13 No-Fail Outfit Formulas + Capsule Wardrobe Shopping List

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The Wardrobe

  1. Crisp White Button-Down x 2
  2. Simply Chic Camisole x 2
  3. Cotton Tee
  4. Short Shorts
  5. Flirty Skirt
  6. Capri Pants
  7. Chic High Waisted Pants
  8. Flirty Dress (Casual)
  9. Flirty Dress (Dressy)

The Accessories

  1. Wide Brim Hat
  2. Shady Sunnies
  3. The Everything Bag
  4. The Strappy Sandals
  5. The Sexy One Piece (because it is Summer after all)

The Outfit Formulas

Button-Down + Shorts

Button-Down + Flirty Skirt

Button-Down + Capri Pants

Button-Down + High Waisted Pants

Camisole + Shorts

Camisole + Flirty Skirt

Camisole + Capri Pants

Camisole + High Waisted Pants

Cotton Tee + Shorts

Cotton Tee + Flirty Skirt

Cotton Tee + Capri Pants

Cotton Tee + High Waisted Pants

Lots and Lots of Flirty Dresses

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