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In our society, luxury items such as designer handbags, designer shoes, and designer accessories are highly coveted by many. After all, many high-end designer clothes and accessories are absolutely and fabulously awe-inspiring. But with the high price that many designer items command, it’s no wonder that many ladies (and gentlemen alike) seek high-end designer knock off or designer dupes to get their luxury fashion fix.

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Looking for the best designer dupes websites of 2021, and beyond? From Gucci dupes, Louis Vuitton dupes to Dior and Chanel knock-off — look no further, I’ve got you! Here I’ll round up for you the best designer dupes money can buy.

What are designer dupes? 

louis vuitton dupe

Designer dupes or “knock offs”, are goods whose design closely resemble that of typically high-end luxury brands. Popular duped brands include luxury labels Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. Designer duped items often include handbags, shoes, clothing, jewelry, even fragrances and cosmetics. 

Nearly any consumer good you can imagine can be “duped”. Designer dupes however are not to be confused with counterfeit goods. Although often used interchangeably, designer dupes, knock off, and counterfeit items are not the same. 

Are designer dupes illegal? 

gucci belt dupe

Designer dupes or knock-off that may closely resemble the design of the original (in other words, look-alike) are not illegal. This includes Gucci designer dupes or Louis Vuitton designer dupes, for example, that often claim to be “inspired” by the original brand and are often cheap in price.

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Counterfeit goods on the other hand that typically copy or try to replicate the logos and symbols of an original brand — this is illegal. To sell counterfeit goods is illegal at least — even unknowingly. It is however not illegal to buy our own counterfeit items.

These items may look very similar but not necessarily exactly the same. This is usually fine. That’s because intellectual property laws only protect some kinds of designs such as designer logos. These laws however do not protect the shape of say a dress or a handbag. 

This is the basic difference between designer dupes vs knockoffs vs counterfeit goods.

Where to buy designer handbag dupes?

gucci bag dupe

If you walk down Canal Street in Soho, Manhattan, New York, you will find countless street vendors selling counterfeit designer goods and the best designer dupes your little money can buy. If you’re brave enough, you’ll be instructed to choose from a knock off menu of sorts or designer dupe guide, before you’re ushered into a shady back room of a Chinese shop where they keep “good stuff”.

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From Chanel handbags to Gucci belts, and Louis Vuitton luggage, scarfs, shoes, boots, and sunglasses — any high-end designer imitation you can imagine, you will likely find it there in the open air. 

What are the best websites to buy designer dupes?

If you’re looking to purchase a designer dupes online, you’re only a click away. The best websites to buy desinger dupes include the following.

  • Ali Express
  • DH Gate
  • Ebay 

You may notice that one super super super major online retailer that many people get their designer dupes is conspicuously missing. The problem with that site is they don’t want at all to be associated with “knock-off” or “designer dupes” of any sort. So sometime they shut down the store that sell them quick fast and in a hurry. For that reason, I wont even bother linking to them.

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Besides, the best dupes can be found on the aforementioned SHEIN, Ali Express, DH Gate, and eBay.

These designer dupe websites make it incredibly effortless and cheap to find and buy designer dupes and knock offs. Counterfeits too. And as I mentioned before. There’s a very thin line between designer dupe vs knock off vs counterfeit. Very thin. So buying designer dupes on Amazon, Ali Express, DH Gate, and eBay is totally legal — usually.

I’m counting on the fact that you’re a smart cookie (you certainly have good taste in blogs). Weather from China, India, The UK, or in The USA, do your research, read reviews, and don’t buy from shady or seemingly unethical designer dupe websites.  

Here’s a guide of some of my favorite “ya coulda fooled me” best designer dupes for 2021 and beyond.

Best Gucci Designer Dupes 

Below I’ve rounded up for you the best Gucci Dupes including Gucci belt dupes, Gucci bag dupes, and whatever else I can find that are knock-offs of Gucci.

Gucci Belt Dupes 

A Gucci belt much like the classic Hermes belt is a designer accessory every woman needs in her wardrobe. The classic gold hardware is so classy and goes with nearly everything. Cant afford the real thing? Here are some cute Gucci belt alternatives.

Gucci Bag Dupes 

Gucci bags are perhaps one of the most desired of the designer bag tribe, and with good reason. Somehow Gucci bags have an aesthetic that is super elegant while still being a designer bag you can just grab and go on a casual day. Among the more popular Guccis bags are the Marmont Gucci bag, the Dionysus Gucci bag, and the Soho crossbody. Here are some of the best Gucci bag look a-likes I could find.

I’ll link to any other website I find. I vouch for the websites linked to above. The following website however I can not vouch for: baginc, jess bags on baninc

Gucci Shoes Dupes

If you’re searching for the most classic designer shoes that can rub shoulders with the Christian Louboutin So Kate and the Valentino Rockstud Garavani — the classic Gucci Princetown Mules is certainly a designer shoe that can hang with the best of them. Here are a few Gucci shoe dupes you may consider including Gucci’s Ace sneaker.

Best Chanel Designer Dupes

Below I’ve rounded up for you the best Chanel Dupes including Chanel bag dupes and Chanel shoes dupes. I’ve got a few Chanel earrings, broaches, and other Chanel accessory dupes down below as-well.

Chanel Bag Dupes

Of all the high end designer brands, Chanel is perhaps the most renowned for their very beautiful handbags. The simply elegant aesthetic of Chanel’s boy bag and classic quilted flap bag is something every girl deserves (even if you cant afford to drop a couple grand on the real deal). Here are some of the best designers dupes of Chanel bags I could find.

Chanel Shoes Dupes

Although known for their exceptionally elegant handbags, lover of Chanel also adore designer shoes produced by Chanel. The most popular ones include Chanels Slip-On Espadrille and the classic Chanel Slingback’s. Check out these designer dupes of shoes very similar in look and style to Chanel.

Best Louis Vuitton Designer Dupes

Below I’ve rounded up for you the best Luis Vuitton Dupes including Luis Vuitton bag dupes, Luis Vuitton luggage dupes, and Luis Vuitton accessory dupes including wallets, watch straps, sunglasses, and more.

Louis Vuitton Bag Dupes

If you’re from a particular era, there no doubt you remember Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton absolutely everywhere with their silver and golden Louis Vuttion handbags in tow. I remember because that’s when I fell in love with Louis Vuitton designer bags. Fast forward to 2021 and Louis Vuttion still reigns supreme among high-end designer handbags. Here are some of the best lookalikes.

Louis Vuitton Luggage Dupes

Louis Vuitton luggage along with designers such as Goyard, Rimowa, and Tumi produce the very best designer luggage that money can buy. And for what you budget cant quite reach, here are some adequate designer luggage alternative that look like Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Accessories Dupes

Much like Gucci and Channel, Luis Vuitton is well down and and regarded for their beautiful designer accessories including designer sunglasses, designer wallets, and even designer jewelry. Check out some of my very favs if you adore Luis Vuitton.

More of the best designer dupes when you’re #cheapAF (or can’t afford the real thing).

I’m not judging honey. Get it how you live. Here are some more designer look a-likes you might appreciate.

Hermes Dupes

Burberry Dupes

Valentino Dupes

More of my personal favorite best designer dupes.

I remember back in middle school and high school, I used to absolutely adore Chanel earrings. Of course at the time I couldn’t afford them, I’d head over to the local flea market and snag a pair of designer dupes honey. Here are some more really pretty Chanel accessory alternatives and some of my overall favorite designer dupes.

Enjoyed this round up of the best designer dupes online? Do you know of any websites to snag designer dupes that I didn’t include? Drop down in the comments and tell us — sharing is caring friend! Xo


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