Wondering who is Kate Wisplet? There’s a good chance it’s none of your business.

who is kate wisplet

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Wondering who is Kate Wisplet? If so, perhaps you’re interested in learning about Wisp, a company boldly disrupting an industry whilst confidentially improving the lives of women. Or quite frankly, if you’re wondering who Kate Wisplet is, it just maybe none of your damn business.

About Kate Wisplet

In an era where we live our lives out loud and online, Kate Wisplet and the folks at Wisp provide a unique modern-day luxury — privacy.

In case you were wondering, Kate Wisplet is Wisp’s namesake — who I’d imagine to be brave, beautiful, and strong. Like a girlfriend (who’s more like a sister) who you can count on who always comes through when you need her. Like a confidant, you can trust to never share your secrets.

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Resembling that of the Titanic starlet known for her portrayals of headstrong, complicated women (perhaps not so coincidentally), Kate Wisplet is the mystery conception integral to Wisp.

Through the cat may be out of the bag, an unbranded little box in the mail from Kate Wisplet is still discreet as can be.

About Wisp

Wisp is a telehealth brand that focuses on women’s health. From skincare to reproductive health, Wisp is cutting through the sometimes long and complicated processes of healthcare to provide seamless, lower-cost treatment options for women.

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Imagine a website where you could chat with a doctor for a reasonable cost (even if you don’t have insurance), receive a comprehensive diagnosis online and then get your supplements, probiotics, or prescription medication discreetly delivered directly to your door or local pharmacy for pick up. This is Wisp.

Privacy Prioritized

What makes Wisp particularly unique from similar services is the brand’s aim of ultimate discretion. Wisp’s focus is to provide a platform where women can discreetly and privately access medical information and services.

Whether we’re sharing pictures of our latest vacation on social media or divulging personal details about our lives with a friend, we’ve become a society that loves to share — and overshare. But while sharing can be fun and even liberating, it’s important to remember that there are some things that just aren’t anyone else’s business.

Get Your Package From Kate Wisplet Today

Interested in giving Wisp a try? Wisp believes trust and discretion are as important as affordability and convenience when it comes to healthcare, which they’ve prioritized in their package delivery model — getting health delivered directly to your phone or computer screen, followed by your door.

Ladies, discover if Wisp is legit in our hello Wisp review and rundown of everything you may want to know before you get started with a telehealth subscription today.