How To Use 369 Manifestation Method (To Manifest Your Life Intentionally)

369 manifestation method

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Have you ever wished that you could change your life for the better?  Perhaps you’d love better health, a more positive mindset, or that dream job that has been on your mind for as long as you can remember.  

Changing things doesn’t always feel easy.  Our dreams and desires can sometimes feel like they are a million miles away, leaving us feeling powerless as to how we can achieve the things that are on our minds and in our hearts.  

But we as humans are so much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for.  Einstein once said “Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” And imagination is certainly one of the most powerful factors when it comes to how to do 369 manifestation method.

Most of us are manifesting in our lives constantly, without even realizing it.  If you’ve ever thought about something happening or wished for something you desire, with it then manifesting in reality, you’ve already done it!  

What is manifestation?

Manifestation might sound like a ‘way out’ concept, but actually, it simply means to take an idea, goal or dream and bring it into your reality.

I first came across the principles of manifestation in my late teens/early 20s via the book The Secret.  I’ve always been fascinated with what might be possible for us, and the idea that we might be able to influence our experiences in this life on an energetic level really blew me away.  

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You may have heard of the Law of Attraction, which is based on the principle of like attracts like.  It is thought that everything in our Universe has a vibration and that things of similar vibration are attracted to one another.  So it is believed that what you put out attracts more of the same.  

If you have a lot of negative thoughts about things, it’s believed that you will manifest more of the same in your life.  The Law of Attraction does not resonate for everyone and we must be careful not to fall into the trap of worrying about every negative thought we have and judging and shaming ourselves for not being positive all of the time.  

As humans, we are whole and will experience a range of emotions and that is ok; toxic or false positivity isn’t helpful for anyone.  Over the years, my understanding of manifestation and how to manifest has evolved and I see that it isn’t solely about the thoughts we are having; manifestation requires more than just thought and in fact, co-creation with the Universe to bring thoughts, dreams, and desires into reality.  

What is 369 manifestation method?

This 369 manifestation method is thought to be based on inventor Nikola Tesla’s rumored fascination with the numbers 3. 6 and 9.  Tesla was a Serbian-American electrical engineer, best known for his work on a modern-day AC electricity system, and his early advancements in free energy.  

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Back in 2020, Tesla’s work caught the eye of Karin Yee, an energy worker, astrologer, and EFT practitioner.  She had been studying the Law of Attraction for over 20 years and was excited to combine the practice of using numbers 3, 6 and 9, with the teachings of the most well-known of all Law of Attraction teachers, Abraham Hicks.  

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Yee created the 369 Manifestation Method, or the 369 Tesla Code, with which she claims to have had huge success, including manifesting $10,165.46 for herself!  More recently, how to do 369 manifestation method has found fame on TikTok, with many users claiming to have had success with manifestation, attracting all sorts of things into their lives.  

How To “Do” 369 Manifestation Method

369 manifestation method

This powerful practice helps you to co-create with the Universe and manifest the things in your life you truly desire. 

If you’re ready to bring more of what you want into your life, here’s how to get started:

Step one: Decide what it is you’d like to attract into your life

How would you like to feel every day?  What is it that you would like to do or have more of?  If you’re unsure what it is you’d like to change or bring into your life, it may be helpful to take some time to check in with yourself and ask, what is it that I most desire for myself in my life right now? 

It doesn’t have to be a physical item.  It might be that you want more peace, more balance, or work that deeply aligns with your soul’s desires.  Allow yourself some space to see what comes up for you.  

Step two: Create an affirmation

An affirmation is a positive statement or mantra that is repeated, in order to disrupt and change the pattern of subconscious thought.  The words that we choose to use each day are powerful, so it’s no coincidence that affirmations are an important part of how to do 365 manifestation method.

Affirmations are always written as if the thing you are trying to attract is already a done deal and it’s already here in your life. 

So if your desire is to have a wonderful job that is really fulfilling, instead of writing, “I wish I had a better job”, you might use the affirmation, “I am so grateful to be doing fulfilling work every day that brings me pleasure and joy!”  Can you feel the difference?   Start yours with “I am…” or “I have…”

The affirmation should have a purpose to it and must be one that resonates with you and what it is you are trying to call into your life.  A good affirmation for you will feel emotionally charged – something that you truly desire and when you repeat it, you can really feel that desire within you.  

Step three: Let’s get manifesting!

You’ll want to designate a notebook to this practice as you’ll be journaling 3 times a day for 45 days!  

Each morning when you wake up, you’re going to write your affirmation down 3 times.  Each one should take at least 17 seconds because according to popular Law of Attraction teacher Abraham Hicks,  it takes 17 seconds for a thought to sink into our subconscious, and for our thought patterns to start to be re-trained.  

As you write your affirmation, really feel into what this statement means for you.  It’s really important that you choose to believe that the thing you’re trying to manifest is already a reality.  Can you visualize having this thing or experience that you are intentionally manifesting into your life?

You’ll then write your affirmation 6 times at lunchtime.  And 9 times in the evening or before bed.  Repeating the same affirmation each time, feeling into the words you write as you go.

Why so many times?

Because if we think of positive thoughts as having higher energetic vibrations, the Law of Attraction says that consistent repetition (and affirmation) of a thought or belief at a higher vibration will attract more of the same vibration, helping to reprogramme the subconscious mind.  Like attracts like.  

What I like about the 369 manifestation method is it feels really intentional.  If you’re unable to journal or it’s not your thing, don’t worry – you could speak it or even spend some quiet time focusing on the thing that you desire that you’re ready to attract into your life.  

Tips On Using 369 Manifestation Method

  • When thinking about how to do 369 manifestation method, work out how you can intentionally create time to focus on this each day.  Do you need a reminder on your phone?  Or perhaps you could designate a particular notebook for the practice and carry it with you throughout the day.  
  • Get really clear about what it is you’re trying to attract into your life.  Then set that imagination to work!  How does it feel?  What does it look like?  How do you need to be?  Visualise having your desire as if it’s already here.  
  • Write your affirmations as if you already have the thing you’re trying to attract.  It might feel silly at first because your brain will tell you it’s not real.  But remember, the purpose with affirmations is to rewrite your subconscious mind so it takes practice!
  • Trust and believe that it’s already done.  You are already living that energy that you have spoken.  Think of it like ordering a coffee – we order a coffee and we know it’s coming.  We don’t keep doubting whether the coffee will arrive or not, we trust it will.  This takes some practice but I love the principle of not keeping going back over it!
  • Feel your way and make changes if something doesn’t feel right to you.  As with any practice it is a practice – you may need to remind yourself to keep doing it or be very intentional with when you fit it into your daily life.  

Living intentionally is, I believe, something we are all striving for in today’s world.  We are learning the value of our time here on this planet and we want to live more purposefully and aligned with our true desires.  

369 Manifestation Method — Takeaway

Making time to really connect with what we want to create in our lives has never been more important and practices such as the 365 manifestation method can only assist us in co-creating the very best life we can.  Grab that notebook, set those reminders, and get ready to welcome in the things you truly desire!