I Didn’t Eat For 14 Days, Here’s What Happened: Water Fast Experience

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Day 0// Sunday (07/26/2020): The last meal I had today around 5 pm as I stood in line at Target (I could wait to get through the line first), was a pack of gummy bears. To be fair, I didn’t eat the entire bag of gummy bears, but that was my dinner. Half a pack of gummy bears. Terrible.

Anyhow, I will start tomorrow (the first day of my 14 days fast) on a better note. With no food at all. Ha!

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Considering my obvious lack of discipline, I am somehow still optimistic that I can do this. Let’s see how I feel tomorrow, lol.

Day 1 // Monday (07/27/2020):

4PM: It’s 4 pm in the afternoon, and I’m hungry. What I’d do for a Deluxe Calzone from Hungry Howies Pizza and a side of BBQ chicken wings right now.

Damn I’m fucking hungry man. Shit!

11:51 PM: I’m seriously considering giving in for a couple frozen waffle and chocolate yogurt. I can always start over right?

I’m hungry. No hunger pains. Just a strong desire to consume food.

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2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Eat For 14 Days, Here’s What Happened: Water Fast Experience”

    1. Jenaae Jackson

      I ended up going for 7 days before stopping after my boyfriend at the time encouraged me to stop lol. I honestly could have continued for the full 14 days. The first few days are the hardest. After you get past those, it’s not so bad. I will be finishing this post soon. Until then check out youtube for experiences from other women who did this fasting.

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