Fabletics Review & Tryon Haul: How Does It Work? Is $49 VIP Membership Worth It? Let’s Chat…

fabletics review

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Are you on the hunt for the perfect pair of leggings or a super sexy workout set? I tried one of the most popular VIP membership athleisure subscriptions on the market — here’s my honest Fabletics review.

Do you know those girls who get up each morning, enthusiastic as hell to get to the gym to get a great workout in? Yea, I personally don’t know these girls, but supposedly they do exist. For the rest of us, getting to the gym many times takes some serious inner coaxing and a dash of motivation too.

As a fashion lover, I have discovered one little hack to help give me that boost of motivation to get my butt in the gym. Imagining a perky booty helps, but it also helps when that perky booty is looking cute — in a perfect pair of leggings.

Lululemon and Gymshark have developed cult followings for their respective high quilty leggings and stylish athleisure too. But with an affordable subscription model, fun prints, and signature styles, Fabletics has rightfully earned a spot amounts the best athleisure brands for women.

But how does Fabletics work? What about Fabletics VIP membership, how does that work? Is Fabletics worth it? After giving their popular high waist leggings a test run at the flagship Fabletics store in New York City, I decided to sign up for Fabletics VIP membership. This is how it went…

What is Fabletics?

fabletics review

Fabletics is a sportswear, activewear brand that falls under the umbrella of Kaelen Brands (formerly JustFab). The company was founded by Kate Hudson and her personal trainer husband Brent Blakely in 2013.

The company has been called “the Uber for fashion,” because the business works on a subscription model similar to other fashion businesses like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club.

Try Fabletics today and get 2 for $24 bottoms + 80% off everything!

How does Fabletics work?

“The Uber for fashion” perhaps makes you wonder, ok, so how does Fabletics work? Well, their VIP membership is the main draw to the brand. The Fabletics VIP membership allows you to purchase items in-store or online at a reduced cost by committing to purchasing an outfit or a couple of items each month.

Fabletics VIP Membership

While you can make on-time purchases without a monthly commitment, in this Fabletics review, I’ll be focusing on their popular VIP membership plan.

The VIP membership costs $49.95 per month and offers exclusive membership including 2 for $24 premium leggings. These benefits also unlock other great discounts, “VIP sales”, exclusive products, and member credit.

If you’re new to Fabletics VIP membership, you can pay just $24.95 for your first order and $49.95 per month thereafter until you cancel your membership. That first order may include, for example, what I got, two pairs of really top-tier leggings (the kind with really good material and good pockets)!

Don’t quite need new workout clothes delivered every month? No worries, the membership is flexible. You have the option to skip each month and not be charged — just visit the Fabletics site between the 1st and 5th of the month, click “Skip the Month”, and you won’t be charged.

Additionally, you can also cancel altogether at any time. If you cancel your VIP membership, you can still redeem any unused VIP Member Credits left on your account. Any unused promotional Member Credits won’t expire until after 12 months.

Fabletics Review

fabletics worth it

Alright, now that we’ve gotten through the nitty-gritty like how does Fabletics work and some basic Fabletics VIP membership terms, what’s tea? Are Fabletics leggings actually good? How’s the quality of Fabletics clothes? Is Fabletics worth it? Is Fabletics VIP membership worth it? Let’s get into it…

Discovering Fabletics + Fabletics 2 for $24 Leggings

I first discovered Fabletics some time ago while living my best life in New York City. I’d seen the brand being sported by popular social media influencers such as Draya Michelle and collaborations with celebrities like Kelly Rowland and was intrigued by this unique athleisure subscription model.

Fabletics 2 for $24 leggings promotional ads followed me everywhere online — and so while passing their flagship store one afternoon in New York’s trendy Soho, I decided to walk in and finally give Fabletics a try.

After trying them on and immediately falling in love, I ended up signing up for that popular introductory promotion offer and snagging two pairs of black high-waisted compression leggings.

Shortly after, I canceled my Fabletics VIP membership before it auto-renewed (which was a surprisingly easy and straightforward process — no catches). Not that there was anything wrong with the leggings, quite the opposite actually. My Fabletics leggings, both pairs, were the best damn leggings I’ve ever owned in my life.

My Fabletics leggings were comfortable, the thick compression fabric very flattering, and they made my behind look amazing! I honestly canceled my membership because I just didn’t need any more workout clothes at that time. The 2 for $24 deal was perfectly sufficient for me.

Fast forward over two years, and those Fabletics leggings are still holding up strong. They’re still my favorite pair of leggings and I still wear them all the freaking time.

Trying Fabletics Again

Now that my athleisure collection is due for an update because I had a great experience the first time around, my old friend Fabletics was my go-to choice. This time, however, decided to keep the VIP membership (at least for a couple of months), max out those fabulous Fabletics member benefits, and for my readers who may consider this subscription service, show off my picks in this cheeky Fabletics review.

I ordered 3 matching sets, 3 separates (sweatpants, a turtle neck top, sweatshirt), 2 pairs of underwear, and an athleisure dress.

With the VIP membership and all of the discounts applied, my total came down from $876.30 to $289.85, taxes included.

Without further ado, here goes…

Lola Low Impact Sports Bra + Ultra High-Waisted PureLuxe 7/8

how does fabletics work

In terms of comfort, this Fabletics set was by far my favorite. This 89% Polyester/11% Elastane fabric is absolutely divine. Soft, breathable, comfy, stylish — what more can a girl ask for?!

Among the other top Fabletics reviews on their site, Rose describes this set as “the fit and the light color is a great switch up from my usually dark pallet”. I agree, the light color is definitely a breath of fresh air from my usual black leggings combo.

Gia Iridescent Low Impact Sports Bra + Ultra High-Waisted Iridescent Luxe 7/8

fabletics review

Note to self… iridescent is irresistible. I really loved this shimmery style of fabric because it adds a dash of fabulous to what would otherwise be an ordinary workout set. This nude peachy color named “Iridescent Desert” is also very pretty and subtly eye-catching.

No-Bounce High-Impact Sports Bra + Define High-Waisted Short 9”

fabletics worth it

One way to switch up the run-of-the-mill workout fit is by swapping the leggings for a pair of cute biker shorts. What I loved most about this pair of biker shorts from Fabltics is the length. I felt very comfortable and covered in these almost-know-length biker shorts — they also stayed in place and didn’t rid up. Additionally, the high-impact bra felt very sturdy and supportive.

One thing I didn’t like about this Fabletics set was that although the top fit perfectly, the elastic at the bottom of the tighs was a little tight for my liking. I still love this set though, it looks great, and I think I just may keep it.

Belle Iridescent High-Impact Sports Bra + High-Waisted Iridescent Luxe Legging

fabletics worth it

Honey, the hot fuchsia color of this workout set was my absolute favorite. Whether wearing this cute set to your workout class or out and about to run errands, this color is stunning in person and commands attention. I wore this out and about in Miami to run errands today (as I’m writing this Fabletics review) — I feel fabulous and have gotten a couple of compliments.

Mira Pullover + Eco Go-To Sweatpant (pictured) + Jess Long-Sleeve Turtleneck Top

how does fabletics work

These Fabletics sweatpants are uber comfortable. One Fabletics review describes them as “they are SO soft and comfortable. I literally can’t take them off. “

The one con I would have to say about these sweatpants as a pretty tall gal (I’m 5’9), is that I wish they were a little longer. Although they look to be pretty long on the website, on me they fit about Capri length. Otherwise, they are so soft and comfy.

Cloud Seamless Tank Midi Dress

how does fabletics work

Bombshells, this Fabletics dress right here… the martial is what dreams are made of! I’ve seriously never tried on a dress this comfortable.

Additionally, because of the magnificent material, combined with its minimalist style and fit, this dress is incredibly versatile. Wear it around the house, out and about to run rounds, heck, you can even throw on a pair of heels and transition this dress into the evening. 10/10!

Fabletics Customer Service Experience

If you’re wondering so what is the catch with Fabletics, this just sounds too good to be true — it’s not. Personally, from the flagship store experience to canceling Fabletics VIP membership after snagging the 2 for $24 offer, I have only had good experiences with Fabletics.

With that said, Fabltics is legit. Worry not that Fabletics is a scam or there’s some kind of catch.

Takeaway — Fabletics Review

I’m seriously impressed with the quality of Fabletics workout clothes. Although I’ve only tried on a few items, each one was incredibly well made, comfortable, and stylish.

For me personally, I think that this is an ideal service for women of all shapes and sizes that are looking to switch up their workout fashion without breaking the bank. There are many cute outfits, and you can find something that’s flattering for your body type or lifestyle preference.

If you wish to try Fabletics for the first time, I encourage you to take advantage of their 2 for $24 promotion to give the brand a try. Thereafter the VIP membership may be worth it for you at $49/month, which includes free shipping and unlimited exchanges.

Try Fabletics today and get 2 for $24 bottoms + 80% off everything!

Fabletics is worth it in my book! Until next time xo.