Youtube Studio Setup in Bedroom / Home Office (Equipment, Lighting, and Background Ideas)

youtube studio set up

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I’ve recently launched my new Youtube channel and in this ‘home office’ tour of sorts, I’m going to show you my Youtube studio setup in our spare bedroom, how I set everything up, and all the camera equipment I used to bring my Youtube video recording studio to life. All the equipment used you will find in my Amazon tech toolbox here.

youtube studio setup
My Home Office Youtube Setup

If you’re a content creator or wish to become one, then you likely understand the struggle that I found myself often facing. When it’s time to create a new video, it’s not as easy as simply plotting your butt down someplace and hitting record (or is it).

Setting Up A Youtube Video Recording Space At Home Like A Pro

What will you say? Should you write a script? What are you going to wear? How will you do your make up? What about your hair? And oh, of course — what will your background look like?

Many times as creatives we can get in our own way and never actually get to creating content (or share or work) because we’re so stuck and focused on perfection. I get it. But as a blogger, if there’s one important lesson I’ve learned over the years, it’s this — progress not perfection.

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In the same breath I also understand that you just want that when you put your name, brand, and face on something that its executed well and it’s done right.

But if you want to be successful in this online game or in the content creation space, you’ve just got to learn how to get over that ish (perfection that is).

When it comes to making videos for Youtube the location that you film (not to mention lighting and noise considerations in that location) is something you don’t want to have to worry about every single time you need to make a video.

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The solution that I have found to work well for me is to have a dedicated place at home (in a home office, living room, whatever), preset with your equipment, and everything you will need to record, set up and ready to go. (You’ll want to make this space anywhere but your bedroom. Because as entrepreneurs we sometimes struggle separating life and work, and so if you can help it, keep your bedroom as a sort of sacred space.)

What’s In My Youtube Studio Setup

I’m fortunate enough to have a spare bedroom. This is the space I’ve turned into my ‘girl boss’ home office space, which also doubles now as my Youtube video recording space or my Youtube studio set up.

I love this youtube setup. It has everything I need to not only get work done but also record my videos and I think it looks preetyy freaking badass too.

The Background

For the background of my Youtube studio setup now is a beautiful canvas print that I love. The colorful artwork displayed in the background was inspired by Marie Forleo’s Youtube setup which I absolutely adore. The colorful canvas print in my home office/youtube studio setup is by Yang Yang Pan.

Additionally, when I want to have a clean and simple background, I use this hand dandy pop-up collapsable the background. To add some dimension and make my videos look cool, I place a small led light behind me, shining on the ground. I also switch the colors up by simply wrapping the pop-up the background with fabric.

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My favorite part of my current Youtube setup has got to be the library books displayed in the background.

The Lighting

I use this ring light to balance out the natural daylight that streams through the window to my side. The window illuminates the room, while the ring light acts to fill in the shadows on my face.

I use this LED light, as I mentioned above to illuminate the background and add some interest to the visuals of the video. It’s small, powerful, adjustable in color and power, and is overall super handy.

The Sound

I like to use this lavaliere microphone when recording my youtube videos. I like this one because the wire is super long and so it gives a lot of flexibility for moving around. I very much prefer a wired lavaliere as I find the quality to be better than with the wireless Bluetooth ones that can sometimes have interference.

When for some reason a lavaliere can’t be used, I use this one camera Rhode mic to get quality audio in-camera.

The Camera Setup

To record most of my Youtube videos, I use this Canon 80D. The autofocus on it is fabulous at tracking your face and has never failed me.

I highly recommend getting a decent sturdy tripod to mount your camera. It may seem like a simple detail and that you can use any cheap ol’ $10 tripod. DONT! Get a sturdy tripod that folds up super small so you can easily travel with it anywhere and is sturdy enough that it won’t topple over with a little breeze.

More Youtube Setup Ideas

Want some more ideas to inspire your youtube setup? Here are some of my favorite feminine youtube studio setups (perfect for those who make talking head videos such as makeup videos, podcast-style videos advice videos, reviews videos and more).


There you have it ladies (and gentlemen). I hope my Youtube studio setup tour has inspired your own. Keep calm and create!

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