Is Halara Legit? My Honest Halara Review & Haul (2022)

is halara legit

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Halara is quickly becoming a popular choice for people looking for stylish, high-quality, and affordable activewear. But is Halara legit? How does this new kid on the trendy athleisure block live up to the hype? In this honest Halara review, I’m spilling the tea.

It’s no secret that activewear brands are on the rise. As more people become increasingly health-conscious, it’s cooler than ever to not just be fit, but at any moment in the day also look like you’re en route to a tennis lesson or a hot yoga class.

Halara is just one of the many companies riding this wave, and they’ve been gaining a lot of attention as a result. If you’re within their demographics of young and aspirational, there’s a good chance you’ve seen one of their ads or perhaps a social media influencer showing off their Halara duds on your timeline.

The brand first caught my eye right around the time I was in search of the perfect tennis outfits to add to my wardrobe. I was intrigued by their cute tennis skirt and chic tennis dress that looked not only functional but also happened to be very stylish. So when the brand reached out to me to record a Halara review and try-on haul after finding my blog and Youtube channel I was stoked!

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Halara was kind enough to gift me a modest amount to ship whatever items I wanted from their website. Take a look at the items I snagged and read my honest Halara review below.

What is Halara?

Halara is a new activewear brand that boasts providing the most premium self-expressive athleisure at the most non-premium prices!

A quick browse of their website will reveal a wide variety of trendy and functional workout clothes in a range of bold colors and styles.

Where is Halara based?

According to their Linkedin page, the company is based out of New York, however, does not appear to be legit. I’ve seen articles, such as this one from Vox, referencing Halara as being based out of Hong Kong. Additionally, my personal was sent to me was shipped from China. With that said, I’d say it’s safe to assume Halara is based in China.

What does Halara sell?

To give you the gist, amongst the best sellers on the Halara website are a pair of leggings with a crossover high-waisted design. These leggings are made with a four-way stretch fabric that is sweat-wicking, quick-drying, and ultra-breathable. At the $49.95 price point ($19.95 sale price), these leggings are even more appealing to a price-conscious shopper like me.

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In addition to their stylish and functional basic leggings, what also makes Halara interesting for many shoppers is their activity-specific lineup, including a line of “everyday joggers, everyday dresses, and everyday skirts.

Complete with light flouncy material and conveniences like side pockets, many of their every day dressed are perfect for sports like tennis and golf. Additionally, the stylish designs make them perfectly suitable for everyday running errands (as the name suggests), exercising outdoors, or hitting the gym.

In addition to an array of activewear basics, Halara also has a small selection of more fashion-forward items such as a velvet dress that looks like you could get away with wearing for a night out and other random pieces like a pair of corduroy cargo pants.

With that said, although lacking a huge inventory, Halara does have items other than activewear.

Trying Out Halara Top Items

The text below has been transcribed from my Halara review video HERE.

1) Halara Tennis Skirt Review, Crop Top

Everyday Crossover Side Pocket 2-in-1 Tennis Skirt Lucid, Cloudful® Crossover Hem Cropped Sports Top

So here I have on the first Halara outfit and as you can see it’s a tennis skirt with a matching top. These two do not come as a set but they do match and pair very beautifully together. Not only because they’re both in the same color, but also because of this style.

They both have this kind of crisscross design on the top and the bottom which I really really love. It’s very feminine very flirty and just a very unique style. I also love the fact that this crisscross kind of design that kind of peeks down a little bit it giving the illusion of a smaller waist (which ladies we’re always here for a smaller waist).

What’s really awesome about this tennis skirt is as you can see it comes in two panels. And under the two panels, there are a pair of comfy shorts. So as you’re jumping around and running around you’re not going to be exposing yourself whatsoever.

Also what’s really awesome about this is that it has a pocket side so that you can put your phone in there and you don’t have to worry about you know leaving it somewhere. You can fit your phone right in here and it’s not going to fall out.

Let’s see if we can fit this tennis ball in there as well for all the tennis girls. There you go! So if you are a tennis girl you can definitely fit a whole tennis ball in there as well and you don’t have to worry about it falling out.

2) Halara Sport Shorts Review, Crop Top

Back Pocket Plus Side Hidden Pocket 2-in-1 Gym Shorts 3″, Cloudful® Crossover Hem Cropped Sports Top

So here we have the second outfit from Halara. It’s the same top that I had on from the outfit before I just changed and paired the top with a different bottom, which are these really very cozy comfortable, and stylish shorts.

I love love love these shorts because they have tights underneath. So for example, if you’re going to the gym and you’re doing them squats or something like that you don’t have to worry about being able to see you know through your shorts. It’s going to definitely keep you covered and you can feel comfortable in that regard.

Also, love that these are high-waisted. As you can see a very comfortable stretchy band here that’s also going to compress your tummy in and make you look very sexy and amazing. On the side of these shorts, it does have a pocket. Let me show you what you can fit in that pocket.

So here I have my phone and I just want to show you that you can take your iPhone, and you can just pop it right into this pocket here cover it up and you’re good to go.

Now, these pockets aren’t that deep, let me show you what they look like. Here you can see these pockets aren’t that deep, so I wouldn’t suggest running around or jumping around with this particular pocket with your expensive phone in it. But I’m going to show you something really really cool, you can take your phone and you can turn around and there’s actually another pocket right in here that you’re going to be able to fit your phone in.

So if I just take my phone I could pop it right in here there’s plenty of space for it but also there’s a little pocket here that you can just cover it up and now you can run around you can walk around and you don’t have to worry about this your phone falling out. So that’s very very convenient for these shorts from Halara.

3) Halara Matching Set Review, Biker Shorts

Seamless Flow Long Sleeves Cropped Sports Top & Shorts Set

So here we have the next outfit from Halara and this is a matching two-piece set. It’s a biker short and a long sleeve top that is perfect for hitting the gym. It’s a very stretchy material that is very comfortable and it’s going to be very flattering for your form.

I think if you’re playing tennis or you’re somewhere where it’s really hot for example somewhere outside I love the fact that it’s a long sleeve and it’s going to protect you from the sun, however, I don’t think that this is the best material for sweating in.

Definitely, the first outfits that I tried on are going to be better suited for you know being outside in the hot sun where you’re going to be sweating. But this would be the perfect perfect outfit if you’re working out in the gym for example because even though you’re sweating it’s still kind of cool.

I love the color of this outfit as well it’s like very bold it’s somewhere in between a purple and a royal blue that’s really going to draw a lot of attention and just look really good no matter where you go.

4) Halara Everday Dress Review, Tennis Dress, Golf Dress

Everyday Cloudful® 2-in-1 Activity Dress-Wannabe

So here we have the last activewear outfit from Halara in this try-on haul. And as you can see it’s a lovely tennis dress. It can also be a golf dress or any other kind of active activity.

This dress is also going to be perfect for everyday wear when you’re out and about you know running errands or picking up the kids from school or doing whatever. You’re going to be stylish and comfortable at the same time.

The material is very very stretchy and it’s a really thick soft material very very good material. But also I feel like it’s very breathable at the same time while giving me some compression action like I feel very secure in this Halara dress.

So what is my honest Halara review? Is Halara a good brand?

Overall, I would say that Halara is a good brand for activewear. Their clothes are comfortable and stylish, and they offer a wide variety of different styles and designs to choose from. Whether you’re looking for shorts, dresses, or tops, Halara has something that will suit your needs. Here are my thoughts on the key aspects of Halara…

Quality: Overall, the quality of Halara’s activewear is very good. The clothes are made from high-quality materials that are stretchy and breathable, making them comfortable to wear. Additionally, since receiving my Halara items, I’ve had the opportunity to wear and wash them several times. The clothes have held up well over time, showing no signs of wear or tear.

Design: In terms of design, Halara has a lot to offer. Whether you’re looking for something trendy and modern or more classic and simple, they’ve got styles that will suit your needs. Additionally, their clothes are available in a wide range of sizes, which is great for those with different body types.

Price: On the whole, I would say that the prices of Halara’s items are reasonable and fairly affordable. Compared to other activewear brands on the market, their prices seem fair and competitive.

Halara Review Takeaway — Is Halara Legit?

halara review

Overall I’m very very happy and impressed with Halara. For someone who’s in the market for trendy but functional activewear that doesn’t break the bank, Halara is definitely a brand worth checking out.

Halara reviews are fantastic overall, and it’s easy to see why. With so many stylish options to choose from, Halara has something for everyone. Whether you’re into yoga, tennis, running, or just hitting the gym, there are outfits to suit your needs — and at a fraction of the price that other popular brands charge. So yes, I would definitely say that Halara is legit!