10 Phrases Well-Dressed Women Never Say

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Imagine two women. One, always put together and well dressed, another, could care less if her sneakers even match. One could argue that these two women, clearly, have some different priorities. But could they also encounter different everyday life experiences?

I dare to say that they do. And hence, even have different phrases in their daily dialogue.

Here are 10 things you’ll never hear a well-dressed woman say.

1. “Only shallow people care about how I look.”


A well-dressed woman doesn’t buy into the wishful thinking that appearance isn’t important. She understands that we are perceived by how we present ourselves, and in part, how we dress. Her self-respect won’t allow her to leave home without considering the message she is communicating, and thus always makes an effort to put her very best foot forward.

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2. “Excuse me! I’ve been waiting 30 minutes for a table.”


When a well-dressed woman walks confidently into a restaurant (or anywhere for that matter), people take notice. The maitre d’ at a fine restaurant won’t so easily forget or stuff her at the tiny corner table near the bathroom. A well-dressed woman knows how she dresses can determine the treatment she receives.

3. “Don’t worry, you can trust me.”


When you communicate trustworthiness and likability with your appearance and attire, there’s no need to ask for it.

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4. “I’m not a student!”


Useful if you’re trying to sneak into a “free admission for current students” concert without paying the cover charge, but the rest of the time – assuming you’re not, in fact, an undergrad – you probably don’t want to be mistaken for one. -Real Men Real Style

5. “I don’t work here.”


Unless of course you’re mistaken for an actress on the movie set of the Sex and the City comeback.

6. “I’m successful.”


If you have to brag about your success, it’s because you’re not dressing as well as you could.

It’s also kinda rude. So don’t do it – just dress nicely, instead. A well-dressed woman lets her clothes do the talking. -Real Men Real Style

7. “I’m a respectable woman.”


Every woman deserves respect. It, unfortunately, does not negate negative connotations and treatment that accompany being less than presentable or scantily clad. How we choose to dress, communicate boldly our values, ethics, and morals. People listen, and respect you accordingly.

8. “I need to go home and put on nice clothes.”


Ever been out and about, only to have an impromptu invite sprung on you? A well-dressed woman is always presentable enough to make a chic casual appearance.

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9. “I feel strange looking this sharp. Are people looking at me?”


A woman who makes dressing well her way of life, is confident and comfortable in her own skin. Confidence is a habit you practice daily as a result of being well dressed and put together. In addition, you not only get used to being looked at, but admired and complimented.

10. “I’m very feminine”


If you wish to exude feminity, dress well and including flirty, fun, feminine styles help communicate fabulous feminity.

This post was inspired by 10 Things Sharp-Dressed Men Never Say by Antonio Centeno of Real Men Real Style. I enjoyed his version so much, I decided to create one for the ladies. What are some more phrases well-dressed women never say?