27+ Positive Affirmations for Women That Nurture Self-Love

positive affirmations for women

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How often do you take a moment to consider your thoughts and words?  Do you heap lots of praise onto yourself and generally think positively about your life? Or is that voice in your head criticizing your every move?  If our thoughts become our reality, it’s really important to cultivate uplifting thoughts and positive affirmations, for women especially, that will help support and nourish our growth.  

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Positive thinking is not something that always comes easily for many of us.  It can be really easy to get caught up in spirals of negative thinking, whether about yourself or other things going on outside of you. 

It takes practice to build resilience during tough times and to trust in yourself that you can handle anything that comes your way.  Formulating a habit of positive self-talk will not only brighten your days but will raise your whole vibe and change your life for the better.    

If you want to begin to shift negative thinking patterns and live a more positive and empowered life, then using positive affirmations for women can be a powerful way to improve your mindset and help you to create a life you love!

What are positive affirmations?

We are using affirmations every day, whether we realize it or not. An affirmation is a statement of something you aspire to attract into your life. 

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Affirmations are a huge part of the personal development world.  They are designed to be emotionally charged and are used as part of a manifestation practice or to enhance success in other areas.  

Affirmations are thought to be most useful when repeated consistently, to disrupt conscious and subconscious thought patterns, and create new ways of thinking.  Because our brains have a tendency to lean towards thinking negatively as a safety mechanism, it can take some time to reprogram your thoughts and beliefs with more positive ones. 

How to create positive affirmations.

We know that the language we use daily in life is important.  I bet you can even feel that some words just don’t energetically reach you or feel as nice as others. The fact is that words have the power to leave us feeling deflated or uplifted, so if we are constantly affirming things to ourselves, why not make them positive?  

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Phrases that are more positively written have a higher vibration.  When we talk about “positive”, what we actually mean is optimistic, upbeat, and helpful. 

So often, our natural default is towards speaking more negatively and focusing on all the things that are wrong.  Whereas when we choose words that are more confident and helpful to the situation, the whole energy changes.

It’s no surprise that when it comes to using affirmations in your own personal development journey, it’s important to make sure the statement you are using is as positive and uplifting as possible.  

Positive affirmations often begin with words such as “I am…” or “I have…” and are written as if this is already your reality.  One of my positive affirmations for women whilst building self-trust and confidence is, “I am creative and resourceful.”  

The more consistently you can use affirmations in your life, the more powerful the changes you will experience!  

How to use positive affirmations daily.

Positive affirmations can quickly fill you with positive energy and good vibrations.  The best thing about positive affirmations is that they are accessible for everyone and super easy to use in many different settings.  

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A huge part of successfully using daily positive affirmations for women is to really embody the feeling behind having your desire already.  If you want to feel more confident in your life, can you imagine yourself feeling and living more confidently?  How would that feel and what would be more confident look like for you?  

There are so many ways that you can bring the powerful practice of using daily positive affirmations into your life. Choose whatever way feels good for you or perhaps experiment with combining several.   

Here’s how to get going with practicing your daily positive affirmations!

Step 1 – Choose from the positve affirmations for women below or design your own.  

Which positive affirmation are you most drawn to?  Think about what it is you would like to affirm or reaffirm in your life.  Perhaps it’s a vision you have for your future or a goal you’re trying to achieve.  Or maybe you’d like some assistance with health or healing.  

Remember that if you’re designing your own, speak as if your affirmation is already your reality. 

For example, if you have set an intention to lose weight and you affirm to yourself, “I want to lose weight”, this is likely to bring up negative feelings associated with not having yet achieved your goal.  It doesn’t speak as if your goal is already a reality and therefore it will be harder to embody that feeling. 

It feels much lighter and more positive to instead choose something like “I honor my body and trust myself to make healthy choices each day”.   

Step 2 – Choose your affirmation practice.

Affirmations work best when they are consistently focused on and become part of your life.  The more regularly you are able to write, speak and think about them, the quicker you will see changes in your life.

Here are some of my favorite ways to use your positive affirmations:

  • Speak them – The great thing about affirmations is they are so versatile.  You can say them in the car, in the shower, whilst you’re doing other things or even set reminders in your phone throughout the day with them.  
  • Affirmation cards – These can be as simple or as creative as you fancy.  The beauty of creating cards with affirmations is that you can pop them up anywhere. On the wall, in your workspace or even keep them in your bag to use while you’re out and about.  
  • Include as part of your morning routine – Choose a card first thing in the morning as a focal point for that day or even that week.  Think about how you might be able to use that positive affirmation in your usual routine.  
  • During visualization or meditation – Quiet time is a wonderful place to include affirmations.  Focus on your chosen affirmation; spend time feeling into the words, what they mean to you, and how it looks and feels to have this as your reality.  
  • As part of a journaling practice – If journaling is your thing, why not include an affirmation in this practice too?  Writing your affirmations down will really help you to focus on your aim, too.  You might focus on visualizing the affirmation you’ve chosen or journaling your visions, goals, and dreams relating to it.  
  • Supercharge your affirmations with crystals!  With their beautifully high vibration, crystals can add a little magic to your affirmation practice.  If you’re a crystal fan, choose a stone that feels good to compliment your affirmation.  Otherwise, clear quartz is an all-around magical booster that amplifies other energy.  Hold your crystal whilst you repeat your affirmation or keep it close by during your other practices.

Do positive affirmations actually work?

My first experience with positive affirmations was via the work of Louise Hay.  She’s known best for being one of the founders of the self-help movement and personal development industry.  She taught that our point of power is always in the present moment — where we plant the mental seeds for creating new experiences.  

Louise speaks here about the fact that sometimes affirmations don’t work, because they aren’t being used correctly.  She says that an affirmation opens the door, sets the intention for us either to create or eliminate something in our life.  But your intention then requires action also.  

While it might feel silly to say things that aren’t physically in your reality yet, my top tip is to fully commit to your affirmation practice.  Many people have a go for a few days or weeks but quickly give up because they aren’t seeing the instant results they desire.  As Louise says, this practice is like sowing seeds in the soil and it’s important to make sure the soil is rich too! 

The best results I’ve had with affirmations are when I’ve really made a commitment to go fully in on the practice.  I’ve used crystals to amplify my desires, combined with phone reminders and journaling.  This has allowed me to manifest money, increase my running ability and build resilience and trust in myself during tough times.  

Here are some self-loving positive daily affirmations for women to inspire your own. Pin them to your Pinterest board and share with a friend.

Money Affirmations for Women

These money affirmations for women are powerful statements that will start you on your journey to creating those financial goals you desire.  They will help to align your energy with abundance and are perfect if you’re working on shifting your money mindset.  Weave these positive affirmations for women into your daily practice to attract more prosperity into your life!  

  • Money flows to me with grace and ease.
  • I am a money magnet.
  • I am grateful for the financial freedom I am constantly manifesting.
  • Today, I choose to attract and manifest money.
  • I am open to the best things in life.

Career Affirmations for Women

With more of us wanting to do work that feels in alignment with who we are, career affirmations will help to strengthen your self-belief and manifest the perfect role for you.  Use these positive affirmations for women each day along with visualization.  Give thanks for the opportunities that are already on their way to you!  

  • I am an inspirational leader.
  • I do meaningful work that positively impacts this world.
  • I am ready to discover the purpose of my life.
  • I am grateful to have the ideal job for the hours I am able to work.
  • I give thanks for the perfect job that is now part of my life.

Self-love Affirmations for Women

You are a powerful woman and along the way, you might have forgotten to celebrate just how wonderful you are!  Including self-love affirmations in your daily routine will help to cultivate a positive self-image and boost your self-esteem.  It can sometimes feel uncomfortable speaking to yourself in this way when we are so used to negative self-talk.  But over time, you will begin to reprogram your subconscious and feel more confident too!  

  • I am beautiful, strong, and powerful.
  • I am a gift to the world.
  • I embrace my imperfections.
  • I love my body, and my body loves me.
  • Joy is my birthright.

Anxiety Affirmations for Women

If you sometimes experience anxiety, you might find these positive affirmations helpful during times of worry and fear.  While they may not be a complete solution, using positive words and phrases may offer some comfort and allow the brain to reframe situations to make them more comfortable in that moment.  Use these positive affirmations for women to disrupt negative thinking patterns and help you to feel calmer.

  • I let go and trust in the Universe.
  • My current circumstances are an opportunity to grow.
  • I am safe.
  • The feelings in my body are normal and I fully accept them.
  • I have everything I need within me.

Health and healing Affirmations for Women

These uplifting and empowering affirmations will help support you on your health and healing journey.  Using affirmations will increase your positive outlook, making them a powerful tool for boosting the self-healing power within your body.  Choose a phrase or two that you are drawn to, to help soothe any health worries or concerns and boost your overall health and healing!

  • Gratitude and peace flow through my mind and body like a clear healing stream.
  • My body is vibrant and healthy.
  • I trust my body, mind, and soul.
  • My body tells me what is best for it.
  • My body knows how to heal itself, and is doing so right now.

Love Affirmations for Women

Whether you want to strengthen your love life, relationship with your family, or feel a stronger connection to yourself, these uplifting affirmations for women will help open your heart to the vibration of love.  Our natural state of being is love, so by using love affirmations each day, you’ll encourage that warm feeling within yourself and feel a higher state of happiness!  Choose one or more and repeat to yourself, focusing on really feeling the words in your heart.  Allow the words to help strengthen your goals and dreams.

  • I open my heart and soul to love, happiness, and positivity.
  • I am thankful that I get to share this beautiful life with my partner.
  • I surround myself with positive and loving people.
  • I am blessed with an incredible family and wonderful friends.
  • I attract love, happiness, and success.


In every moment, we are using affirmations and manifesting.  It’s clear that our thoughts are really vital to our wellbeing, so why not make those thoughts positive ones? 

There are so many benefits to using positive affirmations; they can help us to feel more motivated, challenge negative beliefs and improve our overall happiness levels.  

And don’t forget that feeling into what your affirmation means to you and believing that it’s already yours is key.  They are so accessible to everyone, there’s even more reason to give them a try and see what you can achieve!