownned on Instagram

Head Wrap Style: Medium Turban

The concept of a crown originates from a cap, turban, or more formal metallic crown that was decorated with jewels. Its placement on one’s head indicated that one was set apart for a particular task or calling. Such crowns were used for the high priest or for kings of Israel. The crown indicated the consecrated role of its wearer. In the case of the king or queen it also reflected their exalted position. Crowns were worn to signify consecration, exaltation, and honor. Wearing a crown also implicated someone entering into a special position.

This site offers lots of different colors and different types of fabric as well including stretchy, non stretchy, satin, and African head wrap patterns with matching face masks.

4. FanmDjanm.com

Fanm Djanm on Instagram

Head Wrap Style: Low Turban

This particular fabric pattern and head wrap style is so authentic, stylish, and absolutely fabulous!

Locally made in Austin, TX by Haitian founder Paola Mathè, Fanm Djanm has transformed into a headwrap collection and lifestyle brand that creates sustainably, focuses on community and serves to both empower and inspire women to live boldly. The combination of carefully selected fabrics, hand sewn pieces, and cultural musings inspire women everywhere to wear a bold print, take command of a room, laugh a little too loud, and pursue their greatest aspirations. 

5. CeeCeesClosetNYC.com

Cee Cees Closet NYC on Instagram

Head Wrap Style: Fancy Turban With Bang

When Uchenna wanted to take better care of her curls with protective yet fashionable headwear, she couldn’t find anything in the market that reflected her personal style: bold, colorful, feminine, and fly. Instead of settling for her old Ankara scarf, Uchenna and her sister Chioma connected with tailors in Nigeria. Much to their delight, they found beautiful, colorful fabric of exquisite quality that they could never dream of finding in NYC! 

6. OkaiFabrics.com

Okai Fabrics on Instagram

Head Wrap Style: Super High Turban

Hand crafted with love, fabrics from Africa, black woman owned — what more could you ask for?

Whenever I would visit Ghana, I was always captivated by the bold and vibrant prints that the locals wore yet when I would return to the states, the only “African fabric” I could find would be cheap Kente-inspired fabric or fabric with elephants and giraffes on it. I wanted my people to un-learn what we are taught Africa looks like and expose its beauty to the masses so I started the company being a wholesaler of African Fabric, hence the name. I would often meet potential customers who would love the prints I offered but didn’t know anyone that sewed so I taught myself how to sew. 

7. Shopzealnyc.com

Zeal NYC on Instagram

Head Wrap Style: Medium Turban

Stylish headwraps/headbands for bad hair days, hair loss or protective styling. Zeal NYC also offers pre-tied wraps, headbands, and bonnets and is black woman owned.

Based in NYC, Zeal NYC is a growing team of women who believe head wraps are more than just a fashion statement or a convenient hairstyle. We design our wraps to be inclusive of women who are struggling with real life conditions such as alopecia, chemotherapy, arthritis  etc. 

8. HerWrapture.com

turban african head wrap
Her Wrapture on Instagram

Head Wrap Style: Turban Headband

This turban style may be my personal favorite of the round up. This style is perfect for natural hair and straight hair babes too. This would go absolutely perfect with my headband wig.

I just absolutely adore the turn headband style African head wrap by Her Wrapture. This is another fabulous black woman owned brand.

9. MadamBelle.com

turban headband
Madam Belle on Instagram

Head Wrap Style: Headband

While Madam Belle doesn’t offer African head wraps, the brand delivers both luxury and value by offering an array of gorgeous headbands that are glamorous and attention grabbing. “Madam Belle is here to capture the hearts of beauty lovers by redefining elegance and class” and if you love African head wraps you likely will love these headbands too.

10. SiranisFashion.com

african head wrap with matching mask
Siranis Fashion on Instagram

Head Wrap Style: Matching Mask Set

Based in Toronto, Canada, Sirani’s Fashion was established in 2017 by Fatim Sylla. 

Fatim Sylla traces her love for African fashion back to her childhood when she used to vacation on the Ivory Coast. With the expansion of Africa globally, Fatim Sylla saw an opportunity to bring a part of her culture to Toronto by designing her own collection inspired by African prints and occidental designs. From then, Fatim Sylla started her journey collaborating with tailors in Africa and Toronto to bring the 1st Sirani’s Fashion collection to life.

11. GabeJade.store

Head Wrap Style: The Bow/Flower + The Medium Turban

Gabe Jade describes themselves as African accessories hand-made just for you. The owner also promotes a sister brand that make beautiful accessories for your fur babies too — check them out at @gj.dogdanas.

Enjoyed this round up of the best African head wraps and African head wrap style ideas? Do you know of any websites to shop beautiful African head wraps that I left out? Drop down in the comments and tell us! Xo

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