9 Off Duty Model Outfits Every Chic Woman Must Master

off duty model look

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From Naomi to Cindy, Gigi to Chanel — supermodels has got style on and off the runway. Fortunately for us mere mortals, we too can get the off duty model look rather easily.

Want to get the off duty supermodel look? Pay attention, because supermodel class is in session. Here are 9 off duty supermodel outfit formulas you too can master.

1. white button-down + denim blue jeans

2. fitted black top + high waisted denim blue jeans

3. fitted black top + black high waisted

4. sweatshirt + moto jacket + black skinny jeans + boots or sneakers

5. mini-dress + over the knee boots

6. graphic tee + denim shorts

7. denim button-down + denim pants or shorts

8. basic camisole + comfy jeans

9. something sporty

This post was inspired by Carolyn at My Chic Obsession.