Video Husky Review: Pricing, Experience, Worth The Money?

video husky review

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Are you a content creator looking for an awesome video editor to help bring your vision to life? Let’s face it (if you’re reading this Video Husky review, chances are you’re facing it right now), the truth is that video editing is a pain in you know what.

As serious content creators, we often strive to produce high-quality and professional videos. But it can become very overwhelming when we just lack the time, resources, or maybe the talent to handle everything ourselves.

That’s where Video Husky strives to bridge the gap!

But with so many other video editing solutions available is Video Husky worth the money they charge? And with bold promises like unlimited video projects and lightning-fast turnaround times, does Video Husky really deliver?

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As a former wedding photographer/videographer turned blogger and Youtuber, I’ve been creating content for the better part of nearly a decade (holy crap, it’s wild to realize that).

That said, I’ve tried all different kinds of solutions to help streamline my workflow and produce at scale. Everything from working with independent freelancers to working with video editing companies like Video Husky.

For my fellow ambitious content creators looking to perhaps offload some editing and/or improve your edits with the help of a third party, In this Video Husky review I’ll share my experience thus far with this popular video editing service.

A Bit About Video Husky

Video Husky is a video editing company that offers expert video editing services at a monthly flat price. Their goal is to provide content creators with an affordable, fast, and reliable solution for all of their editing needs.

It doesn’t matter if you need help bringing your vision to life or just need a helping hand on the more tedious tasks, they have you covered. They offer a wide range of services, including video editing, color grading, motion graphics, and more.

The company has been around for at least 5 years. While the founder Justin Tan appears to be American in accent, the company’s team as I’ve experienced is mostly based in the Philippines.

Video Husky Pricing & Packages — A Rundown

video husky pricing

Video Husky pricing currently is offered in the form of 4 packages — all of which offer “unlimited projects” (more on that in a bit).

With each of their plans, you’re assigned an expert editor — how much of their time you’re allotted day to day depends on the plan you choose. Additionally, each of the plans includes a designated project manager, subtitles, video proofing utilizing Wrike, and access to premium stock and asset libraries such as Epidemic Sounds, and much more.

Below I’ll detail Video Husky pricing and the main 3 Video Husky plans for content creators, as the 4th “St Bernard” plan is designed primarily for agencies, production houses, and marketing teams. Click here to view all of the Video Husky plans.

POM Plan

Consider this plan if you mainly create short-form content for Shorts, Reels & TikTok.

  • Your videos are a maximum of 3 minutes long.
  • Max 1080p full HD raw footage.

$549 Per Month

My Pick


Members of this plan receive all the benefits of an in-house editor, without the hassles of hiring, managing, and purchasing expensive equipment and software.

  • Your long-form videos are between 3-30 minutes long.
  • 4K raw footage.

$1,590 Per Month


Consider this plan if you can be described as a vlogger, real estate agent, lifestyle influencer, and/or small business owner for example.

  • Your long-form videos are between 3-20 minutes long.
  • Max 1080p full HD raw footage.

$749 Per Month

As you can see, each plan is designed for different types of content creators depending on the types of videos you create and the size/resolution of files you work with.

Where Video Husky pricing is concerned, it’s also worth noting that Video Husky offers a 10% discount when you pay per quarter as opposed to month to month. They also offer a pretty fair action-based money-back guarantee if you’re not happy within the first couple of weeks.

Video Husky Review — My Honest Experience

Ok so now that you’ve got the basics of this Video Husky review, what’s the real deal? Is Video Husky legit? Do they actually deliver on their bold promises? And most importantly, for content creators is Video Husky worth the money?

I think the best way to give you the tea is to give a recap of my personal experience thus far.

For context, I’m a fashion and lifestyle Youtube creator. I create fashion haul, vlog style, and review style videos. My videos are pretty simple to edit but can be very time-consuming, hence why I decided to hire Video Husky.

Choosing The Right Plan For Me

Based on the scope of the work I require the plan I thought best for me initially was the Eskimo Plan. However, because I require 4k exports, I was recommended to upgrade to the Video Husky Siberian Plan, which is the only aforementioned plan that includes 4k exports.

My Pick


Members of this plan receive all the benefits of an in-house editor, without the hassles of hiring, managing, and purchasing expensive equipment and software.

  • Your long-form videos are between 3-30 minutes long.
  • 4K raw footage.

$1,590 Per Month

If the Video Husky pricing of an additional $800+ per month for the 4k export benefit is a stretch for you, there is a convenient workaround.

If you’re willing to export yourself to 4k from Adobe Premier Pro files, you can still take advantage of getting 4k exports on the Eskimo plan.

As a Final Cut user who is not at all familiar with Adobe, I couldn’t be bothered at the time, so I obliged and went with the Siberian Plan. Because I’m not frigging rich (yet), I’d later decide to change this.

Turns out I actually don’t mind investing half a day learning how to work with Adobe Premier Pro files if it’ll save me over $800 per month! (I was tripping!!)

I must say that from the very beginning, the Video Husky customer care team, from sales to my project manager has been top-tier.

After scheduling an initial call through the website, I have since video chatted with sales, my project manager, and a creative director.

The entire Video Husky team has been professional and efficient the whole way through helping me understand the inclusions of my plan and working to help my editor and I get in sync.

Additionally, they’ve been prompt to answer questions and eager to meet my needs as a customer. I’ve honestly been very impressed with their level of professionalism.


To get me onboarded initially there was a bit of a wait. It seemed perhaps their team at the time I signed on was at capacity so I had to wait a few days to be officially set up.

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Once I was, the Video Husky team put their system into action, and everything flowed smoothly.

From uploading my raw footage (I upload everything into my own Google Drive and submit the link) to communicating through their feedback tool Wrike, everything is pretty straightforward.

Working With My Editor

After submitting my footage for the first project it took the editor 2 business days to return the first draft to me. With very little direction besides my previous work as examples, I honestly was not happy with the first draft, and I made that well known.

Although the basic structure was there, I felt that some attention to detail was not paid.

With a round of very detailed feedback and guidance, the second draft was better, but still not quite there. Again attention to detail, as I was very specific.

I took until the 4th draft for the editor to hone in on that first video to a point I was happy with, which I received the following Monday.

Considering that’s a full work week for one video, I expressed my discontent with my project manager who promised the more I worked with the editor, he’d learn my style and perfect it with repetition.

By the second week, I made sure to include lots of specific detail and guidance with each project. That week I could see the pace picking up and I got 2 videos finished. By the third week, I got 4 videos I was happy with.

Takeaway On Video Husky

Here’s an example of a project Video Husky edited for me! ☝🏾

Overall, Video Husky is an excellent resource for busy content creators who don’t have the time or skill to complete their own editing work. However, there are a few things to consider before signing on with Video Husky.

The first is that you should be prepared to provide detailed instruction and guidance when working with the editor they’ve assigned you. This will help ensure that the end product is as close to what you had envisioned.

That said, it could take a few tries for your editor to really hone in on your style and preferences so be patient – it’s worth the wait!

Also keep in mind that Video Husky only accepts raw footage of 1080p HD and 4K resolution. If you are working with higher resolution than this, you may need to upgrade your plan accordingly.

In sum, Video Husky is a cost-effective option that allows content creators to create quality videos without having to do all the editing work themselves. In my experience, the customer service team is top-notch and I’ve been happy with the outcomes of my videos

The Good

The things I like about Video Husky.

Efficient and communicative team.

As a Video Husky Client, you are assigned to an editor, a project manager, and a creative director. Each person is skilled, professional and contributes to the success of your project. Their also very communicative and responsive to clear feedback.

Seamless upload process.

I can easily upload raw 4K footage into my Google Drive (which also serves as a backup for me) and submit the link to the team. From there, I submit my detailed guidelines and instruction and the editor has everything they need to work on my project right away.

Great value for money.

If you’re looking for an affordable solution for video editing and don’t have access to a freelancer or in-house editor, Video Husky is definitely worth considering. The cost of their plans is very competitive as compared to other similar services and alternatives as well.

Skilled video editors on hand.

At this point, I’ve thrown a couple of different projects at my editor and have communicated via chat with him quite a bit and I must say that he is good at video editing. He’s able to color grade if needs as well as add cool effects and motion graphics if requested.

The Good To Know

Things worth considering about Video Husky.

Ok turn around times

This is the area where I had the most friction working with Video Husky. With the promise that you have a dedicated editor for 50% of their work day, I had very high expectations of one video per day.

Because many of my video edits are short and simple, once my editor worked with me for a few weeks now and has learned my style, we’ve gotten pretty close to this. But I felt like I had to really advocate for myself to get this accomplished.

If your videos are longer or more complex this may not be possible, even on the Siberian plan where, according to the Video Husky team, your editor time is only split between two working clients at any one time.

Furthermore, the time difference between Eastern Standard time and Philippine time can also complicate things a bit. If you or your editor aren’t on top of things you can run into turnaround times upwards of two, three, or more days.

Don’t be fooled by the term “unlimited”.

Going into one of the “unlimited plans” offered by Video Husky video editing service, keep in mind that with the Pom, Eskimo, and Siberian plans, you can only submit one video at a time. Each video takes 1-2 business days to get back the first draft.

Then if you have any revisions that is another 1 business day turnaround for each version. So until you get your style hooned in with your editor, “unlimited” doesn’t mean much of anything. So that your expectations are reasonable, note that “unlimited” is relative.

Consider Adobe Premiere files if you need 4k.

If you’re shooting in 4K and need your files in that resolution, consider working with Adobe Premiere Pro project files. An additional benefit of Adobe Premiere Pro project files is that you can download the project files and make changes yourself without having to schedule another session with your editor.

Be very detailed with guidance for your editor if you have a specific vision.

Video Husky does allow you to give your editor full creative freedom with how your request is edited or strictly follow the provided editing style. I recommend definitely giving your editor a clear idea with examples of the vision that you have so that everyone is on the same page, and perhaps leaving some room for creative styling on the part of your editor.

Have at least a few videos lined up and ready to go before starting.

If you’re going to be paying a premium for a service such as video Husky, I would definitely suggest having a few videos lined up and ready to go before starting. This will allow your editor to continuously work on the various projects that you have in queue, ensuring that your workflow is consistent and that there are no delays.

Is Video Husky worth the money?

When it comes to whether or not Video Husky is worth the money they charge, that depends on your ongoing needs as a creator.

Compared to other VIdeo Husky alternatives, for me, the pricing model is incredibly reasonable if you need help with a large amount of content or are looking to offload some of your workload. However, if you’re a video creator that only needs some occasional help with your videos, another alternative may be more cost-effective.

My overall takeaway for this Video Husky review is that the service has been an invaluable tool that can be an asset to content creators looking for a cost-effective and time-efficient solution for editing their videos. With some patience and guidance from the client side on the initial projects, results can improve quickly with each round of production.

After working with my team for some time now, Video Husky definitely worth giving a try if you’re considering it!