21 Affordable Brands Like Lululemon To Shop Stylish High-Quality Activewear

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Do you live in activewear and athleisure, but don’t want to shell out the high price tag associated with higher-end brands like Lululemon? Or perhaps you’re looking for some new and unique additions to your workout or everyday out-and-about wardrobe.

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We all know and love Lululemon, the game-changing athleisure brand that brought trendy and stylish workout clothes into mainstream fashion. But when it comes to activewear and athleisure apparel, Lululemon is not the only game in town. If you’re active and athleisure wear with quality, comfort, style, and pricing similar to Luuleon, there are plenty of other brands out there that offer.

From budget-friendly brands like Lululemon (but cheaper) to luxurious finds with unique styles you won’t spot anywhere else, we have compiled a list of brands like Lululemon that are sure to keep you looking good in your next fitness class or on your weekend errands.

Whether you’re a yoga enthusiast or an outdoor adventurer, these fashionable activewear pieces will be sure to bring out your inner athletic goddess!

Lululemon — The Tea


Leggings priced around $120

Lululemon is a popular activewear brand that has become well-known for its stylish and high-quality designs. Dedicated to active lifestyles, the company offers clothing designed especially for yoga and running as well as fashionable gym and everyday comfy clothes.

Lululemon fans appreciate the superior craftsmanship of Lululemon’s garments, particularly with regards to breathability and durability; their products are loved by athletes and fashionistas alike.

Why is Lululemon so popular?

Lululemon has become a cultural phenomena, particularly among the fashionable and active alike. But what makes Lululemon stand out among similar brands like Lululemon (some might even call them Lululemon competitors)?

While lululemon gear may be notably more expensive than Lululemon competitors, they make up for it with quality fabrics and mission-driven initiatives. Lululemons target customer just doesn’t mind (some of them at least) paying a bit more for high-quality clothing from a brand they perceive as committed to giving back.

Lululemon has crafted a sophisticated lifestyle brand that many aspirational women and men alike identify with. Whether it’s comfort or style that you’re looking for, one thing is certain: you can always rely on Lululemon to deliver in the activewear department!

Affordable Brands Like Lululemon (Similar in Price)

In recent years, many brands like Lululemon have emerged to vie for that top spot. Offering fabulously stylish designs and equally high in quality options (some at more budget-friendly prices), you better believe these brands like Lululemon are worth checking out.

If brands like Lululemon but cheaper or cute brands like Lululemon are what you’re after, look no further than these affordable Lululemon alternatives we’ve rounded up for you.

Here are just a few of the best brands like Lululemon that are sure to keep you looking good and feeling great in and out of the gym too.

Eleven by Venus Williams


Leggings priced around $98

Founded by former World No. 1 and seven-time Grand Slam singles champion Venus Williams, EleVen was created to give women quality activewear that allowed them to feel great and perform better.

From leggings like lulu to super cute tennis skirts and dresses, EleVen has got your back when it comes to style both on and off the court. This brand crafts fashionable activewear for all of life’s moments.

Alo Yoga

Leggings priced around $98

With the goal of “bringing yoga to the world” whilst spreading mindful movement, inspiring wellness, and creating community. With physical stores like Lululemon across the country in select cities, Alo Yoga is popular amongst yogis and fitness lovers alike.

Known for its chic, performance-focused activewear collections, this brand like Lululemon offers stylish apparel that lets you look good both in and out of the studio. Additionally, Alo carries stylish pieces for other activities including tennis and even skiing.


Leggings priced around $110

Under the brand umbrella of GAP Inc. and with stores all over the world, Athletica is a trusted brand for activewear for women. From running and yoga to swimming and hiking, Athletica has a variety of performance-focused pieces that look good and keep you comfortable no matter the activity.

In 2019, Allyson Felix made history as the first athlete to be sponsored by Athleta—pushing boundaries and redefining expectations of female athletes everywhere. This brand is unapologetic about the goal of fanning the flames of bold women and girls to reach their limitless potential.


@jenaae wearing @alphalete

Leggings priced around $72

It all started with a YouTube channel. Founder Christian Guzman just wanted to help people out by sharing fitness and nutrition tips. What seemingly began as a casual hobby quickly blossomed into something greater; from screen-printed shirts, Alphalete was birthed.

Alphalete products don’t just look good; they make you feel fantastic! This brand like Lululemon (but a bit more badass), prides itself on designing every detail to give each piece an extra special touch. The colors are chosen with care and the cuts are made to flatter. For the stylish activewear fan, Alphalete is the go-to choice that will help you look and feel your best at the gym, on the track, or in any other activity.


Leggings priced around $98

Vuori challenges the status quo of traditional activewear, creating premium performance apparel with a Coastal California twist. Think a harmony between surfing adventures, sports sessions and artistic expression — Vuori puts your style in motion!

On the Vuori website, alongside workout clothes, you will find stylish athleisure ear for your casual day-to-day activities. Among their best sellers, are stylish performance joggers and a mix-and-matchable essential hoodie.


Men’s training pants priced around $120

If you’re looking for a brand like Lululemon for men, look no further than Rhone. This premium brand creates high-quality workout clothes for bros who want to look good in their workout attire, and feel good too.

Whether you’re hitting the gym, running a race, or playing your favorite sport, Rhone has everything you need to look and feel your best. They’ve also got a fabulous collection of high quaility everyday casual wear.

Outdoor Voices


Leggings priced around $78

Designed with the recreationalist in mind, Outdoor Voices offers fashionable and functional clothes for a range of activities. From yoga clothing to hiking threads, Outdoor Voices has all the gear you need to get active in style.

With a focus on building community and empowering people through movement, this brand is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for passionate adventure and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

Born Primitive

Leggings priced around $78

Veteran-owned and operated, Born Primitive is an activewear brand that proudly supports a variety of charities that align with its ethos, including those that support our military, first responders, and cancer research/prevention. Born Primitive is a brand like Lululemon for the “modern savage”.

Born Primitive features collections for the gym, for outdoors, for athletes, and even maternity too. Their athletic wear is designed for a variety of workouts and features soft, comfortable fabrics that allow you to feel your best no matter what activity you’re doing.


Leggings priced around $85

Another woman-focused brand like Lululemon, Stronger is striving to be a leading player in the world of high-quality, affordable activewear. With styles for every day and every workout, Stronger is the perfect choice for active women who want to look and feel their best.

A browse on the website will illustrate why this emerging brand made the cut. With trendy prints, popping colors, and unique styles, Stronger is quickly becoming one of the most popular brands for women who want to look and feel their best in their workout wear.


brands like lululemon

Leggings priced around $130

Head over to Bandier.com to shop by workouts including yoga, pilates, tennis, or a cold weather run. Bandier is a trendy activewear brand like Lululemon, at the intersection of high style and performance.

Amongst the best-selling styles, you’ll find a very cozy sweat set and a seamless bralette and leggings set in earth-toned neutral colors.

Girlfriend Collective

Leggings priced around $78

Girlfriend Collective is a women’s activewear brand that believes in ethical manufacturing and recycled materials. An additional philosophy of theirs — health and wellness look different for everyone, so every shape and size should be celebrated! Because after all, representation matters.

On the Girlfriend Collective home page, you’ll be inspired by models of all shapes and sizes wearing their stylish, comfortable activewear. This is a brand you can trust to dress your body in the best possible way, no matter what that body looks like.

Public Rec

Leggings priced around $98

A little bit different of a concept than the other brands like lulu on this list, Public Rec makes comfortable and chic athleisure clothes you’ll want to live in. And we’re not just talking sporty stuff.

For men and women alike, Public Rec offers stylish and comfy loungewear and even office-appropriate pieces that will elevate your look while keeping you comfortable all day long. So if you’re looking for a high-quality athleisure brand that’s perfect for every day, then definitely check out Public Rec asap!

SET Active

brands like lululemon

Leggings priced around $78

Believing you should never have to choose, SET Active strives to blur the line between form and function. What sets this brand apart? Well… as the name suggests, it’s the sets!

Made to match in monochrome tones, SETs sets (see what they did there) are designed to inspire superior confidence through sophisticated styles that never sacrifice comfort. From tanks to bottoms, SET Active has you covered in versatile pieces that will have you looking and feeling your best.

Soley Fit

Leggings priced around $98

Woman-owned and black-owned Soley Fit activewear brand scores a spot on this list with their unique designs you won’t find anywhere else. Solely Fit is a powerful collection that brings Haitian-Nigerian-American founder Okolie’s vision of unifying bold and valiant women to life.

Browse limited collections that feature aesthetic designs with sexy silhouettes and neutral color palettes that are equal parts feminine and fierce. Whether you’re hitting the gym, taking a yoga class, or running some errands, Soley Fit has got you covered in style!


Leggings priced around $120

Did you know that roughly 60% of materials used in the fashion industry contain plastic, and the laundry we do with these clothes alone releases half a million tons of microplastics into the ocean every year?

Reprise is certainly making waves with the mission of keeping plastic off your body. This is one of the only brands like Lululemon making leggings without plastic bottles or polyester. With a commitment to sustainable clothing, Reprise offers high-quality leggings that are eco-friendly and feel great.

Affordable Brands Like Lululemon (But Cheaper)

These brands are similar to Lululemon in style but more affordable than Lululemon in price.


halara review
@jenaae wearing @halara_official

Leggings priced around $49

Halara is a new activewear brand that boasts providing the most premium self-expressive athleisure at the most non-premium prices!

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Halara is the ultimate destination for fashion-savvy shoppers seeking stylish basics and activity-specific apparel. From tennis to golf, the gym to the airport, Halara has an outfit perfect for any occasion!


Leggings priced around $54

Gymshark is the perfect combination of athletic performance and streetwear style. Regardless of size or shape, everyone from fitness enthusiasts to weekend warriors can find sportswear that looks good and works hard.

With a focus on comfort and quality, their pieces are designed specifically for working out, and yet still look fashionable when stepping away from the gym. So whether you’re deep into your sweat session or posting up on the sidelines, Gymshark has you covered in style!


Leggings priced around $28

If an affordable brand like Lululemon, on Amazon sounds appealing, then YEOREO is the brand for you. You can count on Prime shipping to get your workout attire to your doorstep in a jiffy.

In YEOREO’s Amazon shop, you’ll find a huge selection of affordable Lululemon look-alikes for women. From leggings to sports bras, their collections are perfect for everyday wear and all your favorite workouts.


fabletics review
@jenaae wearing @fabletics

Leggings priced around $70

Known for stylish and affordable workout clothes, Fabletics is one of the most popular activewear brands like Lululemon. Similarly, this brand also maintains brick-and-mortar stores like Lululemon where customers can choose to shop in person.

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What makes Fabletics unique, however, is its innovative membership model, which provides members with access to exclusive workout clothes at significantly reduced prices. Furthermore, like lulus Fabletics styles are fabulous and their materials are of excellent quality.


Leggings priced around $48

One of the fastest-growing clothing brands in the United States, Nvgtn is a rising star in the world of athleisure. With continuous launches, this brand strives to be at the forefront of apparel design.

Nugent signature leggings are a popular pick for enthusiasts. And with reasonable prices, it’s no wonder this brand like Lululemon but cheaper, is becoming the brand of choice for fitness-minded women everywhere.

Buff Bunny

Leggings priced around $70

Think — a brand like Lululemon meets Victoria’s Secret, then add some sass and you’ve got Buff Bunny. Buff Bunny is a woman-owned fitness apparel brand started in San Antonio, Texas.

This all-American brand has a bold and colorful presence in the fitness industry, with a variety of clothing designed for women from all walks of life. Their unique styles and customized prints set them apart from the competition, and their mission to empower women is truly inspirational.

Stores and Brands Like Lululemon — Takeaway

If you’re looking for the best in stylish and functional activewear, then look no further than the brands on this list. From top-quality leggings to innovative workout clothes, these are the stores and brands similar to Lululemon (or Lululemon competitors) you need to know about if you want to take your fitness game to the next level!