Valentino Rockstud Dupes — Look-a-like Designer Sandals & More

valentino rockstud dupes

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The iconic Valentino Rockstud is a very popular shoe that has been released in several colors and varied studded versions. The cost of these shoes, however, is quite pricey. For boujee ladies on a tight budget, luckily there are some fabulous Valentino shoes lookalikes and really beautiful Valentino Rockstud dupes out there for much much less than the original. These shoes come in varieties from different designers, including popular ones you may already know.

The Real Deal

You can often recognize a pair of Valentino Rocktuds by beautiful leather (the signature shiny patent leather is my favorite) and stunning metal studs. Over the seasons Valentino has released a range of gorgeous leathers and colors for their Rockstud collection. In any combination, it’s truly a beauty of a shoe. Additionally, what I also personally love about this shoe is that the standard 4-inch heel is super comfortable to walk in.

But you don’t have to spend your days dreaming about how fun it would be to walk down the street in them if you can find more affordable alternatives. In fact, I wear my own pair of really cute Valentino Rockstud look-alikes all the time. I own two pairs of Valentino jellies. One black Valentino dupe and a pair of beige/nude Valentino dupe, and they were worth every cent of the $10 I paid for them.

jenaae wearing valentino rockstud knock offs
Me wearing a pair of Valentino Rockstud look-a-like sandals that I bought for $10.

Before we get into where you can find a pair for yourself, I want to make a little clarification between dupes, look a likes, and Valentino knock-off shoes. I wrote about it more in detail in my best designer dupes round-up. But basically, a designer dupes or “knock-offs” may closely resemble the design of the original (in other words, look-alike). are not illegal. This includes Valentino knock-off shoes, for example, as an alternative that are “inspired” by the original brand and are cheaper in price.

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Here’s a list of shoes that look just like Valentino Rockstud shoes but at a fraction of their cost. Sometimes these items are sold out, unfortunately. I will try to keep this list updated as possible. *Last updated July 2021.

Valentino Rockstud Dupes — Heels

The Valentino Rockstud heels are oh-so classy and elegant. This shoe is every so simple and elegant, with a touch of rockstar appeal. With a single strap across the ankle and a tiny buckle to secure them to your feet, these closed-toe pumps are timelessly classic. Yet at the same time, the unique rockstud hardware sets this superstar shoe stand apart from other luxury shoe lines within the same price bracket. Whether you’re wearing them to a wedding, a dinner date or work, they’ll always be appropriate and stylish.

Valentino Rockstud Look-a-likes — Flats

While the Valentino Rockstud heels are very comfortable to walk in, a lady always appreciates an elegant flat shoe in her wardrobe as an option. And whether you’re wearing the Valentino Rockstud flats to a formal event or simply running out for some groceries, these flat shoes are always fashionable and convenient. If you don’t want to spend $800 on the real deal, then check out these Valentino shoe dupes from some other designers.

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Valentino Rockstud Knock Offs — Sandals & Wedges

For those days when you need shoes that are a little more casual, Valentino Rockstud sandals or the very popular Valeniton Rockstud wedges are a perfect option. Casual though they might be, you better believe that the Valentino Rockstud sandals and Valentino Rockstud wedges are an instant status symbol for any woman who dares to wear them. To get the look for less, here are some of my favorite Valentino sandal look-alikes.

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Valentino Rockstud Alternatives — Flip Flop Jellies

An elegant lady will never be caught dead with a pair of flip-flops on her feet in the city. You may however spot her in a pair of Valentino Rockstud jellies on an exotic beach someplace. Ibiza perhaps, or maybe Mykonos… Valentino flip flops are the perfect wardrobe pieces for an oceanside holiday. Opt for a pair of Valentino knock-offs to save a couple of coins for your airfare upgrade.

I happened to have found my own pair of Valentino Rockstud jelly dupes at a local shoe store in Miami — I’ve however curated a few pairs for you to shop online. The Valentino Rockstud flips flop look-alikes pair perfectly with anything. And in a city like Miami (where I currently reside), they are the perfect shoe to quickly run around town.

Take Away

Valentino knock-off shoes are a popular choice among budget fashionistas. If you’re looking for a classy shoe that’s versatile, comfortable, and elegant… these are some fabulous options that will not break the bank and still give you that coveted rockstar status! We hope these links prove useful in finding an affordable option, but if they don’t please share any other great finds below so we can all find something new. Happy shopping!